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QUESTION: Dr. Leslie, thanks for your time. Could a torn suspensory ligament cause penis pain, painful sex ejaculation, hydroceles, and testicular pain and hourglass shape of the penis with a narrow base? If yes,  what's the best means to diagnose?


A torn suspension ligament could cause pain and possibly some ejaculatory discomfort but not the other problems. Also, the ligament is quite string and is rarely torn or injured.

Peyronie's is a more likely cause as suggested by the hourglass appearance you mentioned. Consult a local urologist to confirm this.

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QUESTION: Thanks Dr. Leslie, perhaps I should've  been clearer. I don't mean hourglass when it's erect but when it's flaccid. When it's erect it's normal but I can physically love the veins under the skin. Moreover, the erection points down, 5/7 O'Clock. The shaft completely disappears, it's like the glans is protruding from the pelvis. After I rub the glans, thr penis protrudes outas normal.  I know there's no such thing as retraction of the penis into the body so that's not what I am assuming. Also, when I urinate,  thr pressure causes the prepuce to expand. That being said,  I am fully aware of the perils of self diagnosis and Dr. Google so trying to remain level headed. Seeing a second urologist in a few weeks. My GP thinks it may be suspensory ligament or the tissues in the shaft but those are impossible to diagnosd and impossible to treat


I am not sure there really is anything wrong.  Flaccid appearance is pretty much clinically insignificant if the erect penis is OK.  The erect penis point down may only mean a longer than usual suspensory ligament: some can be shorter so some can also be longer than average.  Again, this is not considered clinically significant and there would be no treatment.  Expansion of the prepuce suggests that it may be abnormally tight.  The other problems cannot be addressed without an examination.  Let us know that your urologist determines.  


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