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Urology/Pain like need to urinate during and after ejaculation


I am a 31 year old white male. 6'5" weigh 255lbs In fairly decent shaped.

I started having very intense feeling that I need to urinate at the moment of ejaculating and for about 30 mins after. During arousal I get a similar feeling that I need to urinate that goes away until the moment of ejaculation and for a while after.

The pain is felt in my lower abdomen down through the shaft. Exactly the same as if I had to really really urinate. The odd part is this only happens when I masturbate and not during actual intercourse. I also noticed the pain is far more apparent when I ejaculate without being fully erect (Masturbating isn't my thing but I am in a long term relationship so you do what you need to)

I have also noticed a discharge after having a bowel movement when I am constipated. After looking on the internet I figure this is prostate "Fluid". As I stated this only happens when straining and not during a "Normal" movement and not every time just sometimes 2 times to be exact.

Some of the issues sound like prostatitis but I do not have any other symptom. No frequent or painful urination or feeling like I have not emptied my bladder. No fever with chills. No getting up at night to urinate (No more than usual) no weak stream or inability to start a stream. No blood either. AND as I said this only takes place during masturbation and not during sex. I would also like to point out there is NOT any discomfort in the perineum or whatever it is called between the testies and rectum. It is in the lower abdomen.

These symptoms have been appearing for 2 weeks. I have had sex twice and masturbated 3 times. No issues during sex and the issues happened 2 out of the 3 times during masturbation. STD's are not a concern as I have been with the same woman for 3 years.

Any help or information would be great. I have looked for a week and nothing seems to fit. I found 1 thing that had something to do with bladder neck spasm or something like that but the symptoms was not the exact same but similar.

The discharge after a BM is probably just prostatic fluid and is quite common.  A strong urge to urinate is most likely a spasm.  Such spasms can be induced by infection like prostatitis and various bladder disorders.

I would suggest you see a urologist and get this sorted out.  Meanwhile, try sitting in a hot tub and limiting caffeine and alcohol.  Might help, won't hurt.


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