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Tammy wrote at 2007-05-12 19:58:59
Whomever is responsible for the answer to the gentleman's question is medically and sexually wrong.  It is a medical fact that masturbation does in fact desensitize the penis to vaginal sex.  The vagina is soft and in NO WAY can ever have the friction the a man's hand has.  No matter how tight a vagina is it cannot compare to a man's own tight fist jerking away at himself. This self absorbed action is literally numbing the sensations of a man's penis to vaginal penetration making normal intercourse a disappointing experience for himself AND HIS PARTNER.  Truthfully, how can a man having been so focused on the friction of his own hand to bring him to climax quickly keep familiar with the squeezing and softness of a woman's vagina.  Many studies and surveys have IN FACT proven that masturbation is a DEADLY desensitizer to the union of two people interacting together in normal/vaginal sex.  To add to this, pornography has become such an epidemic that it has distorted what REAL LOVE MAKING IS with just raw "getting off."  Many men have lost the art and ability to make love to the level that is both fulfilling for them and their partner.  Men used to pride themselves on "how good" of a lover they were, now all that matters to many men is self absorbed masturbation.  

Masturbation addiction is real and for those men that still love and enjoy the female body, do yourself and your female counterpart a favor, keep your hands of yourself and you will find that the vagina really is a treasure box of pleasure to be enjoyed for hours in many different ways, as well as the woman enjoying your penis.

larry wrote at 2007-06-06 21:28:46
Tammy sounds more angry than having real professional knowledge.  It sounds like her experiences have formed her own personal answer.

Only a man knows what man knows.

Ozzy wrote at 2007-10-04 10:27:00
Vigourous masturbation temporarily desensitised my penis. In my case the head of my penis had a slight burning sensation for a couple of weeks after overdoing it one night when the wife wasn't in the mood...

The sensation came back when I left it alone for a while - 2-3 weeks. I discovered more about what turns my wife on during this rest period than I had in the previous 3 years of marriage...

Take it easy when you start penetration again, you need to train your penis to love the feeling of a vagina again.

JJ wrote at 2007-10-10 22:18:17
I am in a new relation ship of 3 months.  Boyfirend is 55.  He has masturbated so much for so long, he says he can not experience orgasm by vaginal penetration as no vagina can match the tigh grip of his hand (true).  If he is not physically desensitized then it is psychological, sadly the results are the same.  

He has tried not doing it, for periods of time, but it doesn't change the results.

Calloused-glans wrote at 2009-01-12 18:21:29
My observant but uneducated opinion on this is that as men become older, the penis becomes less sensitive, especially in uncircumsized men.  The glans can "keep up" its repairs to itself due to friction against underwear when we are young, but as we age the glans becomes essentially more calloused, requiring more friction.  A person can purchase "penis protectors" as a way of letting the healing catch-up.  Moisturizing cream can help to maintain sensitivity.

Ethan wrote at 2009-08-11 14:36:43
There must be an answer to this. I've been searching the internet and have come across a few forums with men complaining of the same problem. Actually, I have this problem. When my boyfriend gives me a blowjob I can't climax because it almost hurts it's so sensitive. It's hard to explain, but no matter there must be a solution.

Tom wrote at 2014-11-18 23:47:29
In case you didn't know, Tammy, women pride themselves on not giving a man herself. These men have no other choice. So there's no need to pretend as though the men are more interested in self absorbed masturbation when it's the women who hold out on sex and who don't want to go to bed with men and would rather use dildo's and sex toys.

Women don't like dick, didn't you know that?


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