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Urology/Hydrocele surgery recovery time


BIGRING wrote at 2006-08-28 16:26:46
After enduring with a testicle the size of an orange and fluid induced swelling into my upper groin I opted for the surgery. in and out in one morning, straight home to ice packs and feet up for the next three days. The worst part was the severe bruising of my scrotum which lasted a full week. I'm now three weeks post-op and feeling great. Some stitches yet to disolve, then back on the bike, and out for a run.  

Joe wrote at 2008-03-02 20:09:13
I recently had the hydrocele surgery. They put about a four inch incision right above and slightly to the left of your penis. They then follow a space right to your testicles, grab the affected testicle pull it up, work on it then put it back in the scrotum. They then stitch the testicle to the bottom of the scrotum. it is very painful. I repeat very painful. it has been 4 days since my surgery and i am still not walking normal, haven't even tried running. the doctor says I should be able to do all the stuff I could do before the surgery in about a month.

P.S aspirating almost always returns and is normally used for people who are not healthy enough for surgery.

George wrote at 2009-09-12 16:10:53
I had a hydrocele (right side) operation on friday.  It's now saturday, 8 days since surgery.  I've been taking acetaminophen for pain and an antibacterial pill for infection-cephalexin.  I'm a healthy 60 yr old with a previous hernia on my right side.  That operation was done many years ago and was successful. Still having pain when I sit down. When sitting up on the bed I put a pillow under my knees which reduces the pain significantly.  When sitting in a chair it feels like sitting on a balloon, unfortunately that balloon is me, and very uncomfortable.  I hope to return to work after 2 weeks of rest. I hope this info can help you.

Leslie Buckinghamshire UK wrote at 2010-01-25 12:47:37
I had surgery 4 days ago. Pain not too bad although bruising was a shock and swelling is uncomfortable. I was in surgery 3/4 hour and then rested for 3 hours before being told I could dress in preparation to go home. Unfortunately nurse had not noticed in notes that I had had local "block" anaesthetic in my left thigh (for pain relief). When I stood up my left leg gave way and I fell which was a shock and resulted in me staying in for another 3 hours till I could walk. I am back working from home but feel lethargic. Hope it works and bruising soon goes. Better than having two oranges hanging between leg.  

GregW wrote at 2010-02-06 20:03:46
I had the hydrocelectomy done on my left testicle, with a resulting 4 inch incision just left of the penis and around the scrotum to the left. This is quite debilitating, however, it's been 5 days since the surgery and each day is getting better. I found you MUST keep ice on it daily, and the tendency is to over-do your activity level. Take is slow the first week or 10 days. There is still quite a bit of swelling and the left testicle area feels to be about as large as before, but I attribute it to the swelling. I guess they took about 1/2 liter of fluid off that side, so hopefully, this will take care of the problem. Keep pillows handy to keep between the legs, as it will keep things from getting pressure when sleeping.  

helmur wrote at 2010-02-07 03:53:01
Ray Murray Adelaide Australia

I had right hydrocele reduction surgery on the 5th Jan 2010. Mainly as a result of a hernia operation a few years back. I am 62, four weeks later I am still very swollen although not in as much severe pain as before, rather just discomfort. The surgeon has said it could be a month or more still until the swelling goes away. Worst case scenario? He said they could remove the testicle as a last resort. Not altogether a very good result for me so far.

helmu53 wrote at 2010-03-03 09:37:10
Ok It's now 8 weeks since my surgery and I am in worse pain and discomfort than before the operation. The original surgeon said after my second post op visit to come back in two months. I could not stand the pain and discomfort so went to the A&E of my local hospital two weeks ago, they took an ultrasound and  referred me to the urology clinic. I waited 2 weeks for an appointment but still have not heard. I am now going to see another surgeon for a second opinion as I am in trouble and pain. The original surgeon seems somewhat disinterested in my dilemna. I wish I had left it alone to be frank..  More to follow after my second opinion.

Bracken wrote at 2010-03-19 11:32:54
I had a hydrocele operation quite a few years ago. I was not really given the option of 'leaving it alone' and I thought well OK it will cure the size problem caused by the build up of fluid. Well the fluid came back and from time to time its quite uncomfortable. Also there is a large soft lump near the top of the testicle. I have had it checked several times and there is no cancer (apparently unlikely at my age over 50). I had another consultation and was advised another op would be required but this time instead of the testicle being loose it would be 'fixed in position so the fluid had nowhere to go'. I decided that after the first op I would rather leave it as I was left worse off by the first op (the unsightly lump and discomfort which I did not have before + its full of fluid again) and I didn't want to be more of a freak with a rigid testicle! Frankly I wish I hadn't bothered with the first op and I wouldn't advise it unless the testicle is getting grossly large. I think it tends to reach a point of stability in size.

helmur53 wrote at 2010-04-22 10:12:13
Ok a further update which I hope will be helpful to others. Following 2 post op visits to the surgeon who did the operation and a second opinion from another I am happier to report that after nearly four months I at last have two testes approx the same size. Still a bit of soreness and mild discomfort but liveable. In total 4 months recovery time which is of course not the norm' however feeling good now.

larryr wrote at 2010-04-28 14:45:32
Had right side hydrocele surgery on 4/22 (general anesthesia). Only took pain medicine rest of that day and none since. Amazed at how well I felt right away and actually went back to office job on the Monday after surgery. Have been faithful in icing and wearing supporter and no strenuous activity (trying golf this weekend). Based on all the horror reviews I read pre-surgery I am thankful for how well it has gone.

rob50152 wrote at 2010-08-23 18:30:25
I had both sides with my left side about the size of a baseball and the other a little bit smaller. I was cut on 5/Aug/10 the way he went in was at the bottom of my scrotum.after surgery they tried to make me go pee i tried for a couple hours with no luck so they put a catheter in me. That stayed in for 3 days very painful. A week later i ran out of pain med so called in for a couple days more,they changed it on me and 3 days later I'm laying in the Hospital from my bowels shutting down (more pain).after 4 days there and close to 3 weeks after surgery my left side is still huge and very uncomfortable. I'm still very lethargic and sore I've had a post op check up and the surgeon told me he will probably have to stick a needle in my left side and draw the fluid out if it din't go down by next visit.

I'm not downing the surgery it needed to be done I'm just telling what happened to me. I'm 50 very healthy and active, i din't exercise and run i work is to physical for that. anyway i will give you a update later on the left side.

I hope this helps who ever is thinking about having this done. oh yea the right one feels fine

Vimal wrote at 2010-09-26 14:08:13
I had my hydrocele operation done on 18th Sep 2010. First 2-3 days were very painfull, thus i had taken full bed rest. But after 3 days, things seems to be coming back to normal. Yes I have to wear a scottal support. My Doc had advised to get stitches removed on next 5 days. Guys do not worry..go for the operation it is better to get it permanent cure instead of bearing the hydrocele.  

ilikepurple wrote at 2010-11-14 20:07:12
Had my Op under general anesthesia, using a general surgeon on 11/11/2010.  Only slight pain afterward (2 on 10 scale).  Took 1 prescription pain pill every 4 hrs. for 24 hrs. as a precaution; then took 2 Tylenol as needed for 24 hrs.  Day after surgery-kept my feet up (recliner), idle and slept frequently.  I used NO ice and was not instructed to use ice.  Wore scrotal support for 48 hrs.  Showered after 48 hrs.  I change gauze every few hrs. as needed and used Triple D ointment after showering and gently drying with hair dryer.  Went shopping for a few hours and drove my car after 48 hrs.  Itís been far, far worse reading some of the comments on this site than the actual experience.

jlugz wrote at 2010-11-23 12:28:40
I have gathered mixed feelings reading this articles. I am scheduled for op on 27/11/2010 and seemingly tough times await me.i am impressed by ilikepurple, i just hope i will have it better than him. i promise to share my experience right here!!

dek139 wrote at 2010-11-26 01:14:52

best of luck,

Please let me know how it goes.

I am scheduled for 12/17/2010.

I hope we both get a easy recovery

Awc402 wrote at 2010-12-13 18:06:26
I had my right hydrocelectomy on December 7, 2010. I was in surgery for one (1) hour but my total length of time in the hospital was around three (3) hours. The staff at Midstate Medical were great!  I used prescription drugs for three (3) days along with a scrotum support. I was on my feet within 48 hours experiencing only minor discomfort.  The follow up appointment is scheduled for tomorrow afternoon. Wish me luck.   My right testicle is still pretty swollen but otherwise I am on the mend...  If you need the surgery and you are confident in the surgeon, make it happen!   It is far better than walking around with a fluid-filled sac.

BK wrote at 2010-12-24 16:02:14
I don't know who your surgeons are or if you are men enough I had the same surgery and the doctor did stitch the right testicle to the scrotal sac and he did a great job, Iím now 6 days after my surgery walking normal with a weird feeling in my right testicle but I didn't feel any pain after the surgery also I didn't take any pain killer till today, I was concerned about "stitching the tactical to the scrotal sac issue" but from your talk people I guess Iím lucky, I did the operation in Jordan Hospital in Jordan and I feel great. I hope to ride my bike after some weeks from know.

rab wrote at 2010-12-29 07:47:43
I just had my hydrocele removal surgery the 22nd of this month, and im still in a lot of pain. they made a 4 inch cut on the bottom of the scrotum and the testicle still feels huge. and it feels like its being pulled on from above in my groin. maybe im not resting enough even though i sleep all day. and maybe am active a few hours of the day. but im prob on an 8 or 9 on the 10 point pain scale at times. did anyone else feel this way? my post op is tomorrow. any advice? im an active 19 year old.

TG wrote at 2011-01-24 05:57:35
I had hydrocele surgery on January 4th on my left testicle. The surgeon made a small, probably three inch incision, at the top of the scrotum. It took about a week for the pain to get manageable without the medication I was prescribed. I was walking normally without much discomfort the week following that. Now, three weeks later, I am at 95 percent recovery. The stitches have yet to fully dissolve but other than that, I'm doing real good. My best advice to anyone waiting to go through this procedure is to listen to your doctor and follow his/her recovery plan.It's worth it.

TA wrote at 2011-02-16 00:39:29
I had surgery on my right testicle on the 9th of Feb. It is now Feb 15, 6 days later and the healing is roughly 65% there. Pain is minimal, although there are some spots that still hurt. For instance, there is a pocket on the top right testicle that really hurts and remains swollen. I didn't use ice at all, my doctor for some reason recommended I didn't. The surgery has left a major incision on the testicle that is about 4 inches, but the healing has been noticable the past two days. Its really not that bad, but you have to understand you are going to need at least 2 weeks to get back to normal. Like I stayed in bed for the first 3-4 days. Now I try to stay off my feet as much as possible. In the end...a rough month is better than carrying a dumbell in your pants.  

EDZ 1 wrote at 2011-02-20 22:48:40

RKJ4 wrote at 2011-03-02 22:04:21
Had the proceedure done on Feb 24th.  Will be a week tomorrow.  Went back to work yesterday and got through today without pain meds.  I won't do that again! This most definatly is healing well and everything seems ok, but the left teste is much larger than before and it was organge sized then!IT is still quite painful, although lessening everyday. This seems to be a slower healing process than is advertised, but the proceedure itself was relatively easy and not terribly painful overall.  I feel like I would have liked a whole week at least before doing much. I  

Kenny L wrote at 2011-03-19 03:05:04
Im a 20 year old male. Had an extremely large hydrocele on my left testicle and a moderate one on right. Had surgery on the 15th for the one on the left and it went fairly well. I dont remember a thing, last thing i do remember is laying on the surgery table then bam was in recovery room. Had plenty of meds through the IVs to help me through it, though after the IV was removed i grew very ill and began throwing up. It has been a few days and it hurts occasionally. They said my right one would go down by itself, if it doesnt i wont mind and wont be going back to surgery. Go back on the the first of April for a check up. Not bad at all, i advise people to have the surgery and not just the aspiration.

Bob wrote at 2011-03-23 18:25:05
I had it done Friday. Mine was the size of an orange   Took Monday off and went back to work Tuesday.   Real easy surery.   Took pain pills Friday through Sunday even though I didn't need them.  But it kept me sleeping.   Kept ice on everything.  The hardest part was the stint he left in.  Once that was removed on Monday, I was much more comforable. Been putting this off for years.   Don't know why now.   One piece of advice is at the hospital they give you a supporter.  Ask for a spare.   My original got some blood on it.  I figure I will need to wear this for a couple weeks.  Nice to have a spare while the other is being washed.

Ted Eastman wrote at 2011-04-11 02:01:52
Ted E. I had my surgery 5 days ago.I can't believe the discomfort so many have professed.    I'm 76 yrs. old. Very little discomfort, no pain pills and actually forgot that they said I should use ice. Not quite 100% but I attribute that to the fact that I have been very active.  My urologist is one of the best and that is extremely important.  

Bob Miller wrote at 2011-05-02 11:03:55
I want to thank the guys for these posts. It gives those of us facing this ordeal some sense of what to expect. A urologist will be doing my hydrocele, and I talked him into doing a TURP at the same time. He said he'd never done both together, but if I thought I could handle the pain, he'd do it. I really believe my hernia operation two years earlier is connected to this problem, but no one agrees with me. In every case I've read about, the hydrocele has been on the same side as the hernia operation.

Randy wrote at 2011-05-05 21:44:12
Had a hydrocelectomy on April 11, 2011 on my left testicle. 51 years old and active. Never heard of such a condition before but a slight glancing hit to the left testicle was all it took to cause the problem. Once I realized this was going to keep getting bigger I had to wait more than a month before I could get the surgery due to a change of insurance.  By the time of the surgery my scrotum was roughly the size of a large orange, maybe even approaching grapefruit size. It didn't hurt but it sure was uncomfortable to carry around and I was actually very eager for the surgery.

General anesthesia in a urology clinic outpatient. Surgery was about 45 minutes and I was home with ice and Oxycodone about 2 hours after the start of the surgery.

I didn't take but a few of the pills, maybe 3 all together for the first 3 days and the pain was more from bruising than from the incision. Ice and daytime TV for the first 4 days; boring but necessary. The scar looked real hideous at first but now after 3 1/2 weeks it is barely noticeable. I had dissolvable sutures and those hurt more than any other aspect of this ordeal when they started to dissolve and would get caught in underwear and pull the sensitive scar. Once the last stitch fell out it was a major improvement.

Still a bit of swelling but it's now about the size of a kiwi which is a huge improvement. I'm told the slight swelling could last for 6 to 8 weeks but then it should reduce to the normal size. This past few days I resumed light exercise but until the swelling is entirely gone it is still slightly sensitive but getting better each day.

I was lucky and had none of the horror stories that I read on this page. I followed the doctors advise and took it easy, no weekend warrior stuff and the surgeon was very pleased with the progress.

If you need it, get it done. Find a good urologist that has experience. My surgeon has done thousands of these over his nearly 40 years of practice so for HIM it was just another day at the office. Fine by me.

Paul V Sore wrote at 2011-05-09 05:00:14
Had hydrocele surgery 6 days ago. The result is the most painful experience in my 62 years and would not recommend it. I have had the pain medication changed and still not very affective. prescribed for every 4 hours and take meds every 3 hours. Can not walk, sit or stand without being in extreme pain and have been at rest with no relief in site. The worst of the pain is in the extreme lower left of my torso and can not function  

Edwin T. wrote at 2011-05-18 04:18:04
I had a hydrocelectomy on my right testicle on Fri 13th, last case of the evening. Surgery began at 6:30 pm and I was out of recovery by 9 pm. General anesthesia, same day surgery, excellent urological surgeon. Next day recovery was slow due to late previous day surgery and lingering after effects of anesthesia. Antibiotic prescribed was Ciprofloxacin HCL 500 mg 1, 2x/day. I did not react well to this antibiotic, stopped at day two and notified the Dr. It caused some stomach pain, increased hand tremors and edginess. Antibiotic was changed to Cephalexin, 500 mg, 1, 4x/day. Results from antibiotic now are much better. I am now ending day 4 of recovery, have had absolutely no pain and used no pain meds. There is some discomfort, primarily from drying/ healing of the scrotum and the stitches. But nothing a few minor adjustments cannot solve. I showered on day 2, no problem. I drove car on day3 all o.k. I'm taking it easy around the house and resting, with a occasional nap. Also walking across a parking lot a few times. I feel fortunate to be doing this well so far, attributing this to my highly experienced urologist, and, at 75 being in good physical condition. I swim .75 miles 2x/week and one mile once per week.  Also do yoga, recumbent bike and upper body light weights and exercises on alternate days. Hope all continues to go well. Thank you for all your postings.

Cityhunter346 wrote at 2011-05-21 14:48:16
Had my hydrocelectomy on 5/10/11. My hydrocele was on the left side and the size of a large lemon. Was in and out of the hospital in 5 hours or so. The precedure went well. It was painful, but nothing compared to a few other surgeries I have had. I took 7 days off from work and stayed in bed for most of the time. Rotated ice packs on and off every hour or so. I think the constant icing really helped the first week. 11 days later I am off pain meds, and starting to resume my normal activities. My doctor told me no heaving lifting or strenuous activities for another two weeks. The incision is healing, but it is still oozing a bit. I'm still wearing a jock and keeping gauze in it. My testicle is swollen very is considerably smaller than it was pre-op. I'm very glad I had the procedure. I am 39 and in good health...for those of you considering it...DO IT!!!  

Karl from Ft. Worth, TX wrote at 2011-05-23 02:28:26
I'm 44 and had the surgery on Wed, May 18th.  Like most of you, I had a hydrocele (on my left testicle).  Surgery was about 45 minutes, and out-patient.  It is now Sunday May 22 and for the most part don't need pain meds but take one before bed because I sleep so much better.

Still some discomfort and swelling about like what most of you reported.  In lieu of the scrotal support, I wear briefs, ok'd by my doc.

I'm walking somewhat normal, maybe a little limp due to the surgery.

I was not told to put ice on it, either.  I do have an odd sensation where my left leg meets my torso.  It's like a dull ache mixed with a cramp, but it's not a cramp.  I don't feel it all the time, either, so I'm guessing it's just a part of the surgery.

I have a post op appt in one month to check it out.  So, I'm assuming to give it a month of healing time before I complain about anything. LOL!

Drugs given were Hydrocodone (Vicodin) for pain and Cephalexin (Keflex) antibiotic.

The reports given by you all are great, spot-on and well written.  I wish I'd have seen these before my surgery.  

Karl from Ft. Worth, TX wrote at 2011-05-25 20:45:13
I mentioned that I was wearing only briefs.  I went back to wearing the scrotal supporter and it was much more comfortable.  Please, if you're having the surgery, disregard about wearing just the briefs.  But definitely pick up another couple of those supporters because one does not cut it!

Karl from Ft. Worth, TX wrote at 2011-05-27 12:52:04
One more tip about the supporter.  If you wear briefs or boxers, try wearing it outside the underwear.  That way, it doesn't get funky so quickly, yet still supports.

Karl from Ft. Worth, TX wrote at 2011-05-29 15:08:19
Well, it's been 11 days since my surgery and I'm feeling pretty much back to normal.

I can walk normally and I don't have to wear that supporter anymore.  I worked out at the gym two days ago but upper body.  No problems.

My testicle is still sensitive though.  I can't graze it without discomfort.  But walking, sitting, sleeping is pretty much back to normal.

If you have lap pets, beware!!!  Put a pillow on your lap when sitting or else experience excruciating pain if your beloved pet jumps up and lands in your lap!

Dsmit wrote at 2011-06-20 17:33:57
6-19-11.....six days since surgery. 65 years old and doing fair. Only in pain when I walk. Testicle is hard and scrotum is nearly black on opposite side of affected testicle.

sbe wrote at 2011-06-21 22:35:29
Had suregery on my right Hydrocele, it was about 4 days ago. Testicle is swallen almost as big as it used to be. i have been active right after surgery do not recomend that. WHy? i am in more pain now that i was in after surgery. I take my meds when i feel pain and before bed gives you a very good sleep. I recomend taking a week off everything if you can and just relaxing with your feet up and an ice pack on the package. I have a folow up in a month. i will be making more posts before then. If you were diagnosed with hydrocele the operation is not bad. The only thing is that the swelling is big and annoing, but it should go down after a week or so.

Ken wrote at 2011-06-24 17:10:47
Just had surgery on 2011-6-20. Uneventful with no pain and minor discomfort afterwards. This was about a three hour outpatient procedure( 45 minutes for the surgery followed by two hours or so in the recovery room) and I was home afterwards. Three days later my drain was removed, no problem or discomfort with that. Swelling remains problematic as the scrotal area is about 50 percent larger than before the procedure but no pain , just uncomfortable. I took one vicadin every 12 hours as a precaution for three days then stopped. If you take this pain med be sure to also take a stool softener as it will constipate you as it did me. It took four days for my first BM. You should ask the hospital to provide an extra scrotal support as your first will need to be cleaned after a few hours and you'll have a back-up to wear while it is being washed.

    I gleaned a lot of information from the experiences of the persons who posted on this site, both good and bad, and thank everyone for sharing their thoughts. My hydrocele was the size of a medium-large idaho potato and about the same shape lengthwise. I am glad it is done and will repost after my follow up visit in two weeks. If you need this surgery plan on a week to ten days off with anything less than full activity. It is not that bad a procedure with the payoff being not having a balloon between your legs after it heals. Get a good surgeon, preferably a urologist, and get it done.

   This was my first surgery,I am 53 and somewhat overweight so don't let those factors stop you. Hope this info helps somebody.

OwMyBalls wrote at 2011-07-02 07:48:34
I'm an active 25 year old, who currently misses working out.  I had my hydrocelectomy on 27-Jun-11 because the Air Force made me, not because I wanted or needed to.  I had both sides done, with the right being the size of a large kiwi and the left the size of a large egg.  I went under with general anesth. and woke up in recovery, no issues.  My doc made two, two inch incisions horizontally on the rear of my scrotum at the bottom, and left a surgical tube drain in there for both sides.  Three days later a nurse took it out for me.  

The first 3 days I spent probably a total of 40 minutes out of my bed cause it hurt so bad, and I live alone.  Now, 5 days later I feel much better (and finally wore boxers and jeans without gauze!)  I agree with one of the previous posts that you should ask your doc/med provider for extra gauze and gauze-briefs because, believe me, the first pair will get VERY messy.  I changed my gauze a lot, as with the drain tubes (which are your friends) I soaked them constantly.  The briefs will wash fine, just use cold water and dry them without heat.  

I was prescribed percoset for the pain, 4hrs between pills.  I still take them, but mostly because it's fun.  

The pain has subsided substantially, now it's mostly (as mentioned in earlier posts) the incision areas because of the stitches.  I wasn't given any antibiotics and I'm showing no signs of infection.  Remember, if it itches that's good -- it means you're healing.

I thought this was a difficult ordeal but it's also my first real surgery and I could just be a wuss.  My scrotum/testicles feel and look the same size as before, but I assume that after 6 weeks - like everyone else said - this too will pass.

Good luck everyone!  And believe it or not, surgery has a lower chance of infection (AND recurrence) than aspiration.

Jim wrote at 2011-07-05 23:40:59
I am 76 years old and had a hydrocele on the left side about the size of an orange.   The right testicle was beginning to enlarge.  I had a double hydrocelectomy on May 23, 2011.  The surgery lasted about a half an hour and I was in the recovery room about two hours before going home.  The operation was performed by a board certified urologist of 36 years of age.  I went home and did the icepack and the pain meds, etc. and was soon in a lot of pain on the right side only with a great deal of swelling on that side.   The left side was fine and the swelling on that side subsided. The incision was down the front and middle of my scrotum.  On June 3 I had my local doctor look at it because of the swelling and pain.   He said it was not infected, but the swelling was pulling apart the external incision.  I wore the jockstrap over my cotton briefs to prevent chafing, and cut a female bladder control pad in half to insert inside the shorts to soak up the secretions.  A Kotex would work just as well, as it has a sticky adhesive on one side that holds it in place on your shorts.  Worked well!  One could also wear a pair of silk women's panties inside the briefs and jockstrap for comfort.  On June 6 I went to our local emergency room (my urologist is two hours away) and they did an ultrasound and found fluid on that side.  They thought it was either a blood clot or a failed procedure on that side and prescribed Cephalexin.  They sent a copy of the findings to my urologist.  On June 8 I was still in a lot of pain and went back to see my urologist.  He looked at it and said he did not know what was causing the pain and swelling, (what kind of an answer is that?) and that if it got worse I should contact him.   If it got better I should contact him and he had me make an appt. for June 23. He never mentioned the ultrasound nor requested another one.  Didn't seem to care that I was in excruciating pain. On June 17 my wife drove me two hours to the emergency room in the town where my urologist practices because he was on vacation.  I saw the emergency room doctor and he ordered another ultrasound.  He called an associate of my urologist, and they determined that I had epididymitis, and changed my med to ciprofloxacin.  Three days later the excruciating pain was gone, but the swelling was still there. I saw my urologist's associate on June 23, and he said to make an appt. with the urologist that did the surgery on August 4.  3 days after completing the antibiotic the pain is coming back and the swelling is increasing.  Now that side is the size of a large orange, where originally it was the size of an egg.  I am very disappointed in the followup by my urologist that did the surgery!  I am going back to his office on July 6 and I'd better get some help!  This has gone on too whole summer is being ruined.  

Christian wrote at 2011-07-19 11:55:19
I had my operation on the 13 of July and it was meant for a day case...BUT later that evening just lying around at home I found my left testicle was even bigger than before. Went to A and E and had to have another surgery the following day. They found I had 300ml of blood clot inside my testicle. I stayed at the hospital on bed rest until the Saturday and then returned home, it's now Tuesday and pain is still bad and swelling too, hopefully it goes down too. So a hint for anyone seeking the surgery, make sure you stay in the hospital for another night or just go home to bed immediately. Don't do any walking or making coffee! Btw I am a 16 year old lad!

MoJoe wrote at 2011-08-01 18:36:56
I am 47 years old, and I underwent a right hydrocelectomy on 7/27/11.   

My testicle became slightly enlarged over 30 years ago, due to a direct tennis ball blow.   My hydrocele had become mild to moderate in size just prior to my surgery.  

I decided to undergo the procedure because I recently stated experiencing pain (something like a hernia) while doing simple tasks such as putting on my pants.   I am also physically active and compensating for the hydrocele was starting to cause other chronic problems.

My surgery took about an hour.  A drainage tube was installed during the procedure, and removed two days after the operation. There was very little change in the size of my testicle immediately after the surgery.

In my case, the swelling didnít start to decrease until the drainage tube was removed.  However, in the last 3-4 days, the swelling has gone down about 50%.   After reading some postings on this site, I applied ice yesterday and that it seems to be helping.

I experienced moderate discomfort and pain for the first few days-particularly with the drainage tube.  However, the pain has been totally manageable with Vicodin.  

The result of the surgery is pretty good so far.  My doctor says that within several weeks, the swelling should be totally gone and my testicles should be perfectly symmetrical.  

Ben wrote at 2011-08-22 01:47:04
I am 60 and had my hydrocele surgery on 08/11. I discovered it about a year ago when I went for a medical. The doctor said my scrotum was somewhat swollen and I should consult a urologist. A month later I did so and was suggested to have an operation but it was not necessary unless my discomfort became painful. I opted for the operation but living in a Medicare society it took 10 months to get the operation. By this time my scrotum had gone from barely swollen to the size of a cantaloupe. It was not painful but it was very uncomfortable. My surgery lasted 1 hour and the doctor removed 2 cups of fluid. One cup from each side. My scrotum is still quite swollen and is now the size of a deformed grapefruit. And the right testicle is quite sore to the touch. Ten days later I am still taking painkillers to fall asleep but I do see a slight improvement each day. Hope I am back to normal soon.

David wrote at 2011-09-06 17:06:40
I had my surgery on sept 1st,2011.A hydro cell on the left side.It's now 5 day's out post op,I am having pain and I had troublr getting my first bowel movement,so doctor told me to take magnesium citrate,I did and next day it worked but it was Black and watery,Doctor said he wasn't concerned about that.I'me 68 and this has been quite an ordeal,I'me keeping ice packs on the area constantly,doctor said to expect swelling to even be larger than before,for about two week's,he also said it would be four week's before feeling worth a flip.I feel for all who have had this procedure done,it's no piece of cake.Keep those ice pack's on the area very very important,to reduce swelling.good luck to all pre op patient's

Kevin wrote at 2011-09-15 12:38:52
I am 67 years old and am very active. I had a hydocele repaired on my left testicle and a spermatocele removed from my right side in the same procedure on 31 August 2011. The hydrocele was the size of a large orange. I must conclude from reading other posts that I was fortunate and had a very skillful surgeon. The entire operation took less than 40 minutes. I woke up in the recovery room with no pain or discomfort. The only painkiller they used was ibuprofen. I took vicodin the first day after surgery and ibuprofen for 3 more days. I was walking comfortably after 2 days and driving short distances after 3 days. I never at any point felt what I would describe as pain, but there was discomfort from sitting wrong. I wore a professional athletic supporter and this helped greatly. It is now 2 weeks since the surgery and am back to normal activity except for weight lifting which I will defer for another week. I put this procedure off for many years and now wish I had done it much sooner.

Steve in Savannah wrote at 2011-09-20 04:49:28
Had the surgery 6 days ago to remove an egg sized hydrocele on the right side that was contributing a constant ache as it grew larger. Surgeon made approximately one and a half inch incision vertically down the right side of my scrotum, no drain tube needed. It took longer to get through the hospital procedural waiting than the actual surgery took, which was about 30 to 45 minutes. Recovery so far is going very well with minimal pain and discomfort. Lots of bruising which was expected. The ice pack is your friend!! As is the jock strap!! Took two pain pills, which nauseated me, so I gave them up in favor of good old fashion OTC drugs and ice packs coupled with common sense. So far it looks like I will have a slightly lumpy scar on my bag, which bothers me not at all. I've been able to do most anything I want to but am sore afterward, which tells me to back off a bit and hit the ice packs again. Don't want to push things too much as I know he did some delicate work inside stitching up the tunica.

One thing that really disturbs me; I've never heard of this or any other such conditions in my life. It has been borderline traumatic and quite disruptive to my life for many months. I'm 57, well educated, healthy, and thought I was fairly well informed as to my own health. The more I read the more it becomes apparent that this is not the case. While I cannot rightly feel cheated or mal-informed, still, I feel that much more should be done to inform men about uniquely male health issues. While we are bombarded with code pink campaigns for breast cancer awareness in women, comparatively little is mentioned of the fact that men get breast cancer too. By the way, lung cancer and heart disease kill more women (and men) than breast cancer each year. We know all about cervical cancer, hysterectomies, ovarian cancer, cycsts, pap smears, a woman's menstrual cycle, what the gynecologist does and all the various infections and afflictions common to women. Because it floods from the media every day. While we suffer data overload concerning female health the vast majority of men couldn't tell you what a hydrocele is, varicocele, epididymitis, orchitis and the like. Torsion? What's that? Testicular cancer? Cysts on your 'jewels' -Huh? While we know all about women doing breast self exams as a means to spot early problems, most men have never examined their own testicles - except as boys playing with the equipment - nor have they been told of the need to do so. We've heard of prostate cancer but not very many know the importance of early detection via PSA tests.

Ok, guys. Inform yourself because the system is not going to do it for you. No whining here, just facts. Wake up, your families need you.

One common thread I notice in the comments here is that most of the hydroceles were quite large before you had something done. I attribute the easy time I've had so far to not letting it get too big before I had it corrected, so don't delay. It's not going to go away and will be far easier on you if you get it fixed when you are younger and when it is small, and if you are in reasonable physical condition as well.

Thanks to all you who posted here, your comments have been a great help to me - more than you know.

Sore as heck wrote at 2011-10-10 18:21:49
Had bilateral hydoceles operated on 6 weeks ago.  Have severe swelling due to hematoma that formed.  Also got severe infection at surgery center and was hospitalized for a week just 5 days after surgery.  Have an infectious disease doc now as well as the urologist.  I have a PICC line in and am tranfused daily with a strong antibiotic.  Still cant wear slacks due to swelling. Urologist says it will take another month at least before I will begin to feel comfortable. Needless to say I am furious with my treatment.

Jay wrote at 2011-10-15 15:18:50
I had a hydrocele the size of an orange in my right testicle. Had surgery on Wednesday. It's now Saturday and I'm feeling good. Very little swelling and healing nicely. Despite the horror stories I read on here It has not been nearly as difficult to deal with. I am doing all my normal daily activities except for hitting the gym. Def get this done and over with. If you're healthy the recovery is faster than what has been posted here.  

Graeme wrote at 2011-10-25 16:29:17
I am in my 20s and had this surgery done almost 2 weeks ago, I had had a drain put in post op for about a week. The incision (about 8 cm on the bottom of the scrotum healed up nicely, but the drainhole became infected after the removal of the drain. This lead to persistent swelling and discharge from the wound (it has now been a week since having the drain removed and it is still draining constantly). I have been put on IV antibiotics for a week followed by oral antibiotics for 4 weeks following, as well as soaking in hot water for 20 mins 2-3 times a day.

I was told by my surgeon that this is very uncommon (1-2% of patients) but can happen. After 2 days of antibiotics I am starting to feel better although have not noticed a significant drop in swelling yet, however I am hoping this will happen soon.

I am still very sore and have some pain while moving around (difficult to stand for more than a few minutes but not unbearable).

All in all this recovery has been a huge disruption in my life, although I imagine without the infection would not have been a problem.  

Kevin wrote at 2011-11-15 01:56:34
You are all a bunch of babies, jesus christ.  I'm seventeen years old and i had this surgery done Nov 2011.  The pain is nothing compared to what it could be.  You had an incision on your ball sack.  Did you think it was going to feel like rainbows?  Get the surgery and don't listen to this nonsense.  You people make me sick.  They are just trying to scare you with there petty little stories.  Get the surgery and kick back for 5 days and you'll be golden.  It's been a week since my surgery and I have little to no pain.  Best of luck and follow the doctors orders!

damien wrote at 2011-11-16 19:30:46
I recently had a hydrocele operation, roughly 3 and half weeks ago and i will be going for a check up with my urologist at the sixth week. The operation overall operation is mild or if anything bland. Nothing to worry about. It is advisable to get this done because it will feel like a bird-in has been lifted of. But curious to anyone whom had this operation. I just recently tried a transilumination test on my healed up testicle to see if there was any illumination. And there was a bit near the back and side of the testicle. did anyone have the same. i appreciate all the help i can get.

Bob McBob wrote at 2011-11-20 18:16:27
I'm 30 and in good health, had a egg sized hyrocele on the left side.  Had the procedure to remove this yesterday under a local anesthetic as my surgeon gave me the option.

 The procedure involved having the anesthetic injected into the scrotum, (at least 8 different injections i counted)which was more painful than I expected.  The the surgeon cut a 3 inch incision along the natural central scar using electro surgery.

He then took the ball out, drained any liquid and did some stitching within the scrotum. The placed the ball back in and stitched it to the top of the scrotum.  As I was awake he gave me a running commentary!  This part was extremely painful (caused me to scream out in agony) and I needed to have a further 2 injections of anesthetic to numb the pain.  The op took took 55 mins in total.

Post op I can't walk much and sleeping is hard due to having to lie on my back.  I'm on anti-biotics and co-proximol pain killers which works but makes me tired and drowsy.  

If i could to do this again i would recommend it is done under a general anesthetic.  

ken wrote at 2011-11-21 05:47:13

Anthony F. wrote at 2011-11-27 17:43:02
45 year old, relatively healthy male with a large left sided hydrocele. (16 ounces of fluid removed) Waited more than a year to do the surgery because of the stigma of letting a doctor do such an invasive procedure in such a sensitive area.  Surgery done on 11-22-11.  Felt some discomfort in the first 2 or 3 days, but then the swelling increased which increased the pain a bit.  I know it will decrease, but still need the pain meds....and ICE ICE BABY. Wish I had done this procedure sooner.  It is not the calamity that I made it in my head.  If you know someone thinking about it, tell them to STAY OFF YOUTUBE. I did not listen to my own advice and it caused much angst. So far the results outweigh the risk.  

ice man wrote at 2011-12-16 02:59:05
Was diagnosed with a hydrocele about 16 months ago. Had 4 aspirations done during that time while I saved a couple grand to cover my part of the surgery.Dr told me to plan on missing work for a week for recovery.Had a bilateral done Friday Dec 9th. My Dr felt that even though one side was definitely the offender here,for an extra 10 minutes in surgery I'll not have to worry about the good side going bad someday. Dr made cuts mid front of both sacs and installed one drain tube about an inch above the right side incision. Had the general anthesia of which I wasn't thrilled about, but a no-brainer compared to a spinal or a local. Surgery started at 8:40a.m. and I was in the car heading for home by 9:55a.m. !! Dr prescribed Hydrocodone/Acetaminophen but no antibiotics. I added ibeprofen on my own to help reduce the swelling. Had quite a bit of blood thru the tube the first day but the slowed down dramatically by the next day.Had the drain tube removed Monday afternoon. Dr preferred hitting the couch 24/7 for the week and I have done just that.Complete rest, Ice on 20minutes off 40 minutes (except sleeping) and the meds have helped keep the pain level to 1 or 2 throughout the week. Swollen and bruised but most of the pain is really just discomfort. Going back for a checkup in 2 weeks  but happy everything has gone problem free!!!

martin wrote at 2011-12-19 19:36:33
had hydrocelectomy and spermecelectomy, general anesthesia, 6 months ago...things are back to normal size but I still have aching pain in the gonad, penis, and perineum Dr. does a lot of these, and didn't push to do it..says it takes 6 months to really heal..I wonder if the pain will ever quit? comes and goes with no apparent reason..I used oxycodone for pain at use advil and ice..don't do this unless you really need to..Dr. says recovery is harder and longer over age experience has been quite disappointing...IMO a better surgical method is needed as this one seems quite traumatic and primitive for 2011.

DeonT wrote at 2011-12-21 21:42:39
I am 40 and fairly healthy.  I had an egg sized hydrocele on my right testicle.  My doctor recommended surgery as the best option over draining the hydrocele, so I chose to go with that and to also have a vasectomy done while they were already in there.  The surgery was performed on 12/14/11 at Duke University Ambulatory Center with general anestesia (one inch incision was cut on the top of the scrotum underneath my penis).  I was preped at 8am, the surgery began around 9am, and I was out the door by 12pm.  

Day one: Very sore and with moderate pain.  Was given two percocet tablets for pain before leaving the hospital.  Felt nausea after taking the pain meds, so opted not to get the prescription for percocet filled but instead took advil.  Nausea lasted the rest of the day and didn't eat much due to the lack of appetite from the percocet.

Day three: Still very sore, but the pain started to subside and was able to finally make a bowl movement.  Also able to drive comfortably by then.  I ended up removing the huge padding that was placed inside the support strap given to me at the hospital.  I replaced the padding with some sterile gauze pads and used neosporin on the cut from the incision.  I used ice packs for the first three days.

Day seven: Soreness is now subsiding and didn't take any advil for the past couple days.  Walked around most of the day yesterday and was a little soar afterwards.  Now able to go up and down the stairs at my normal pace.  Also now able to jog short distances.  Completely tossed the support and padding and the cut appears to be healing slightly.  There stitches are still present and the cut doesn't hurt much when touching it softly.  

My follow-up appointment is on 12/29.  I will provide another update then unless something comes up before that point.  So, for anyone trying to decide if they should get this procedure done, I say go for it as long as you have a doctor performing the surgery that you trust.  It's not that bad, just a little inconvenient.

TesticlesSpeaking wrote at 2011-12-31 00:19:49
I had a bilateral (both sides) hydrocelectomy just two days ago, on Wednesday, December 28, 2011. The day of the surgery, I woke up in recovery and felt pretty good. A little bit drowsy due to the lingering general anesthesia, but that wore off fairly quickly. I was able to eat and drink shortly after, when I was told that I had to urinate before being able to leave the hospital, which I was able to do on my first try (and a pretty significant amount) not any more than an hour after surgery. Probably because the two pain pills they gave me were still in effect and the effects of the anesthesia were not completely gone, I felt pretty good on my way home. Standing was a bit awkward, but sitting and laying barely felt different from before the procedure. Before leaving, the nurses said that my surgeon had instructed me to wear the scrotal support for at least a week or so, as it would be necessary, and to apply ice very frequently. The nurses said that it was necessary to get lots of rest and spend more time in bed or seated, but not so much that you appear in a coma. (The pills I was prescribed -- and have not yet used since leaving -- were called Tylenol Codine. I was given these since I am not used to taking medication, I usually skip it -- I am also only 15.) I was also instructed to breathe deeply often and even give an occasional cough. I was told that I should not mess with the support nor shower until 48 hours had passed.

Today I took my first shower since Wednesday and it was not all that enjoyable. My scrotum is far from looking attractive, with the dark black stitches down the middle and a bit of bruising. I was informed to look out for bleeding; a little bit was okay, so long as it is not continuing to gush out. I had some blood when I removed my old gauze from my support, but it appeared dry, so that was good.

All in all, my recovery has been decent so far. I have not experienced much pain, but quite a bit of discomfort.

My biggest recovery complaint is that my lower scrotum has swollen significantly, almost as if the hydrocele simply moved down. I've been told that swelling will go down eventually. It is uncomfortable to the extent that I cannot walk straight, as the large lower part of the scrotum has reached the size that my legs have to be spread in order to walk. I go back to school from Christmas break in under a week. I cannot imagine going to school and not being able to walk without looking like an utter idiot.  

Quart low wrote at 2012-01-01 02:38:46
I'm commenting so I can thank everyone.Their comments were very helpful especially in regards to my anxiety.I'm 55 athletic and had a left hydrocele operation 11/28/11 after being diagnosed in April. First tip don't wait if you don't need to! Why? Because i didn't want to lose a month away from an already shorten wisconsin golf season i waited and it grew painlessly to grapefruit size by October. I got by with using a jock strap especially at work as a custodian walking 5 miles and bending down too much.Because of my size the incision was 4-5 inches requiring the doctor to be more cosmetic.Doctor extracted a quart of fluid; hence my new nickname.

I had very little pain took Oxy's just for fun.Make sure you have some one to help you first 2 days. I slept in a very controllable recliner allowing for small adjustments. I get constipation from those drugs so my lower back hurts if i lay flat too long. No lap dogs!!!!

You leave hospital(wear sweatpants) gauzed and with a jock strap. I wore long underwear over that then placed 2 of those soft hot/cold pack (wal-mart $2.50) held in place by my tight biking(chamois) shorts. Able to walk around like that!

Once bandages come off use a maxipad, which has adhesive for backing and strategically place it to your jock strap for comfort against your incision. Tip I got here worked great.Buy 6-8 pack at least cause this will become your daily bandage. Another tip use your worse sweatpants and tear a hole in the crotch so you can begin to get air circulation to aid healing while your reclining.I took 3 weeks from work only because I'm on my feet walking all day.I was healed and back to full workout in 1 month.

Get it done ASAP it's painless. I had Dr.whose a childhood friend do mine so he had to do a good job or else.


Another tip use hair dryer after showers.  

Brent wrote at 2012-01-20 16:56:22
Had the left Hydrocele done on monday.  I walked into the hospital at 8am, was in the operating room by 9:30, in OR for 50 minutes and back up in the hospital room soon after.  I left the hospital by 11:45 am.  Yes this is a day surgery but still can be painful.  I am 34 and very athletic.  I was woozy from the drugs for the first day which explains some discomfort but not allot.  Took the Tylenol 3 for 2 day(10 pills in total).  Woke up day 2 and was moving around the house but with discomfort.  The pain of course was in the scrotum from swelling ect but the lower back pain was the worst.  This only lasted for the 2nd day.  Day 3, I quit taking the T3's and took 2 advil in morning and that was all.  I went back to work day 3.  I was able to move but not quickly and spend most of half day I was there sitting at a desk.  Day 4, I am back at work full time and am a little tender but no major pain.  Still swollen and tender but able to function easily.  Icing helped but I found as soon as I iced then I tightened up and it was worst so I iced then applied some heat to help circulation.  I am glad I decided to get the surgery and thankful for the easy healing so far. There are some bad stories on here but mine was good so I say it was worth it.  

Slicky wrote at 2012-02-11 15:28:20
I just had my surgery done yesterday friday february 10th.  It was my right testicle that had the hydrocele.  I have one 4 inch cut on the side if my ball and one very small one on the bottom with a drain tube.  The doc said that I could remove the drain tube sunday night.  There is one stitch holding that one in and to cut it so that the drain could be removed.  My ball was the shape of a water balloon held in your hand swishing it. It was going up the sack tube.  Very uncomfortable during these winter months., something had to be done.  The doctors put me out and I was done in about an hour and a half of surgery.  I was in lots of pain last night every time I moved.  A lot better this morning.  Its swollen a little but looks like its back to normal with extra skin since I've had mine for a while.  I hope to go back to work on tuesday.  Doc said no sports, gym or sexual activates for 4 weeks.  I can't lift more then ten pounds either for risk of tearing the stitches or ris

Fielding wrote at 2012-02-13 04:38:19
I developed swelling in my left testicle while overseas last August  A doctor came to the hotel and wanted me to have an operation the next day. There was no way I was going to do that, and when I returned and saw a urologist in my city, he let me know that it was a hydrocel. Because of traveling, I could schedule the surgery until January. By then, it was baseball size and growing fast. I went in, got hooked up, stuck and wired, but at the last minute the anestesthiologist wouldn't put me under because I had a temperature of 102 and sinus drainage.

So I rescheduled for this past Thursday. It was much less stressful because I had been thru the beginnings before. I did have to wait for 2.5 hours for my doctor because he had an emergency. But finally the anastesthiologist came in. I asked him to put me under because I didn't want to know what was happening, who was shaving my bits and pieces, etc. He did, and I woke up in considerable pain...holding my breath pain.  They gave me morphine and had me wait more. Then I was feeling fine and got a chocolate malt and my pain pills. Felt great all afternoon and called a bunch of people...a breeze!

Until the 2nd day...felt like someone had stuck knives in me. Third day, felt like I'd been kicked by a mule and the pain was over a wider area. 4th day, pain meds since this morning...just feel bruised. Still draining some.

Paid the surgery center $1100 and still have to pay the doctor and whoever else. I didn't have anyone to stay with me, and it really wasn't necessary in my situation. But I was surprised at the kindness of colleagues and their offers to bring food, etc.

So, so far, not too bad of an experience.  

shrek100 wrote at 2012-02-29 20:45:40
I have had a Hydrocele removed and a Vascetomy at the same time 8 days ago.  

For the first three or four days I was in agony, Eye watering agony.  Since then I have improved to the point I have returned to work and do not need pain releif.  

My Testicle is still very big and really hard, I am hopeful this is just the swelling.  I have some amazing shades of colour from the bruising all over including my legs. I have not tried any exercise but am hoping to swim this weekend (another three days) I have not tried Cumming yet and am really scared of the thought at the moment.  

I am 36 years old, active Tri athlete.   Cant wait to get training again

Jim Allum wrote at 2012-03-07 11:43:14
Had Hydrocele on left testicle the size of an orange. Day 1 post op and all OK. slight pain and a drawing sensation but quite manageable. Good advice from previous post is ask for a spare support so when one is washed you have a spare. I would recommend this as its better than walking around with a fruit between your legs! in and out in an afternoon. GP didn't mention ice packs just salt baths in tepid water. I recon some people have just been unlucky if they have pain that lasts.

Merlin wrote at 2012-03-07 17:51:28
Just got home from hydrocele surgery, not much pain.. Just aching around the right groin. Hopefully this will go soon. So far so good. Going to rest now will update in a few days.

NUMBNUTS wrote at 2012-03-10 06:17:27
Had a Hydrocele of the right testicle about the size of a smallish and had the procedure done on the 1/03/12 and absolutely recommend getting it done.

Had some pain a few days after the operation but now hardly anything bar some discomfort.

Pain on a 1-10 scale would have been around 5-6.

Took mild pain killers for 2 days and just kept ice pack on and off until yesterday when external stitches were taking out.

Swelling has gone down by about 80% and things now look almost normal down there again.

Was a bit nervous before the op but honestly, definitely the best thing I did by having the procedure both physically and mentally.

My advice, just get it done and get back to living a normal life!  

jim wrote at 2012-03-13 16:57:41
Had hydrocelectomy and vasectomy yesterday.  No problems so far hydrocele was the size of a seeded grape and had been there for years.  I got to the hospital at 9am and left at 1pm.  I have iced religiously and have little swelling and little pain (maybe a 2 or 3 out of 10).  Follow our doctors orders, limit your activity, and ice.  

Doug wrote at 2012-03-14 00:49:04
I'm one week post surgery today.  Age 52, in decent shape.  Thanks to all the previous posts for giving a sense of what range of outcomes there might be, and for good advice re: two jocks, use of kotex, give it a full week, use ice.

Procedure was easy.  Felt some significant (7/10) pain on awakening plus some nausea, was quickly treated.  Surgery started at 7:30, out and home by 11:00.  Moderate pain and discomfort, but fine lying down.  Better on 2nd day, been improving each day.  Am still using pain relief, but mostly at night or late afternoon.  Took fierst modest walk today.  Definitely has been more of an energy drain than I expected -- more so than double hernia repair 10 years ago.  Be prepared to take it easy.  Also, use the stool softener starting day one -- I had some constipation from anesthetic, but I think because of the softener it didn't become a big problem.

My large navel orange/small grapefruit on right side is down to a small tangerine.  Stiches and drain opening look good. Am a little concerned because if feels like there is a firm and lumpy mass today in the right side -- anyone else have that feeling post-surgery -- the hydrocele was more of just a round, firm sphere on the right side.

In general, I'm really pleased with the results so far, looking forward to full recovery and glad not tof be carrying around so much Florida citrus any more!

George wrote at 2012-03-21 02:39:04
Hiya guys,

My name is George, i am 18, who had the surgery on the 17th of February. I am writing this because, i read these reviews myself and there is no one my age who has had the treatment, so incase any further unlucky people my age have to, they can read this.

The surgery went perfectly fine, i was very nervous before, which is understandable, i got in at 7:30 and was in surgery by 10, they let someone stay with you right until you go into the operation.

As said before, it was perfectly fine, i was in a bit of pain when waking up, but was given pain killers and was fine. I was in bed for about 2 hours, and then was up and walking about, asking when i could go home, but had to stay a bit longer obviously.

Given pain meds to take, quite uncomfortable for a few days, but gets better very fast,i was at uni after a week, then less than 4 weeks later i am fully fit again and playing cricket.

I really hope this helps anyone my age and anyone really, the hardest part about it all, is telling someone you've got it, family and friends are very supportive. So get it done and live life normally and fully! Good luck to everyone who has to have treatment in the future.

Thank you for previous posts, they were very helpful.

ron wrote at 2012-03-29 23:03:22
just done this morning, not one pain killer, and im fine, its really not that bad guys. dont stress. couple days of rest, and all up hill from there id say.  

Bergey wrote at 2012-04-20 05:24:35
I just had a hydrocelectomy on April 10, 2012.

I had a hydrocele about the size of a peach/nectarine.  Not quite the orange size I've seen a lot on here, but large enough to cause discomfort and become a nuisance.

The hardest part of the whole thing was in my head.  To this point, most of my coworkers and friends/family still think I was having surgery for a hernia (which I do have, but have not had surgically corrected, coincidentally enough).  I still just find it hard to tell people I'm getting my junk operated on.

The surgery went without any sort of complication.  The procedure lasted less than an hour, and I was awake within two.   The operation was scheduled for 8 AM and I left the doctor's office before 11 AM.

The recovery was really only tough for about two days after the surgery.  The drain was the biggest issue--not only the mental factor of having blood soaking everything down there, but the discomfort.  In fact, the testicle/site of the operation was in no pain at all more or less, from the get go, except for grazing or pressure.  All of the pain came from the stitches.

Once the drain was removed, I was more or less pain free.  Just dull aches.  After day 3, I hadn't had a pain pill at all.  

One week post op, I saw another doctor for a follow up (the doctor who performed the operation was unavailable), and I guess I heal fairly well.  She said that based on my healing, she thought I was three weeks post-op, not one as I was.  

I've more or less resumed normal activity with relatively no discomfort at all, but am wondering just what the extent of my abilities are at the moment.  I resumed work, at the approval of my doctor, but even though I have been to the gym twice and went outdoors for a bit (campfire activities including a small hike and gathering firewood), today after my first day at work, I am left worrying about my stitches.  They have not burst, but the two sides of the skin seem to be pulling apart a little with only the stitches holding them together.  I am not sure whether this is normal or not (I did not poke or prod because I am afraid of CAUSING damage that is not there) and am now in a position where I might have to go back to the doctor's just to make sure I did not somehow cause damage.

Long story short:  Don't be in a rush to get moving too fast, but don't fret:  Recovery, at least in my case, is nowhere near as bad as it was when I pictured it in my head.

Cameron wrote at 2012-04-25 14:37:56
Hi guys,

30 year old Australian male here, I had a right hydrocele which was the result of a cricket ball to my groin (wrong place wrong time) when I was in my final year of high school! Like most men In their early 20s I refused to acknowledge anything was wrong (partly fear) and was diagnosed in 2004 after getting a medical exam for work and the doctor originally thought it was a tumour! Fortunately xrays by my regular doctor proved it was a hydrocele (100ml at the time) and I was sent to a specialist who told me until it gave me pain not to worry about it. Flash forward to late 2011 it starts giving me throbbing and has increased to approx 200ml in liquid, I couldn't get the specialist I had originally seen, as he had retired so I was sent to a urologist who was fantastic!!!!! He told me he was going to repair it and on Apr 11 2012 after telling work I had a hernia (yeah I did the same thing haha!) I was at the hospital by 7am, in theatre by 9am, out of theatre by 9:30am and officially woke up at 11:20am,

I'm now 14 days post op, after coming out of theatre I was kept overnight and had bandages and ice packs on, I rate the pain as 3/10 it really isn't as bad as others have said (maybe I'm really lucky as I don't have a high pain threshold either) after keeping it iced and checking I was able to go to the toliet the hospital released me the following day and the pain stayed at 3/10 the next few days, I pulled the bandage off on the 13th (as directed) and apart from the odd drop of blood I've been textbook so far!

My wound is now healing nicely and I go back to work Monday (apr 30) my swelling was about the size of my original hydrocele the first few days but is now shrinking a little, I also find if I push down on the testicle it feels hard,  I have a follow up appointment in mid may which I will mention to him, my pain is now down to 0 but my only problem I'm finding is I'm prone to eczema, which has manifested by breaking out over the testicular area (never happened before and VERY annoying) just a heads up to any other guys as hopefully it doesn't happen to you too! If you have any questions feel free to ask me! Cheers Cam  

Thumb wrote at 2012-05-03 21:37:00
Just had a bilateral (both sides) hydrocelectomy on April 1, 2012 that I think was caused by a double hernia surgery 1 1/2 years ago because the swelling never went down from that. Anyway, the surgery went uneventful and I was home 2 hours after the surgery and went to bed with my ice pack and meds. I probably stayed in bed most of that day only to go to the bathroom. The pain was not great probably due to the meds and the swelling was just about as much as it was before the surgery. There were stitches right up the front and I also had a drain tube. I also used a kotex instead of gauze which was a lot easier to change about every 4 hours or so. That night was uneventful other than propping my legs up with a couple of pillows and going to the bathroom about every 2 hours. The next day was much better and I could tell the swelling had gone down a bit from the size of a grapefruit to about the size of a tennis ball on both sides. There was still a little bleeding and drainage from the tube but nothing to worry about. That day I was out of bed every 2 hours or so for about 20 to 30 minutes at a time and then back to bed with the ice. I also went back to the docs and he removed the drain tube which I didn't even feel when it was removed. That night the swelling had decreased some more and I was able to lay on my side but still with pillows and ice. I slept most of the night except for the occasional bathroom visit. Day 3 or the second day after the surgery I was much much better and was up and about half the day but still taking it really easy and icing the area when laying down. The swelling now is almost gone, no bruising and hardly any bleeding at all.

Here are my suggestions. Ice is your friend, use it as much as you can, the first two days try to stay in bed or at least not walk around too much even if you feel like you can. The Kotex idea is great so plan on getting some before your surgery. I found that the smaller ice packs were easier to place and keep where they needed to be. I had my wife go out out and buy an Extra Large athletic supporter because the large one the hospital gave me was too small and I was bulging out the sides of it. It's also a good idea to have 2 of the supporters so you can clean one as you wear the other. It would also be a good idea to have someone there for you at least the first and second day, you'll appreciate it.  

I hope this helps out future patients with this surgery and If you have this problem, I would suggest getting the surgery, you'll be happy you did later on.

Shuka wrote at 2012-05-12 16:50:28

Another similar story, this one just two days after surgery for hydrocele on one side, Lord's Procedure (rather than the removal, my urologist has had much better outcomes/less swelling etc with lord's procedure. He said you can see it done on youtube - I had no interest.  

So A ~2 inch scar on the front of my scrotum, while in there the doc noticed a spermatacele, and took that out too. He said this would result in some extra swelling.  I was under general anesthetic, had essentially no pain immediately after the operation. Was given a prescription for narcotics, but just took ibuprofen (400 mg every 5 hours for the first 3/4 day, then already reducing to ~ 200 mg every 4 hours or so). At this dosage essentially no pain. Now I can feel a very slight ache, but not enough to make me even consider more medicine - this is about what I was used to before surgery when sitting in too tight pants.

I'm 40, and elected to do this now as I didn't want to face this surgery in 10 years. Seeing the comments of the 18 year olds, I get the impression that the sooner you get this over with, the better, if it's actually going to be necessary.

So the basic points seem to me: skip the narcotic, if you can. Get the lord's procedure rather than the full-blown removal of the hydrocele sheath. Be young!

Good luck!  

SmallNutNow wrote at 2012-06-07 16:54:45
Had this procedure done on Thursday May 24th on my right testicle. I also had a vasectomy done at the same time.

I'm 36, generally fit, and my hydrocele was I'd say about the size of a lime or a lemon.

Day of, checked into the hospital at 1:30 p.m.  Was in the OR by 2:30 and woke up about 3:30 and was ok so I was home by about 6:00.

There was general soreness and tenderness immediately afterwards.  More located directly at the "cut" site on my scrotum.  It was cut right in the middle as opposed to on the right side. Probably to give easier access to do the vasectomy.  

I had no draining tube nor was given any special scrotal support.  Doctor said I shouldn't need either.  If I wanted to, I could wear briefs (I normally wear boxers) or a jock for support.  

Instructions were to ice constantly for the first day, and I should remove the bandage myself after 2nd day at which point it would also be safe to take a shower.

Pain for the first few days was minimal to moderate at most.  Never more than I'd say a 3 out of 10.  And it came more in "waves".  Like most of the time the pain/soreness was a 1/10, but at times would kick up to say a 3/10 for a bit.  I was given Tylenol 3 for the pain so I would just take those periodically to bring the pain down when needed, or before bed.

Doctor warned (as many of the responses here can attest) that while healing it could swell up to the size of what it was.  While there was some swelling, it never returned to the previous size.  Maybe 1/2 of what it was at most.

I basically took things easy, staying off my feet as much as I could.  Iced continually, probably through the first 3-4 days.  I found this really helped with the swelling/pain the best  (probably because it kept the area numb).  

On the third day I took the bandage off myself as instructed.  The most painful part of this really was getting past some of the hair (I wished they would have shaved it better).  But no issues.  Wound looked kind of ugly.  Scar is maybe two inches at most.  Stitches were self dissolving so I didnít need to worry about that either.

Beyond the 3rd day, the pain was mostly just a dull "ache".  Best way I can describe it is was the equivalent of a sore muscle.  Each day after that was a continual decrease and pain and increase in my own activity (more walking about the house etc.). The only TRUE pain I had through all of this was on day 5 or 6 when my 3 year old ran into my testicles with his hands outreached.  That was truely nasty!  But I should have been more careful.

Really by the end of the first week, I was fine with only minor left-over soreness.  Not even really pain at all, just more of an awareness that work had been done down there.

Went back to work 10 days later (2 Monday's after the procedure) and it's now exactly 2 weeks later and I can say I'm pretty much 100%.  No major swelling left.  Right side is now smaller than a golf ball and I feel great!  I've even been able to "do the deed" with the wife serveral times since the one week post op point.

My guess is that my speedy recovery can be attributed to lots of ice, taking it easy, but probably most importantly having the procedure done in my 30's with it being the size it was, rather than being 50+ and it being larger than an orange.

GET IT DONE AND GET IT DONE EARLY.  I'm beyond happy with the results.

Fred wrote at 2012-06-08 22:44:47
I had no idea what a hydrocele was when I went to my doctor. Had a very large left testicle for better then 15 yrs and seemed to be growing larger as time went on. It had me concerned but scared to ask questions because of what I might find out (and wasn't causing me any pain). Finally ask my doc and she sent me for a ultrasound. Next thing was to see a surgeon and schedule a time for surgery.

Best thing I could of ever done. Should of done it years sooner. The surgery was at 9am and I was out of there by 3pm. This was on a Thursday and had Friday off too. Was back to work Monday morning with no problems. I was sore and had to take it easy for the first few days but, over all, it was a piece of cake.

If you or someone you know has a large testicle that feels like a water sac, go and tell your doctor and have it fixed. Mine was done about 9 months ago and have not had one single problem with the whole deal. Don't wait and don't worry about the procedure either. You'll be happy you did it too !!

Hydrocelewithmechanical valve wrote at 2012-06-09 14:17:28
Left hydrocele repair on May 30. Have a mechanical heart valve so went through bridge therapy to bring INR down. Those on blood thinners will understand. A delicate balancing act. For the same reason stayed one night in hospital. 10 days since surgery pain and discomfort..... Mainly from half the 6" incision raw and taking a little longer to heal..... Imagine a cut on the imagine the pain and discomfort. Had a drain inserted.... Nurses, three of them each had a different opinion on how to remove.... Good thing I decided to get a surgical nurse remove it or else I would have a falsetto voice today. My surgeon was good clearly understood the essential precautions due to my mechanical heart valve. All said and done..... Glad I got it done. I Praise God.

Melbourneman wrote at 2012-06-15 06:39:05
Male 38 hydrocele left side size of mango .Had surgery 14/6 0830 finished by 930 . I also had vasectomy and circumcision at same time.DR said it would not be too much.

24hours later Pain 9/10 for scrotum dressing when walking so decided to stay in bed WHen in bed 2/10.having4hourly pandadol.Also tried voltaren with some improvement.Prescribed Celebrex had one and lips swelled will not have that again

Penis has bandage which is to be removed tomorrow (48 hours post) it feels swollen and very swollen.when I void it sprays so I need to sit.

Spoke to urologist today who wants dressings removed tomorrow and he feels regular icing will not help.I decided to ice after reading this site and I think it helps so will continue

Tomorrow is day 2 so will update when able

Ray wrote at 2012-06-16 17:15:46
Had a left hydrocelectomy operation 6 days ago. Mine started about 3 months after having double hernia surgery 5 years ago. None of the doctors I see would confirm or deny that as the cause, but I'm convinced that was the start of my problem.  Mine grew to the size of a small orange and was more annoying than painful, but the bulge was rather obvious when sitting.  Procedure went smooth. At hospital by 6 AM, surgery for about 45 minutes (general anesthesia#, recovery, urinate for the nurse before leaving and then home before noon.  Incision is about 3 inches long down the center of the scrotum.  Urologist used dissolvable internal stitches and then Dermabond glued the exterior of the scrotum, so no stitches to remove.  Only problem was they placed gauze over the glue before it dried and a gauze layer is now glued over the incision. So I just carefully trimmed away the excess gauze and assume it will just slough off with the glue. Was prescribed pain med, antibiotic and stool softener. Pain not really that bad, more of a deep bruise, dull ache feeling so I stopped pain meds after 2 days.  Other reason was severe constipation, even with the stool softener! That was an agonizing ordeal to have that 1st bowel movement.  As others have commented, take it slow and easy because at times it seems like you can do more than you should. Keep rotating the ice packs and use good jock strap or tight briefs for support.  I'm still pretty swollen, only a little smaller than before the surgery. I'm hopeful that size will continue to go down with time and patience. I can work from home with laptop, so I'm taking a full 2 weeks away from my desk but still getting things done working part time at home. Looking back now that I'm 56, I realize that I shouldn't have lived with this for 5 years, but I was rather tired of surgeries #Aortic heart valve replaced 2003, hernia surgery 2007), so I put it off.  Go for it guys - get it done - it's not going away by itself!  Thanks to all of you who have contributed your comments that have enable me to compare my own experiences to others and in general have helped my overall knowledge and expectations!  

Kevin wrote at 2012-06-18 17:42:21
I am a 48 years old and had both a Hydrocele and apparently had multiple spermatoceles on the left side.  I had my surgery on 6/6/2012.  Its been about two weeks and I have had significant swelling which is pretty annoying because it is preventing a return to normal activities.  Having said that, the pain has not been unmanageable. I was on Tylox for a pain killer for the first week and that pretty much makes you sleep and as long as I stay off my feet all is good.  The surgery plus recovery room time was about 3 hours.  I had about a 2 inch horizontal incision over the left testicle with dissolvable stitches.  I was sent home with lots of padding and a scrotal support.  I used Ice liberally for the first 2 days and pretty much stayed in bed for the better part of the next week. Now during the second week, I can go for brief car trips, or sit and watch TV for longer and longer periods of time but with the swelling, it looks like another week or two before I can return to normal activities.  Overall My recovery time is slower than I would have hoped/expected.  Would I recommend this procedure for others?  If your not in discomfort from the Hydrocele, I would hold off.  If you are in discomfort (I was starting to get twinges down my leg and racking myself by bending over) I would say its probably worth it. I would recommend having a highly qualified Urologist do the procedure as some of these stories are nightmares!  

rabbit wrote at 2012-07-22 13:17:15
I am 57. Out patient surgery on right side. It has been 7 days and I have never experience as much before with any surgery as I have from this. Only comfort I get is when setting reclined or laying on my back. Was prescribed Oxycontin.  I am not a fan of pain pills but have had to take a few. Day 7 most bruising is gone but still collected in the bottom of scrotum. My right side including right crotch area is sore. I honestly thought this would be an easy recovery. It not for grossing my wife out with a tennis ball size nut I would never do this again. I wish my doctor had been more thorough about the recovery process.  

NervousMom wrote at 2012-08-18 14:47:28
Thanks for sharing your experiences! I'm a mom of a 14 year old who will be having hydrocele surgery 8/20/12. Without your honesty, I would not know how to prepare him. He has had swelling for FOUR years and didn't tell us until 3 weeks ago when he needed a physical for soccer. His incision will be below the abdomen (not scrotum)so I'm hoping that he won't experience the drainage problem that others have...again, thanks for your posts. I know to get him on ice, keep him in bed, and to get him a few supporters. Knowledge is power :)

nut-ification wrote at 2012-08-23 11:55:18
34 years old.I had my surgery done on August 14. I had to stay in the hospital for the following two days -completely immobilized. My doctor said I had infection and therefore he kept me extra to make sure that I am OK.

I am home now but I still have pain when sitting and walking. Let alone driving or jumping I still cannot walk properly. Have to spend my time in my bed. Hopefully the pain will go away soon. I will have the stitches removed tomorrow. I think one of the reasons of my pain is the string attached to my scrotum. It feels weird.

I really do hope that removing the stitches will help me walk normal. All in all, I wish I hadn't waited this long to get it done.

As I find other remarks helpful, I hope my post helps someone out there.

NervousMom wrote at 2012-08-24 03:28:34
Good News! My 14 year old son's surgery went well! It has been 4 days and he is doing great! He had the hydrocele removed through a lateral cut on his abdomen and was stitched internally, but the incision was "glued". He still has right testicle swelling which should be totally gone in a few months; however his genitals are not in pain (although bruising appeared 2 days later). He used ice faithfully for 3 days and has now tapered off as needed. He was given a low dose of Vicadin that he used for only 3 days. He had some fiber bars to prevent constipation from the meds. He was able to go to his freshman orientation 30 hours after surgery with no discomfort at all. He has been taking short walks and is using the stairs without complaint. He did have to shave the left side of his "area" to try and make it look like the right, but that was probably the most traumatic thing for this teenager. He is excused from soccer for a few weeks...the kid is recovering better than we could have hoped for. I really think the difference is due to the site of the incision: abdomen is less painful than scrotal incision. Thanks to everyone on this site for helping us prepare for this surgery!I'm not a Nervous Mom anymore :)

kc wrote at 2012-08-26 01:37:27
had it removed from left testicle a few days ago. its still really heavy and when i squeeze it its heavyish and hard. did it return right away or is it just swelling?

ml wrote at 2012-08-31 23:56:30
Had L hydrocele surgery on Wed 8/29 as outpatient, all went well without any complications. Today is Fri, 8/31 first day without Rx pain meds, took tylenol and adequate relief. Activity is increasing every day and doing fine with scrotal support. This Q&A has been most helpful.  Thanks folks!

Hydrocele wrote at 2012-09-01 00:30:25
Your probley still swelling I had a bilateral hydrocele aug 27 2012 and now I'm swollen twice the size as before but my doctor says the swelling will start residing after a couple of weeks

neo wrote at 2012-09-07 12:32:28
hi all

i have made my surgery yesterday thanks god everything went fine

it took about half an hour in OR tow hours to wake after the general anaesthaesea

as i woke up there was no pain at all its just discomfort and by the way i didn't use any pain meds just antibiotics

now my testicle is swollen if u touch it it'll hurt but still as long as u don't touch it it is almost normal

i will post what happen soon  

Tony wrote at 2012-09-19 03:49:42
Tonybx/ five days ago I had surgery to repair my hydrocele problem . So it went well but lots of discomfort and little pain that's real talk . I found that with a sport jockstrap of ones size guys could be more comfortable. I take about three bath a day to relief and lighten the weigh . The most important thing is early detection so men could be pain free when it comes to that type of problem . I take lots of rest a lot of laying down. I hope that the little bit of information that I gave and others put down could help others.

neser12 wrote at 2012-09-19 05:32:52
    I just had Hydrocele surgery 5 days ago . SO FAR, I'm no better than I was on DAY ONE ! EVERY TIME I sit down, stand up OR go to the bathroom I'M FEELING THE PAIN . My doctor [ who also did the surgery] told me originally that I wouldn't be needing disability but I'm almost POSITIVE HE'S GOING TO BE WRONG ABOUT THAT . My job is VERY PHYSICAL and I have to MOVE FAST AND LIFT HEAVY WEIGHTS at times . I'm NOT CLOSE to being able to do EITHER RIGHT NOW . Like MOST of the people that answered here, I'm anticipating AT LEAST a 3-4 week recovery time before I feel like I'm back to where I was BEFORE THE SURGERY. I don't want disability because it will cost me two weeks pay but it's better than going back to work TOO SOON AND REALLY SCREWING MYSELF UP . Bottom line is THIS : TAKE YOUR TIME RECOVERING NO MATTER WHAT . FRANKLY, I think the doctors are IN CAHOOTS with disability so they think it's their JOB to get you back to work ASAP . Wouldn't DOUBT THAT AT ALL .

robbie29ca wrote at 2012-09-27 18:01:56
I had the Hydrocele surgery done in August, took the first 2 weeks off right away, did absolutley nothing, never any pain, minimal swelling, doctor did a great job.  2 1/2 weeks later i played in a provincial slo pitch tournament, felt great, now 5 weeks later, feel great.  A 4" incision healed up well, surgery took about an hour.

neser12 wrote at 2012-09-29 07:05:36
     Just a follow up to my earlier entry. I was a LITTLE HASTY as far as the recovery went. Yes, the first WEEK AND A HALF there's quite a bit of pain but then it goes away VERY FAST! After two and a half weeks I'll be going back to work Monday and I'm feeling ALMOST normal again. The left side of my ball sack is still swollen and won't be back to normal for another month but THERE'S NO PAIN at least so working is no longer a problem. Just make SURE you don't think this is a CINCH operation like a vasectomy is because that's where I MADE MY MISTAKE. People who had vasectomies were trying to tell me MY surgery would be no big deal also but they DIDN'T KNOW WHAT THE HELL THEY WERE TALKING ABOUT . Hydrocelectomy surgery is A LOT MORE INVOLVED AND COMPLICATED than a vasectomy is BY FAR. If you doubt this, just go on You Tube and FIND THE VIDEOS OF THE SURGERIES LIKE I DID - albeit I did it TOO LATE !  

Cycle NC wrote at 2012-10-15 18:00:36
Had surgery on Oct. 9.  About 90 mins (found something else to take out).  Quick recovery at hospital and back home by lunch.  Sat and iced for 2 days then back to work (office) without much problem/pain.  No pain meds since 3rd day post-op.  Wearing Nike compression shorts still (one week post-op) and that seems to help alot.  A bit of pain still, but walked 2.5 mi 4th day post-op on treadmill and 2.5 mi the next day.  Just take it easy pace wise when you start back exercising.

I cylcle and doc said it would be 30 days post before i could ride again.

Thanks for this forum.  Never heard of hydrocele until I got one and glad to see it's not just me.

Hope all have a good, speedy recovery.

hydro wrote at 2012-10-25 22:33:27
I had a hydrocele for many years and put off the surgery as having surgery on your nuts isn't very appealing.  I finally got it done 3 weeks ago.  Mine wasn't too big, but big enough that it should get done.  Day of operation was no big deal, I woke up in no pain and left hospital about 3-4 hours after surgery.  Surgery was only 30minutes, but took awhile to wakeup from anestesia.  First day didn't have a lot of pain and did ok as long as I didn't move in bed.  Swelling was easily twice the size of the old hydrocele and worried me and "drainage" was very bad! Day two is where it hurt a lot! Went to see the doctor and he gave me pain medication, which I have never taken before because I always tough out the pain, but wasn't able to sleep from the pain.  Once the drain came out the pain subsided quite a bit.  I basically barely left my couch or bed for a full week, then stayed out of work for an additional 4 days.  Overall it sucked a lot, but had to be done and definetely could've been a lot worse!  Three weeks in, it's still a bit swollen, but not too bad and am pain free.  Hoping for the swelling to be down completely in the next two weeks!  The only other advice I would give is to change out the support often, as you can easily get infections, I wish they told me that.  The infections were minor, but didn't help the situation!

Kawazaki33 wrote at 2012-11-09 18:40:23
Had hydrocelectomy done on 10/29/2012 on the left side. It is now less than 2 full weeks since the operation. My left testicle was about the size of a baseball. Never considered aspirating since doctor said it is not very effective. Did not have a drain inserted and had no problems using the bathroom since urethra is not affected. Minor swelling, never even needed the pain medication (oxycoden). Hard sleeping first couple of days because I couldnt sleep on my side without putting weight on the scrotum. After 3rd day i started feeling normal and now the swelling has gone down but still not gone completely. I am told it will take time for things to fully normalize but that's fine as long as there is no pain or discomfort. I heavily recommend not using the hospital provided scrotal support since it usually isn't adequate to handle the swelling and it ends up pinching you more than comforting you. I would buy some briefs if you are a boxers guy and just use that. Don't even need biker shorts, just use regular briefs that go right up against your scrotum. At the end of the day, I dont know how or why this happened, but I am sure happy to have dealt with it and put it behind me. I will comment further on once welling is fully gone and let you know on that as well as scarring or any other long term effects of this.  

Hydrohell wrote at 2012-12-09 23:39:07
Had right hydrocele surgery on Tuesday night. The surgeon said there would be some discomfort and swelling. Bastard liar! Nothing could prepare me for the shock when I woke the following morning to discover my testicles and penis had swollen into a black sphere the size of a softball. For the first three days this mass was painful (lessened with the application of an ice pack and lying down), but now the pain is very concentrated where the incision is and where the hydrocele is. Beware of taking Panadiene Forte as it cases constipation. Let's just say being constipated only makes the pain worse!

NMCyclist wrote at 2012-12-10 21:59:39
I am 57 and finally decided to have my hydrocele corrected after getting to the size of a baseball.  Never really bothered me but was getting lots of chaffing while cycling which was an annoyance.  Was a little anxious after reading the previous posts and expected to be in lots of pain for several days afterwards. Had surgery early in the morning of 12-8-12 and was home by eleven AM.  Very little discomfort or pain that afternoon and virtually pain free the following day and nearly back to normal by the third day.  Kept the incision (approx. 2.5") dry and packed with gauze and wore a supporter and briefs.  Only used pain medication on one occasion and that was when I went to bed the evening of the surgery.  Hopefully will be able to get back to my training routine in three to four weeks.

EP wrote at 2012-12-13 02:20:19
I'm 47, just had a hydrocelectomy two days ago.  It was nowhere near as bad as I was expecting from reading the online comments.  I suspect people who had a good experience are unlikely to write.  It was just a little sore after, went home and took just one oxycodone, then just ice after.  I walked half a mile today. Get a good urological surgeon to do it.  

jtaco wrote at 2012-12-20 21:50:32
39 year old healthy male. Had a hydrocele approximately the size of a squished (football shaped) apple. Only got it after having a varicocelectomy+vasectomy (which apparently damaged the lymph nodes responsible for absorbing scrotal fluid).

I dealt with this for 3 uncomfortable months. Don't know how men can go years with this! I'm very active and play soccer, and the hydrocele was extremely annoying and in the way.

On 12/14 I went in for surgery. I was there 3-4 hrs max. General anesthetic and about an hour long surgery then went home after a few hrs. Day 1 wasn't too bad as I was still pretty drugged. Slept fine. Day 2 was the worst day because I started to swell a bit but still pain wasn't more than 3/10. Day 3 was better, and now I'm at day 6 with pretty much no pain other than some at the incision (rare though).

My incision is ~3" right down the middle of the scrotum. Doc used disolvable stitches with a bit of glue. He prepared me for  mega swelling and bruising (and hardening), but I'd say it's easily half as bad as he described. Swelling has been maybe as bad as the original hydrocele but not bad. Bruising is spotty, dark purple in several areas. No hardening yet; I suppose that is any blood accumulating in there. I didn't get a drain tube. Like another poster, my gauze stuck to the wound and I had to cut it out as much as possible. I still have a think layer there but the doc/nurse said not to worry about it, it should fall off over time. I use either non-sticking guaze or a panty liner to protect the stitches. Helps a lot and any bleeding/spotting ends up there instead of in your jock/underwear.

CONSTIPATION - this was the worst part of the ordeal. I didn't have a BM until day 3 or 4 and it was horrible. Drink tons of water, eat fiber, take miralax, whatever it takes. Since that first BM though I've been regular, thank goodness.

It's only day 6 but overall I'd say this procedure is much less of an ordeal than I imagined. I'm still large though and can't wait to be the size I was before getting the hydrocele. Still worried I won't get back to normal size, but crossing my fingers. I still have 3+ weeks to wait!

I don't recommend this to anyone just yet because I'm still pretty big down there but time will tell. I can tell you that pain / suffering wise it's not THAT bad, especially if there's someone else around to help with things.

puertorico wrote at 2012-12-22 04:32:34
Im 21 years old have a complex biliteral hydrocele have that biliteral hydrolec... Surgery for january 16th. I dont fear surgery, I just hope they sleep me the general way, no injections please

cdp wrote at 2012-12-23 04:58:28
My husband just had this procedure done on 12-20-12 and his right testical was the size of a naval orange. He is 55 years old the cut him above his penis and he has a cut about 5 inches long. His testicals are very swollen and black and blue, he has a lot of pain and it has been 3 days...He has had this problem for 3-4 years. Surgeon says it will take about 6 weeks to recover....

Matt wrote at 2012-12-23 19:08:10
16 year old male,had surgery on 12/7/12 on both sides and have experienced little to no pain at all.When I got out of the bed at the hospital in the recovery room I did throw up however.Doctor said that was normal and to expect that.Have not thrown up since.Just over 2 weeks post operation and I can walk normal and feel back to my self.Stayed in bed the first 5 days after though,it is important to.No drain tube or anything like that was inserted.Got a good size cut down the middle of my scrotum but the scar is quickly looking less and less noticeable.The only problem I'm having is that they seem to be almost,if not,the same size as before surgery.Hopefully this is normal considering I had both sides done and in the past week I've been somewhat active.Still hoping to get cleared the 7th of Janurary so I can begin working out and playing basketball again.

LT wrote at 2013-01-05 21:53:29
21 had hydrocelectomy on my right testicle. Was scared to death after reading these horror story reviews above, but trust me, GET THIS OVER WITH. Day 1 of surgery i felt dizzy and nauseous from the anesthesia. Day 2 pain set in but nothing too terrible. Relax and lay on the ouch and take the prescribed vicodin in halves to prevent feeling sick. Today day 3 swelling and bruising has set in but I got to take a shower. Still couch locked taking pain meds but pain has been bearable and hopefully swelling looks to have subsided. Get this over with and don't wait on it, the stories make it seem much much worse!

LB wrote at 2013-01-10 21:29:07
This site freaked me out a bit before my hydrocele surgery - yikes.  47 yrs old, very healthy and in shape.  My issue was on one side, about the size of a tennis ball.  30 minute surgery, no complications, home in about 3 hours.  I laid on the couch for that day, no pain meds after surgery, just ibuprofin.  Wore a jock for 10 days, that's a good plan.  Seriously, no pain and it's great to have that dealt with. The surgery was very minor for me, and just listen to your urologist for ice/no ice and activity instructions.  Sure it's more complicated for some guys, but don't let the horror stories put you off.

Richard wrote at 2013-01-14 14:33:20
I had Hydroceles on both my testicles for a few years and whilst looking like I was packing heat in the trouser department the rate in which they grew over  the period of year period made my mind up with regards surgery. I had the first Op 2nd April 2012, the surgery was day surgery in at 7am home for 1pm. Unlike people on here I had little pain and felt good the first few days.

However Day 3 the swelling increased considerably, roll on 7 days later my area was massive and painful, I went back to A and E was diagnosed with an infection and heamatoma. I was given antibiotics and sent home, I was told to go back on the Sunday if it hadn't settled down (13 days after op). I went back and surprise surprise I needed another op to remove the blood and clean the infection. I had to stay in over night and sent home the day after, this time though the wound was left open and packed internally. I had to visit the gp for the re dressing for a week, and was visited by a nurse over the weekend. During this time I was given a 14 day coarse of antibiotics. 4 week post 1st operation I was back at work, 4 months later I had a little testicle again and everything was good.

You may think this mad but I decided to get the left side done despite the bad experience, the benefits make up for the trauma. Well Op 2 was done on the 9th Jan 2013 and everything seems fine. Yes it was swollen post op but the the swelling as of today has decreased, my penis has decided to say hello again (trust me it plays hide and seek for a while)and the wound is healing well, only the smallest amount of blood on the dressing. Guys I would advise getting it done,even after the 1st experience having normal size testicles is a good thing.

I would advise you listen to the doctors and where the jock strap provided, ask for pads to put on the wound, trust me if the support sticks to the stitches it hurts. I didn't have a drain fitted this was the case for both ops, I thought this may have caused the problems with the 1st op, however I must have been unlucky.

I must have been think about it, it happens to 1% of men over 40 or babies, Im 30. It is rare to happen to both testees. Infection is less that 2% and heamatoma less than 5%. Needless to say I have stopped doing the lottery.

Bigggham wrote at 2013-01-15 18:49:11
I am a 44 year old Male and had surgery recently myself.  It was done on 1/10/13 outpatient.  I was in and out in 3-4 hours.  My hydrocele was quite large, maybe the size of a navel orange but not perfectly round, just to give others and example.  They drained out 20 ounces of fluid or 600 CC i think the Doctor said.  After surgery I was in no pain, Day 1, laid on the couch and relaxed. Iced area 15 minutes on/off.  Day 2 moderate pain, still icing 15 minutes on/off, took some pain medicine just so I would relax and stay on the couch, keep in mind surgery was done around 10 AM 1/10/13 so now it is only 1/11/13 but the next calender day.  Day 3 or 1/12/13, had some more swelling, but still 1/3 of the size of hydrocele, more pain but manageable. No more icing, took shower and relaxed.  More swelling but smaller than hydrocele.

1/13/13 woke up with less pain, still swollen but not much at all.  Walked about 1/2 mile, not for everyone but I wanted to see how it felt and was ok.  Walk did cause some minor swelling.  1/14/13 Day 4 went back to work, desk job but did see some minor swelling.  Pain not very much now but swelling was iritant. 1/15/13 Day 5, 2nd day at work.  Feels really good, slept great last night, swelling is down a little bit, bruising is more apparent but not as much as I though.

Key to this surgery, as I see it is 1- Stay on the coach for first 48 hours and ice area for 15 minutes, then take off for 15 minutes.  Try to eat and drink moderately so you are not getting up and going to the bathroom as much, is possible.  I feel great considering it is Day 5, swelling seems to have gone down some.  Will update as it gets better or after 30 days!  

Bigggham wrote at 2013-01-17 19:44:38
Update from Above:  

For me day 6/7 was the worst day, I think I tried to become to active too fast and hit a wall.  Got some more swelling, but nothing major, just an irritant! Today is day 8 and I feel better.  Read some pointers about sleeping with pillow between your legs is worth its weight in gold!  

Bob Artelle wrote at 2013-01-23 21:16:04
Ok well I'm with Richard and if you are still coming to this site please get a hold of me and you will read why. I had this done 10 days ago on my left side. My first 3 days were like nothing, I thought I must be special because I don't really feel that bad. The swelling was not that bad either. I got 10 days bed rest and then it was 10 days light duties. Well like I said I'm not on day 10 and I'm more swollen then I was at day three.

I lay down for say 45 minutes then have to get up to get a drink or go to the washroom and I get a sharp pain that is above the testicle but bellow the belly on the left side. I have see 2 doctors and they have said it looks fine though swollen, but because I don't have a fever or that I'm not sick, it is not infected. They had me on T3's which by day 7-8 I was getting this pain and the swelling was firm and large. Now the pain is like 7-8 on a 1-10, sometimes reaching a 9. But only when I get up from lying down. I saw my specialist who did the surgery to day and he said it looks fine. He now put me on Hydromorohone which is not working, the pain got worse just before coming on here to find my own answers. I have a follow up with another doctor tomorrow.

The swelling is the size of a large orange and very tender to the touch.  

andrew wrote at 2013-01-29 14:55:25
I am 47 years old, good health and had a hydrocel for about

7-8 years now, it grew to almost a tennis ball size, had no pain at all and never interfered with my activities though it was bothering me so I decided to remove it, my urologist who is a friend told me it was not necessary to take it out but went with my wishes.

The surgery (2013-01-24)took 45 min. done by 11:00am I chose general anesthesia, and went home 2 hours after the surgery (walked out no wheel chair), not much pain but took the pain killers anyway. the recommended dose was 1-2 tablets every 4 hrs, I took only 2 tabs at 4pm and 2 at 11:30pm operation day and 4 the next day(11:00 am and 9:00 pm)

The pain was very mild 2-3/10 not as the horror stories we see on this site.

the 1st day after the operation i had lots of inflation in the scrotum and sensitive, the second day even the penis was inflated and dark purple in color (only the epidermis(outer layer))

when sleeping had no support on the scrotum and was good for me however when I am up I used a jogging strap but found out that it was too tight on the scrotum so I started using tight briefs (no Boxers) and it supported the scrotum and felt better

I did use lots of ice for the first 2-3 days (20min every 1-2hrs) had minimum activity also put a pillow between your legs when you sleep to release the pressure. now on day five I still have a bit of pain 1/10 and still taking it easy no more inflation for the penis only the scrotum is a bit inflated on the hydrocel side, the other side is almost normal, will go to work tomorrow for few hours.

for me it was a relief to get rid of the hydrocel and the operation is pretty simple

I think taking it easy and using ice for the first few days is crucial to get better quickly.

I hope that this post helps few people out, if you have any relevant questions I will answer them.  

Phil herts wrote at 2013-02-12 21:07:06
Hi guys, thanks for all your posts. I have a snooker ball size hydrocele on my left testilce which is causing me great pain as it is forcing my ball back inside me. I have my op including vasectomy on the 4th of march. Can't wait and will post re recovery.


Michael wrote at 2013-02-15 19:03:09
Hi, I had a hydrocele on my left side. Had surgery on March 11th. Was in a little pain when I woke up, 4 or 5 out of 10 on the pain scale. I could have managed without meds but they gave me morphine and I stayed overnight. Surgery was in the evening from 6-7pm, I came back to my room about 9.30 pm. Slept actually pretty well, managed to lie on my side with a blanket scrunched up between my knees to put no pressure on my testicle. The doc said they took out 400ml of fluid when they removed the hydrocele.  The next morning I woke up pain-free!!! The doc came to inspect the wound, was really happy with everything and I was allowed home. I was a bit sore walking but as soon as I sat down or lay down, I had no pain. After 3 days I walked more or less normal. I never took any pain killers since the day of the surgery. Since second day after surgery I haven't even really been sore. Today is day 4 after surgery. I have been out walking in the park, I went out last night and tonight for dinner with friends. I feel no discomfort. I am still off work though and overall I am taking it fairly easy, as I was instructed. I did feel very tired for 3 days post surgery and had naps during the day.

I still have a bandage over the wound and have to go back to see the doctor tomorrow. I haven been able to shower yet, because the wound has to stay dry. I was told no heavy lifting, no exercise, don't push too hard when going to he toilet for a number 2 and don't get the wound wet. I am in antibiotics. I don't wear special support underwear nor do I use ice. I was told the swelling can be up to a month. I can't really tell yet, because of the bandages. Hope this helps other readers. When I first read other people's stories, it freaked me out a bit but I am glad I did it and seem to recover really well without much discomfort.  

Phil, herts wrote at 2013-02-22 10:31:13
Hi guys, went to A & E yesterday with really bad pain in my testicle. It had been getting worse over the past week which was strange as hydroceles are not supposed to hurt.

Rushed to theatre. Turns out I developed an infection along with my hydrocele and epididymitis. Had operation on the 21st of March at about 7pm. When I woke up in recovery it was quite painful in the stomach area but was given pain meds and it went. It's now the next day and I am pain free. Taking paracetamol for the discomfort but all in all not bad. Maybe I was just lucky but don't worry guys it's a breeze. Get it done sooner rather than later. Will let you know how it goes over the next week.

Phil Herts wrote at 2013-02-27 10:28:55
6 days post op and all is well. I have had no pain what's so ever since the op. I felt a little rough a few days later due to high temp but I put this down to the infection and meds. My sack is starting to get back to normal and I can see I have two testicles now not just 1 big mass. Again guys maybe I was lucky but the pain has been 1 out of 10 the whole time. Was out for a walk yesterday and feeling good. I will give a few tips that helped me

1. No getting out of bed for 2 days, and try to stay on your back.

2. Wear the jock strap provided at the hospital and get a few spares for at least a week.

3. Use a hair dryer to dry the area.

4. Don't do to much to soon as you will find its very painful when you get hit in the nuts with a shopping bag.

5. Large pillow from day 3 for between your legs so you can sleep on your side.

6. Aqueous cream for washing as soap etc can sting.


Puerto Rico wrote at 2013-03-06 15:13:08
22 years old, had hydrocelectomy repair March 4th 2013, so this is my 3rd day of recovery, I have a penrose drain, dont know when im supposed to have it removed.

I would like to know how this saggy sack I have heals, when I walk to the bathroom i hold my sack a little scared if i should let hang by itself

Im eating light food, because I wouldn't like to take a crap, scared it might be painful.

anyways I was told I needed a month 1/2 of recovery

Semez wrote at 2013-03-09 14:52:09
I had the same issues except no drain. My sack was about size of a tangerine. Just take it slow dont rush into activities. I had operation 3-6-13. I feel great didnt have very much swelling. Dont be afraid to go to bathroom. Inportant not to hold back because it will create more pain in abdomin. Did most of urination standing up lean forward. Notice going to bathroom 3 times normal. Keep using support for 5 days. Drink lots fluids. Iam 68 yrs old

Puerto Rico wrote at 2013-03-13 00:54:47
Day 9 of recovery, my sack isn't that saggy anymore but on the swollen right side its pretty hard, I'm going to start using ice these next days to see how it treats me. I've gone to the bathroom with no problem. What I can't do is bend over feel like my stitches might pop or something. Are most of Hydrocele cases stiched with dissolvable stiches?

I feel some pain after im done taking a shower, the cold water must like make my sack shrink and it gives me a pain for a while.

I cant work because I work at burger king too much force, urgency, strength is needed.

I can walk but not normal pace.  

SS wrote at 2013-03-17 12:06:22
Operated on 7 March 2013 by a quaified urologist

for hydrocele on left testes and

epididymal cyst on right testes.

Prior to surgery,there was only issue of size,did not

experience any pain.

Mild pain 1/10 one day after surgery.Avoided pain killers.

Owing to nature of operation (involving three layers of

wounds,two internal and one external on scrotal skin),one

should rest as much as possible to avoid causing friction

and "tear" of internal sutures.(This may cause bleeding etc

and therefore due caution be exercised).Avoid sitting on hard

surface,preferably put BOTH your feet up,at least for 2 days.

Walk slowly,when you HAVE to (to get to the loo etc).

More of discomfort than actual pain.I got rid off the dressing myself

and had a shower-after 3 days ie on 11-03-2013.Slight loss of blood 6-8

drops when this was done.Washed area with lukewarm water

-no soap-for one week.Complete drying of area and local

application of Neosporin Ointment on sutures.Despite asking,was not

advised to use ice.Antibiotic stopped after another 2 days on 14-03-2013.

ie total of 1-0-1 X 5 days of Ceftum 500mg.

(Temperature pus etc etc).

External sutures are expected tp "fall off" on their own

in due course.Size of organ already more "manageable" in one weeks'

time.Only applying Neosporin Powder after bath -no other med.

Reviewed by urologist after 7 days ie on 15-03-2013 -I am

staging a "smart" recovery acc. to him.Area is slightly "itchy".

Scrotum support -nothing more elaborate than double underwear -for

one more month when I am expected to meet urologist again.

Most important I think,is to notget bleeding or infection.

I am glad I finished this thing off ! BTW,I am 58 .

amiamiman2013 wrote at 2013-03-28 05:09:22
hi... Im  58...  had  the  hydrocele  surgery   march  20, in Costa Rica.   Have had  the    enlarged  right  testicle  for about  7  years..and  it had  grown to    size of    orŠnge...  It Was     uncomfortable..and sometimes painful  if   handled.....   For  sure, was  not comfortable   explaining    to   woman why  such big balls....  Felt very little pain after the  surgery.... they removed  about  10 oz of  luiquid.....  Had drain  in sac  for  about  4 removed..  sac still     swollen..and today, after taking  a  afternoon  nap, I a woke to   the underside of the shaft   swollen.My  penis  has been  purplish after   2  swollen.... Called my doc..   he  sent me  to get Injection to  reduce inflamation.  I iced  it  for  the first  4 days...  banadaged  for  6  without bandages... wearing  2 pairs of underwear...  I may  have over did   it yesterday... as I feel     normal....Hopefully  the injection I  had about  2 hours ago  works  well...  to be  continued..Monday I   will see the  doctor  ....      FYI..cost  in Costa Rica  for     all was  $3.000

amiamiman2013 wrote at 2013-03-28 05:09:40
hi... Im  58...  had  the  hydrocele  surgery   march  20, in Costa Rica.   Have had  the    enlarged  right  testicle  for about  7  years..and  it had  grown to    size of    orŠnge...  It Was     uncomfortable..and sometimes painful  if   handled.....   For  sure, was  not comfortable   explaining    to   woman why  such big balls....  Felt very little pain after the  surgery.... they removed  about  10 oz of  luiquid.....  Had drain  in sac  for  about  4 removed..  sac still     swollen..and today, after taking  a  afternoon  nap, I a woke to   the underside of the shaft   swollen.My  penis  has been  purplish after   2  swollen.... Called my doc..   he  sent me  to get Injection to  reduce inflamation.  I iced  it  for  the first  4 days...  banadaged  for  6  without bandages... wearing  2 pairs of underwear...  I may  have over did   it yesterday... as I feel     normal....Hopefully  the injection I  had about  2 hours ago  works  well...  to be  continued..Monday I   will see the  doctor  ....      FYI..cost  in Costa Rica  for     all was  $3.000

Amiamiman2012 wrote at 2013-03-28 05:25:42
HI.. had  surgery done    Thursday March  20,  in Costa Rica. The  ball  appeared to be    the size of  orange. Its been  large for  about  7 years.. was   getting larger  cntinously. went to frequent  exams to make sure it was  not  dangerous  to continue  as is... was painful at times.  embarrasing to exlain to new    new   lovers.   

Was knocked  out  for the  surgery..awoke about  2 hours later...  went home..ball sac bandaged.   Had    drain left in   the  sac for  remaining  blood to leave...     blood was    leaking for about  3.5days...    after the  3rd day... penis   turned purple..  scary...ball  sac swollen still...  now  ,  day 7,  the underside of the shaft is swollen... called  dr.. sent  me for injection of  Depronova..  Was taking  pain  kilers for  first  4 days...  now  taking them   when needed.. Taking   antibiocticc still...     dont feel bad...    but  I think I walked  or  did a little  too much after the  5th day... so  think best to rest  a good  7 days..even though you feel normal...more to come

Fran wrote at 2013-03-29 17:25:34
Ifhad the right side done this past monday 3/25/2013.  Today is friday 3/29/2013.

Sgery only lasted about an hour and had left the hospital by hour 3

felt fine the first day on pain meds and thought this isn't so bad.  

I was not prepared for all the additional swelling and discomfort that developed over night and through day two.

While I was about the size of an orange before surgery my scrotum is now the size of a cantaloupe measuring 19 inches in diameter.

I saw the doctor and he said while I'm a little bigger than average he has seen bigger and don't worry the incision is healing fine.  I hope the swelling goes donw soon so I can feel it was worth it.  Ill follow up with another post in a week or so

Fran wrote at 2013-03-29 17:25:51
Ifhad the right side done this past monday 3/25/2013.  Today is friday 3/29/2013.

Sgery only lasted about an hour and had left the hospital by hour 3

felt fine the first day on pain meds and thought this isn't so bad.  

I was not prepared for all the additional swelling and discomfort that developed over night and through day two.

While I was about the size of an orange before surgery my scrotum is now the size of a cantaloupe measuring 19 inches in diameter.

I saw the doctor and he said while I'm a little bigger than average he has seen bigger and don't worry the incision is healing fine.  I hope the swelling goes donw soon so I can feel it was worth it.  Ill follow up with another post in a week or so

geterdone wrote at 2013-03-30 21:20:42
I had the hydrocele operation 12 days ago. My left testicle was about the size of a tangerine maybe, between the size of a lemon and orange. It has been growing for over 10 yrs.  I am 58 155# and in good health, ride bicycle 30 miles a week, work out at gym 2-3 times per week, hike, and eat healthy.

After reading the forums I was reluctant to have the operation so I put it off for years. I think as a general rule people put more of their negative experiences on a forum. My experience so far has been better than I expected.

Operation was done under general anesthesia in an outpatient facility. I have not got all the bills in yet but expect it to cost $2500 to 3000, Iím in Tennessee. The sacariest part of the deal is anesthesia, at best youíll probably end up with a soar throat, at worst they can kill you but thatís the same anytime you go under. I did not realize until the day after surgery that the anesthesiologist sometimes runs a tube down your trachea and controls your breathing with a machine. I coughed up quite a bit of blood and wondered why. They sometimes hit and damage your vocal cords. I had a real sore throat and raspy voice for the first week.

Now for the scrotum, I did my research on the internet and knew all the different procedures names and what they entailed. I watched youtube videos of the procedures and saw the good bad and ugly. I got referrals for doctors and interviewed 2. When I went to the Dr I knew what I wanted and how to discuss it. I did want a penrose drain to reduce swelling and hematomas, the Jaboulay's technique where the sac is sutured inside out on itself, and no attaching the testicle to anything. I also shaved my own balls in the shower so as not to have the added discomfort from some nurse doing a rush shave job on me. I think it made a difference in the days and weeks after when it starts growing back! Also go buy some black briefs that are snug but not too tight, you need room for all the gauze and swelling. They will be a lot more comfortable over the next 2 weeks than an athletic supporter. Black wonít show all the blood and fluid stains. Also I got the boxer briefs that are like briefs with more leg in them, it helps keep all the gauze in your pants. For sleeping use a pillow between your knees if you sleep on your side.

Day of surgery, someone needs to go and stay with you because you will be out of it. I was awake about an hour after I went to sleep and putting on my sweats and shoes. Home to the couch!

After the surgery I kept ice on it the whole time except when I was sleeping at night. Frozen corn or peas worked best and put in zip locks that fit in your pants easily. Rotate hourly. 1st day just layed on the couch and tried to sleep. I never needed the pain meds, hydrocodone, but did take ibuprofen and advil continuously around the clock for a week. The pain was there but bearable and also lots of fluid draining and some bleeding from suture so had to change dressing every couple hours. 2nd day was swollen about the same size as before the surgery but expected that. Still enough pain where I didnít want to get off the couch or walk. Day 3 I actually had to work, I am a pilot, and although very uncomfortable wearing pants instead of sweats I managed to get through the day. Day 4 I took the penrose drain out myself as per Dr. instructions. No big deal snip 1 suture and slowly pull it out, use more gauze in your pants. I went and played in my band for a 3 hour practice session mostly standing. Still donít have a lot of stamina built up. Day 5 drain hole was already closing up with very little leakage. Pain was less every day but still hurts to wear regular pants and especially jeans. My girlfriend got me excited and jacked me off to make sure the plumbing still worked, no problem! Day 7 I did an easy workout of upper body. Day 8 we had intercourse, Iím feeling pretty good by now but it still hurts to sit very long on it. Day 11 did a almost normal workout at the gym, a little lighter weights and only ran about 5 minutes, the leg movement was irritating. Day 12 swelling is still going down, testicle is about twice as big as normal but itís much smaller than before operation. It still is irritating to sit on it and the sutured area and drain hole area are tender, I put Neosporin on it and it seems to help. The hair growing back also is irritating. I think in another week Iíll be riding my bike again!

I would suggest if you are thinking about this operation, do your homework, pick a good doctor who does it on a regular basis, (mine did one the day I went to see him), pick a great anesthesiologist, pick a modern up to date surgery center to do it in, be healthy when you go in, and do it!

Jd wrote at 2013-04-04 04:39:29
Had surgery 3/26/13. Approx size before surgery was a kiwi. Was told to use ice packs or frozen Vegs on for 20 minutes, then off for fist day or 2. Advised no cycling, workout, lifting in excess of 10 lb, or sex for 1 month. Pain on day after was 3/4 of 10, but continued pain meds as I was going in to dr office to remove drain. Pain seemed to be mostly when scrotum not supported and irritation of walking. Have continued to wear athletic supporter since. Drain and incision seemed to be sealed by day 3. Some walking day 4 & 5, and back to work day 6. There was minor bruising around incision, but mostly gone by day 7. Some swelling after surgery, but area was smaller than before surgery and seemed to be gone by day 4. Today, day 8, took a longer walk and had some (1) pain and took aspirin. Will go back to dr for follow up at 1 month.

Tony wrote at 2013-04-15 18:41:23
I had my surgery about 2 1/2 weeks ago.I'm 62, in good shape and my hydrocele, which I had for about four years, had grown to the size of a baseball. This is my story that makes women giggle and men cringe.

The first thing I remember is asking the nurse where they got the trained elephant to dance on my testicles (true). I went home and did like I was told putting ice packs every 15 minutes. I had no problem with swelling after the surgery. The next day I drove myself back to the doctors office to have the drainage tube removed. I had no trouble walking but I sat and stooped VERY carefully. My surgery was on Wednesday and by Saturday,while still sitting very carefully and feeling a little weak and nauseous at times, I was pretty much back to normal. I started to exercise about 10 or 11 days after the surgery but at an easy pace. 2 or 3 days later I was back to my regular exercise.

All told I should have gotten the surgery sooner. Lets face it, a right nut the size of a baseball is not a good thing.Besides, my penis was being devoured by an ever increasing pink blob. After just 1 week of knowing that an accidental anything to the groin would bring tears to my eyes I begin to put the whole thing behind and forget what it was like carrying that baseball around. Actually, for me, it was a strange new feeling having this thing hanging there between my legs instead of swollen and I had a penis again. Now when someone asks about the surgery I say that they cut a 3 inch slit in my balls and put in a hand grenade then quickly sewed it up and let it blow, but that is just for fun. It's not a bad operation but ignorance is bliss. Don't research too much until after you feel better. I'm glad I didn't know the specifics of  what they were going to do beforehand. How bad could it have been if 2 and 1/2 weeks later I can laugh about the whole thing. Do it.

zup wrote at 2013-04-29 12:00:01
I am 30 and I have operation. No pain after operation and I did not take any painkiller.  After 3 days I have been as new.  

Tony wrote at 2013-05-07 22:30:53
Some not so good stories on here. I had hydrocele surgery one week ago. Right testicle, small to medium in size. 40 yo. I had one overnight stay in hospital. I was in theatre/ surgery for about 1 hour and a half. Injection into back to numb from waist down and another in the arm to put me to sleep. I decided to have it done as they dont go away themselves and it was embarassing and a little uncomfortable sometimes. After one week, its healing well. Scrotum still a bit swollen, sensitive and a little sore from the op. I used painkillers for the first 2/3 days, didnt really need them after that. Plenty of rest, feet up at least for a week. Dont take chances with the recovery. I change the dressing and use iodine disinfectant every day. The stitches will disolve in a couple of weeks. Check-up with the doc/surgeon this week. After the op, I was advised no physical exercise and keep it dry so no ice packs for me. I have a scar bottom side of scrotum which will fade. Should be back cycling/running in a month. Its not major surgery, I would advise anybody who has it to get it done. They dont go away themselves.  

Adam wrote at 2013-05-14 14:32:26
25 y/o healthy male. Had the surgery on Wednesday, May 8. In at 7, knocked out by 8, awake by 9, out the door around 10:30. They keep you about an hour after you wake to make sure all is okay. Went home, ice ice baby. Didn't need the pain killers and it's really more of a dull/sore muscle pain. Sleeping is a bit frustrating unless you are comfortable sleeping flat on your back. Only other complaint here 6 days later is I still hobble. I had hydroceles on both sides, and they also removed a cyst so I had more work done than usual. Still looks like a crime scene south of the border but it looks much uglier than it feels. I have a follow-up two weeks from the date of procedure so I can post an update. Wearing a jock definitely helps with support, still wearing them on day 6. Good luck all.  

Zowski wrote at 2013-05-22 13:16:18
Had mine done 7 days ago. OUCH, THE PAIN, bruise and Burning. Now feel 70% better. recommend apply  Aloe juice to scrotum  from the plant if you have burning. Reduces burn in 5 minutes and improves healing. My scrotum was as big as a naval orange. Now on the mend. Hope to be 95% healed in 10 more days. May 14, 2013 day of operation. Glad I did it. Why walk around the rest of your life with a sack of potatoes in your pants. Plus it's a sex turnoff.  

Jumpinjack wrote at 2013-05-23 17:35:03
I just had surgery a week ago (May 15, 2013).  I can honestly say there was absolutely NO post op pain..that is until today (May 23).  I took it easy for the first two days, with the athletic supporter and some ice.  Kept bragging I had no pain.  Went to the gym several times and walked on the treadmill..nothing strenuous.  Tuesday (6 days), I walked 9 holes of golf (push cart)..felt fine.  last evening, exactly one week after my procedure I started having some discomfort, basically around the incision area..a little swelling, no bruising, it just seems very tender now.  I don't know if the golf had anything to do with it..I'm a pretty active 60 year old, and hopefully it's just a temporary inconvenience

Guardian2888 wrote at 2013-05-29 17:38:15
Hi everyone! Long story short.. I'm 23, healthy, non-smoking, rarely drinking male, originally from Lithuania, living in Ireland now. I've always had right testicle a bit larger than the left one, but in the beginning of August 2012 i got it swollen to the size of an average apple.

Got surgery done in lithuania at 07/05/2013 in a private clinic for 520 EUR.

BEFORE SURGERY: Got an 1.5L instillator, cardiogram done and blood pressure and sugar levels measured.

SURGERY: Got general anesthetic. A surgeon said that it was around 1 liter of liquid out of my right testicle.

1-5 hours after surgery: When i woke up, felt like an idiot, oriented myself quite well, but had a lot of memory errors, kept asking my gf same questions over and over again, pain was 6/10. They stitched around 7cm of the scrotum with disollvable threads, and patched it up with a very large patch. I also had a drainage hose, that was attached directly to the bottom of the scrotum, that was taking out all the unnecessary fluids and blood away. All that was supported by the strong tape-like lifting plasters, that kept everything close. Got the antibiotics and a pill for a good sleep.

Because of the instillator, i wanted to pee few times per hour.

THE NEXT MORNING: Felt very well! And had a dahm strong erection, that lifted a few holding plasters up, yet it helped me to urinate a lot easier. It was a bit swollen, but maybe 4 times smaller already, the color of the skin remained normal. Doctor came over to check me out, detached the drainage hose, supporting plasters and replaced all the patches (the most painful part of all this, as I am quite hairy guy - pain 9/10) and after 1 hour I sat in the car and drove away (i shouldnt do it,as i have signed a document, stating that i won't be driving for 24 hours after general anesthetic)

Doctor's recommendations: not to shower for 3 days, then to have one with all the patches and replace them, to keep replacing the patches and cleaning the scrotum with disinfectant spray for at least 10 days, keep drinking antibiotics and painkillers for at least 5 days, not to work-out for at least a month, no sex for about 2-3 weeks(didn't say anything about bj though ;) ), wear something supporting like briefs :D

NOW I AM ON WEEK 3: 1 All stitches disollved 2 Sex life is almost back to normal (still a bit painful for full scale thrusting movements, it's better at cowgirl's position) 3 A tiny bit swollen, but keeps decreasing 4 Scrotum has pretty much returned to normal.5 I felt ok to work-out the upper part on week 2.

BNYC wrote at 2013-07-07 15:42:35
Sharing my experience for those that may be like I was ( on day 7) searching for comforting posts that things will get better.  

45 year old in excellent health

6'2" 170 lbs

Dual surgery hydroselectomy / spremaselectomy

Hydrocele approx size of golf ball right side only

Surgery performed at NYU hospital

General Anesthia

Surgery Day

2 hr. procedure 3 hour recovery room post op

Walked out of hospital afterward jacked up on local anesthia, I.V. Pain killer, and oxycodone.  Although out of it...thought this is not so bad!

Day 1 Post Op

Local and I.V. wore off.  OMG!  Crippling pain, severe bruising and swelling of scrotum about 3 times larger than pre op.

Pain level laying 7 standing 9.8

Day 2-7 Post Op

Pain pretty much controllable with pain killers if laying down but still pretty brutal.  But when standing felt like all the blood in my body was filling the affected area and into my pelvis it was like fire and knives and like something was going to explode in there.  Impossible to be controlled when standing by the oxycodone (2 pills every 4 hours). Started to think that something was seriously wrong.  Ran fevers every night from 99-101.5.  Dr. Was not overly concerned but put me on Cipriani antibiotic on day 3.

Pain level throughout these days was about a 5 laying and 9.5 standing

Day 8 Post Op

Just when I thought I couldn't take anymore I woke up that morning with a reduced pain level of about a 4 laying and 7 standing.

Swelling had decreased about 30%.

Day 9 Post Op

More improvement

Pain level 3 laying 6 standing

Swelling decreasing at about a rate of 10% per day now

Day 10 Post Op

Pain level 2 laying 4 standing

I was actually able to walk about a block to Starbucks this morning and was the first time I was able to leave the house.  I am still on oxycodone but down to about about 3-4 doses a day and only 1 pill.

I spent the majority of day and night in bed from day 1 until day 8.  The only time I was able to get out of bed during this time was to use the restroom.  Shower and get ice packs.  I kept ice on and off for the first 7 days.

I am still swollen about the size of original hydrocele but bruising is just about gone.  I was shocked at how long the pain was intolerable for ( I have a pretty high threshold for pain). I felt that my recovery is now on track and based on how I feel today should be back to normal soon with regards to pain.  Swelling I am unsure of.  Follow up Dr. appt scheduled for 5 days from now.

Like I mentioned at the start of this I noticed many people were pretty much in the groove of life after 7 days.  I had barely seen any improvement on day 7 and became very concerned.  Day 8 was the tuning point.  So not sure if this all meaningful but for those searching for comforting posts after day 7 I hope like me your turning point day is only a day or 2 away.

I will follow up with a post when everything is 100% better.

Best to you!  

rjohn60 wrote at 2013-07-13 16:19:11
I'm a 67 yo male who had hydrocele on both sides.  I first noticed my sack growing last fall (2012).  I saw a urologist at the VA hospital in Topeka, KS; he sent me for an ultrasound.  The ultrasound showed both sides as abnormal, so I was sent to the surgeon.  The nurse who clipped my hair said he had seen larger, but mine was large.  I estimate my scrotum was the size of a medium sized grapefruit.

The surgery was performed on 7-12-13.  When I woke up in the recovery room the nurse asked me if I had any pain; I told him it was about 6 or 7 on a scale of 10.  He put some morphine in my IV, and soon I was pretty much pain free.  Today is the first day after surgery, and I remain pain free, unless I sit on my sack.  I am not taking any pain medication.  I came home from the hospital yesterday with a clear head.  My daughter told me I was in recovery for an hour and a half.  The surgery itself took somewhere around 40 - 45 minutes.  I was up and walking around the house as soon as I got home and have been walking today, as well.  I do have a wider than normal gait, but walking with a grapefruit between my legs was just as uncomfortable.  I expect to be fully recovered "soon"; the VA staff called this morning to check on me, and I have a followup appointment in one month.

The only problem I have had is recurring hiccups.  I attribute that to eating in bed when I got home and not getting properly aspirated.

Magic wrote at 2013-07-20 19:16:43
I am a 27 year old male from UK and had a hydrocele removal on 17/07/13.

To be honest, I was a bit nervous about the surgery as I'm not great with needles etc and I was psyching myself out of it before it had began. I was dropped off at the hospital by my fiancť at 7:30am and was due surgery at 9am. I was taken straight to a ward and sat by myself for around an hour with random nurse visits in between (to get changed into the gowns and blood pressure taken). Surprisingly, the time I had by myself was a blessing as I managed to calm myself down a bit and get myself together.

The nurse came for me at around 9am and walked me to the operating room. I was told to lie down on the bed and the nurse talked to me about my recent holiday whilst the other nurse put the needle in my hand. It didn't hurt at all. I had oxygen on and literally, the next thing I knew was I was being woken up back in the first ward.

I immediately came around after a nice dream I had and had no pain at all. On a scale of 1-10 it was a 1. My blood pressure was taken numerous times again and I was finally good to go. I got up by myself, got dressed and walked out with my fiancť picking me up after calling her.

I'm not good with operations but it was so straight forward and easy and I've had no pain at all. I'm on day 4 of recovery and been fine.

I'm a bit nervous to take my support off properly but I've had it off to change dressing etc and all looks fine. Not much swelling at all, more sagging skin than swelling but I'm sure that will go with time. The incision is about 4 inches but nicely stitched and I'm sure it will look fine when healed.

Anyone who is worrying about the surgery, don't be. I've been perfectly fine with no pain, slept easy on a night, can walk fine  etc. I did take painkillers for a few days as a precaution but do to think I needed to and stopped on day 3.

Very good surgery and deffinately worth it.

goroble wrote at 2013-08-04 19:08:37
I had my hydrocele op two weeks ago cut at the bottom of the scrotum 3"-4" wound virtually no pain from the op just a little soreness from the wound big problem for me has been the inability to pass water have ended up at a and e twice being cathetered at present stuck with catheter for three weeks with muscle relaxing drugs.Didn't have any probs b4 op they have diagnosed enlarged prostate that may require surgery if present course of action does not work.maybe brought on by the stress of op?  

Ken wrote at 2013-08-22 12:43:07
Just had hydrocelectomy yesterday it was about the size of an orange I'm 54 yrs old had a urologist perform it yesterday pain was manageable with Vicodin just felt like someone kicked me in the nugzz lying down felt better swelling wasn't bad yet today feels better swelling still minimum almost walking normal but am still taking it easy my urologist told me to move around some but don't overdo it I'm putting ice on it off and on I go back today to have the drain tube removed but I feel pretty good today I read some of these posts and had myself freaked out by what I read but it my case my imagination was a lot worse than the actual procedure he told me I should be able to return to work in about 3 weeks I work construction in the meantime he said just laying around would do more harm than good (chance of bloodclots etc) so I feel for the guys who had abad experience but those of you thinking about having it done remember everyone is different  don't build it up in your head I highly recommend it it's well worth it it will be nice not having to explain to women why your nut is so big so get it done you'll be glad you did  

Ken wrote at 2013-08-25 06:15:29
Update on my hydrocelectomy it's day five pain is minimal none at all except if I touch it but not bad swelling seems to have peaked it was the size of a large orange before surgery now it's about half the size but that will go down with time . i think I  didn't ice it enough but all in all  very happy I had it done moving around very well now just have to be patient for complete healing  

Ken wrote at 2013-08-30 15:32:39
Just an update to the guys thinking of getting this done I'm posting these to give the guys reading this confidence I read a lot of these and had myself freaked out three words GET IT DONE I'm on day nine am moving about like nothing happened its still a little sore to touch but that's it it barely bled at all my dr put two cuts on scrotum inch and a half on top and about an inch about two inches below healing fine still swollen a bit but going down I suggest using something like a maxi pad between supporter and scrotum much more comfortable was the size of very lg orange now size of a small lime and shrinking I'm very happy with my results I had it done at the VA hospital in SF very good urologist there when I woke up from surgery I was alert feeling good and out of there in an hour and a half I walked to the bathroom half hour after surgery had a friend drive me home walked up stairs no prob so anyone thinking about this with reservations don't trip it's all good I'm 54 yrs old and the only other surgery I had was a hernia surgery and this wasn't even close to being a painful and as uncomfortable as that. Good luck

ddove2 wrote at 2013-09-13 05:13:12
Had the operation on my left testicle Monday 9/9 for the hydrocele about the size of an orange. Woke up from the procedure with some discomfort, and they gave me a little morphine. Only mild discomfort when urinating and walking for the remainder of that day. Woke up the next morning with very minimal swelling, no bruising, and almost feeling normal. 4 days later and I feel completely normal walking but still wearing jock just in case, and it appears there is still very slight swelling. Still no bruising. This surgery is so mild I wish I would have done it immediately. I'm 26 and in pretty good health.

Nevadagoober wrote at 2013-09-16 16:06:28
Had my surgery on left side one week ago.  Here are some suggestions for you if you have yet to undergo the surgery: 1) You'll probably feel not so bad the first day because of the pain-killers the hospital will have given you.  Nevertheless, go straight to bed with an ice pack/bag and stay there.  It has taken me a full week to feel like getting out of the house. 2) Buy a really good ice bag.  3) Stock up on a few bags of ice for the freezer.  My frig could not produce ice fast enough.  4) You'll need a clean jock strap every day.  Buy several in a size at least one size larger than normal.  (I like best Under Armour made to hold a cup but without the cup.)  5) Buy a few boxes of 3 X 3 sterile pads.  The hospital suggested cutting lengths from rolls of gauze, but I found that too bulky and uncomfortable.  6) Look into products made to control itching (for example, dumbing sprays), but get an ok from your doctor.

David- California wrote at 2013-10-08 03:48:46
My hydrocele was on left side, and size of an apple.

I struggled with it for over a year. Finally my primary doctor recommended me to a General Surgeon to perform the operation.

The first 2 weeks was somewhat painful.  After 2 months it was

still swollen. A week later it was back to normal size as the other testicle.

My surgery was on August 2013

BNYC wrote at 2013-10-19 18:51:51
So my last post was several moths ago and I said I would post when 100% recovered.  I have not posted due to the fact that things took a turn in a bad direction....basically I never saw any further recovery.  My pain continues although there is virtually no swelling and it's been about 4 months since my surgery.  On top of that there are new developments noted below;

A sonogram has indicated that one of thee blood supplies to the testicle was "nicked" durning the removal of the spermacele.  Doc says

Although only part of my testicle is being affected by this loss of blood supply the balance of testicle should be fine.  He also thought ....but no certainty that this could be the cause of my current pain.  In the interim 2 other issues have occurred that the doc has no explanation for.  First is that my affected testicle has migrated to the very top of my scrotum basically leaving an empty sack below it on that side.  Additionally the cremaster muscle flexes the affected testicle 24/7 so when I look down it looks like my scrotum is breathing. It constantly moves up and down in 1 second intervals.  Stays at the top portion of scrotum but goes Up then down....all day....everyday. Movement is only a few centimeters but enough to visibly see.

Doc could not explain why the two issues had and were occurring.  He thought I should wait another month but could not say with any certainty if

1) the testicle would drop back down

2) the cremaster muscle would stop spasms

3) if the pain would ever stop.

When I asked him what the next steps would be if things never improve he said next option was removal of the testicle.  

So that was my visit yesterday....I am  distraught and not sure what to do....never had a doc not know the answers.  He seems perplexed.  So I think after sleeping on it I am going to go to a different doc for a second opinion.  I really like my doc but that seems to be the most logical thing to due at this point. If My current condition is a medical mystery then I will feel better hearing that from a second doc.  

I am not rushing into to having my testicle removed but will consider it if that is what second doc recommends as well.  In the meantime I guess I will continue to be in pain but try my best to make my way through each day and this dilemma.

Keep y'all posted with news or if things change.  

Redcomet77 wrote at 2013-10-22 15:17:51
I am 66 and in good health. I had surgery on 9-10-13. The dr warned me it could be 4 weeks of misery! It was not, it was easy. I only took percocet for the day of the surgery. Use ice on the boys and wear your supporter. Ask them for a second one, and wear it on top of your briefs. I used to describe my boys as an olive and a peach. Now 6 weeks later, I have two olives. If you are hesitating, don't. This is worth it. The dull ache stopped after two weeks and from then on, no pain at all. I had it done before in 2002, so there is a chance it may come back later on. But it was worth it for me. I have had other procedures that were much worse. Do it ASAP!!

JerseyGuy wrote at 2014-01-04 05:41:16
I'm 60 years old, in generally good health. Over the last 2 years I noticed that my right testicle was gradually getting larger and larger until it was about the size of a large orange. I attribute the growth to getting hit in the nuts with a golf club about 3 years ago.  It was stating to become a problem when sitting, jogging, etc., but it was not painful at all.  However, a change in my health insurance forced me to have the surgery done before the end of the year. The surgery was fully covered only until 12/31/13. After that, I would have had to pay 40%. So I had the surgery on 12/26/13. Today is 8 days post-op. The pain was moderate for the first 3 days but very tolerable with pain killers. Spent most of the first 4 days laying in bed or sitting in a recliner watching TV with ice on my nut. The hardest part, even today, has been getting up, sitting down and bending over to pick something off the floor. I'm walking like a bow-legged cowboy but can walk around the house and shovel some snow without pain.  I'm sure it did not help that on New Yer's Eve, our water heater broke and was flooding  the basement, so I had to move a lot of heavy boxes and some furniture out of harm's way --  but nothing that a few pain killers couldn't fix! I had a Penrose drain in for 2 days post-op. My doc made the incision on the top of the scrotum instead of the bottom. Scrotum and shaft of penis is all black & blue.  The testicle is much higher than my normal one. Scrotum is still swollen, but seems to be getting smaller every day. There also seems to be a lot of extra foreskin near the head of the penis that I did not have before. Not sure what will happen with that.  I'm generally optimistic, however,  and expect all will be fine in time. No problems with getting an erection. Thankfully, everything seems to be normal in that department. Hoping to go back to office on Monday, 12 days post-op.  Bottom line, plan on being out of commission for two weeks. Pain is not really an issue. More discomfort than anything.  If you need to get it done, it's no big deal. Go for it.  And thanks to all those who posted on this forum.  It gave me a good idea of what to expect. I'll post an update in a few weeks.  If I can help in any way in the interim, let me know.  Good Luck.  

The young guy wrote at 2014-01-09 22:28:17
Well,  my hydrocele was fairly different to almost all these comments I have read. I am 15 years old and don't think my age should prevent me from sharing my experience with everyone. In the summer I had realized that my left testicle was growing larger than my right testicle. I honestly thought it was puberty and simply shrugged it off.  Well turns out about 3 months later my right side was growing to the same size as my left and I had literally thought in my mind that it was just catching up to my left in puberty. Another 3 months later and I didn't eat breakfast one day and fainted during school. As a usually thing to do I went to get a check up and the doctor found out I had a hydrocele on both my sides. January 6 was my scheduled date to have surgery. This is where my story is a bit different than the average. My surgery took 2 hours when I was told it would take 30 minutes. I was sent home with double drains in each side and man does it disrupt your sleeping position. I might buy a cowboy hat because of how I'm walking lol. Well the pain isn't as bad as the discomfort and I really regret not knowing what was wrong in the first place. My doctor says 2 months till I'm normal and I'll always have a larger sac. At least I can be that guy who can say that my balls were so big that they needed to be operated on.  

CH wrote at 2014-01-16 16:55:44
I am a 61 year old who had a bilateral hydrocelectomy on January 13, 2014. The hydrocele was first diagnosed by my primary physician a bit over a year ago and he offered to give me a referral to a urologist. Although there was never really any pain the hydrocele grew in the next year and I was becoming self-conscious that the softball sized swelling in my pants might begin to become evident to others. Upon my next checkup I asked for the referral to the urologist.

The urologist concurred that my left hydrocele was among the largest he had ever seen and there was evidence that one was beginning on the right. "Great!" I said. "Well do both I don't plan on coming back!"

The surgery was done three weeks later (three days ago). I have had nothing that I would describe as severe pain and dropped the pain medication after two days when the two drains were removed. Although there is some swelling present, the greater sensitivity has been letting my "equipment" hang unsupported, although this, too, has diminished greatly and I very comfortably took a shower this morning.

Thus far I have had no regrets about my decision for surgery and even the first evening I felt the relief of not having so much "down there."

Chris wrote at 2014-01-20 16:46:17
I was very hesitant to get my hydrocele repaired after reading the many complications people were having on this site and others.  I watched countless videos of people getting this done and one when a guy went into remove the drain.  I remember he was extremely bruised and looked to be in a lot of pain. I am happy to say that my experiences was NOTHING like that, nor did I look anything like that post surgery.  I finally had the surgery on 1/16/2014 and can honestly say I wish I had done it sooner.  Mine was fairly large...they drained just under a liter of fluid from my right side.  The procedure lasted about 45 minutes total. I was under general anesthesia so my total time in the surgery center was roughly 3 hours.

There was some pain the day of and the following day but each day got noticeably better.  They pain was very manageable with the exception of one incident on the first night.  I had tried to pee in the toilet and had lowered my support briefs.  Gravity must have taken hold which became extremely painful.  I aborted peeing for a few minutes and decided to pee in a jug instead.  I was able to direct my penis to the left side and pee in a jug while keeping my testicles supported.  Much easier and less painful. I would use this technique for 2 days.

I was prescribed hydrocodone for the pain and 2000mg daily does of Keflex (antibiotic).  By the end of day 2 I was able to manage the pain with just Tylenol. I experienced no bruising, just minor swelling (still MUCH smaller than my hydrocele was).  I credit this to keeping frozen peas on for about 30-40 minutes out of every hour for 2 days.  My follow up visit went very smooth. Doc removed the drain and told me what I can expect over the next 3-6 months.  I developed a slight fever on day 2 but Tylenol took it down immediately.  

I am on day 5 and feel great. There is some minor discomfort but luckily I do not have the feeling like I was kicked in the groing like many have proclaimed. I am walking, driving, and taking my oldest to the field today so he can hit some baseballs ( I wont be pitching to him yet though :-)).  

I think the big keys to this procedure is to know your doctor.  Ask around and get recommendations, ask the doc what his typical patient outcome is like. I went with a Urologist that was referred to me years ago.  He did my vasectomy 3 years ago as well.

Be prepared for plenty of rest, stay ahead of the pain, have 2 bags of frozen peas on hand, and buy some snug fitting briefs.  Be prepared for some pain and discomfort but just take it easy.....Sit on the couch and rest.  

Francis wrote at 2014-01-31 04:12:45
I had my hydrocele surgery last week, 23/1/14. It lasted about 45 mins and it went very well. I stayed at the hospital for 24 hrs just for the Doctor to observe me and to be sure all is ok with me, no blood accumulation , and after I was discharge but goes for dressing every 4 days. So far no pain or negative experience. I stopped taking the pain killers after the 3rd day and started driving lightly and not long distances as that may hurt. Scrotum now reduced in size after surgery. My advise is go for it. Hope to start sexily activist after 2 weeks.  

JohnSulone wrote at 2014-03-01 01:26:46
34 year old healthy and athletic. Had a right hydrocele repair (size of a lemon) 2/25/14. Procedure took about 45 mins and I went under general anesthesia. Here are some tips.

1. Wear black boxer briefs or black compression shorts.

2. Take a stool softerner that night after surgery. (You will thank me)

3. Buy 3 thin flexible ice packs and alternate them as they get warm.

4. Change dressing every 6hrs. (buy non stick pads and gauze pads, neosporin w/pain reliever and clean wound with hydro peroxide. Keep the jock strap that hospital gives you or wear compression shorts.

5. You will need a pillow between your legs to sleep on your side.

I'm on day 3 (60 hrs after surgery) slight pain in the right testicle, still swollen but less than with hydrocele. Pain is level 2 and only when walking.

I'll update this within the following days/weeks. Good luck and stay healthy!  

Mark wrote at 2014-03-01 11:13:51

When I was a teenager (I'm 23 now) I had varicocele in my left testicle, which i got fixed in 2009. But after the surgery my testicle got swollen and reached a diameter of 8 cm. The doctor said it was hydrocele which sometimes comes with testicle surgeries.

After four years (I needed some time till the memories of the last surgery faded away :D) I decided to get my hydrocele repaired due to cremaster muscle spasms, and general discomfort.

So on 26/02/14 I had the surgery (local anesthesia). Wasn't fun to feel your ball on groin, but it was bearable! :D

Right after the surgery I felt just fine, but with the anesthetics gone I felt dull pain in my waist. However it diminished when just four hours after the surgery I left the hospital on feet.

Unfortunately from the second day the wound started to hurt like hell with every movement. On the third day I peeped under the patch, and found out that the drain tube causes all the trouble. The wound itself feels fine, the testicle didn't get swollen or purple. But every time the patch pushes the tube it causes sharp pain around it. I cannot do anything pain free so it's getting really unnerving. Standing up to eat, taking my clothes on, etc... Not to mention using the toilet... And I have to wait two more days until I can get rid of it.

So at the moment I'm thinking on some ways of hibernation or time traveling... :D

Chisora wrote at 2014-03-15 12:30:11
I had a bilateral hydrocele the size of 2 large oranges. After years of agony and humiliation, i finally gathered the courage after my wife begged me to go see a doc. People always looked at my crouch and men would always come to me and tel me how they wish they had a penis the size of mine, as there was always a bulge on my trouser. They didnt know it was buried in the hydrocele. I went for surgery and was injected in the spine to paralyse me from waist down. They did the surgery whilst i was awake and i remember the doc had to call a senior surgeon after he got stuck. Imagine i cld hear them speak and him sounding confused. They had to wait for the senior to come and finish the op. It was successful and they told me they had drained 2 litres of fluid. I must say it wasnt as painful as i thought and after a week i was back at work. I wish i had done the op earlier coz of the humiliation i faced with people always starring at me. On more than 3 occasions i was stopped by security at the exits of shops thinking i had hidden something in my crouch. Yeah thats how bad it was. Thats when i realised i needed to get it fixed. i ma happy now that it was removed and i have regained my confidence again.

FinallyItsDone wrote at 2014-03-28 15:11:26
-35 year old male

-very fit and active

-large hydrocele on right scrotum

-approx size of potato

-present since at least 11 years old

-surgery on Tuesday March 18, 2014

-booked 2 weeks off from work

I've been putting this off since 2008, finally pulled the trigger. Operation took about an hour, no complications.

Couldn't find a jock strap anywhere! And went to many stores. So just used tight underwear. Used gauze for the first 8 days. Careful changing the gauze. It sticks to the incision and I made the mistake of slowly pealing it off - blood started dripping. Instead wet the gauze to detach from incision. No other problems with incision though. Incision not that bad, in the lower part of scrotum.

With meds (percacet) had no problem with pain the first 3 days. I was taking 2 pills every 4 hours. Then started having to conserve the pills since I was running low by the weekend. No pain when lying down, pain when sitting and standing. Ice it! Still swollen (to about the pre-surgery size) and rock hard, sensitive to the touch.

Day 4-7

Pain persists but have cut down on frequency of meds. Bed-ridden.

Day 8-9

Pain not constant, shows up around 5pm so then I pop a pill. Pain comes and goes. Still swollen, rock hard, sensitive to touch. Took a car ride yesterday - ouch! Bed-ridden.

Day 10 (today)

Swelling seems to have been reduced, little pain so far this morning.


So far not terrible. Wasn't expecting recovery to be so slow, perhaps cause of the size of the hydrocele? End of day, if no complications arise and the size becomes "normal" then yes I'd recommend this surgery. It was becoming too uncomfortable for me (I play a lot of sports) and as I understand it will only get bigger with time.

Thanks for this forum! it really helped me and good luck guys.  

Teen wrote at 2014-04-29 05:31:16
So I had a bilateral hydroselectomy 6 months ago. I am a healthy and active 16 year old. The first surgeon was younger and did it as a favor. Well he did two horizontal incisions, one of which will never fully heal (because said side was larger and never healed properly so the continued weight kept it from completely going away). Pre-first surgery my right testical was the size of a few baseballs and my left was slightly larger than normal (but doctor said it definitely was developing a hydrocele so I decided to get it over with), there was no pain or discomfort, but at the time I was between sports seasons and thought "well if I'm going to eventually have to do this, why not get it over with when I won't miss much" as doctor said I would eventually have to get the surgery. Long story short on first op. Two weeks later I get pneumonia and am in the hospital overnight. I was walking funny for over 2 months and the post surgery size was almost twice as large as to begin with, and on the left side I had a annoying phantom like pain that really bothered me. So after my first doc's insistence tht it will eventually go down. I decided to get two second opinions, both said it won't go back away and I would need to reoperate. So I went with one of the best urologists in the Northeast. Believe me after my second bilateral hydroselectomy, I noted two big differences. One, the drain really alleviates the swelling (I had no drain first time), and two the doc made one incision down the middle vertically instead of two horizontally. Well, not to the fault of the doc, after getting home after surgery two, the swelling was unprecedented and the drain quickly became overwhelmed. At this point the supported I was put in post op was killing me and was on the brink of ripping. It hurt more to sit and lay than to stand, and pain was a 10-12. So I went via ambulance back to the hospital (kneeling in the ambulance from the pain). At the hospital they said I had to lie down so they could get me a morphine drip, I said that was a bad idea. They told me they would rush to morphine me and I would feel comfortable in minutes so I said fine. Upon laying down, I felt the worst pain I have ever felt in my life. 20 on a scale of ten. After the morphine, still in pain, I felt a pop in the area above my penis. Apparently the doc put some sticks in the area there and above to aid in the supporter and attempt to alleviate some of the pulling. Well one of them popped leaving me in tremendous pain despite the morphine. After sleeping all night, the urologist and resident came in the morning and immediately told the nurses to cut me out of the supporter as it was causing more pain as being to small. Then they said they wanted to examine me which they did, upon examination they found that the stitch holding in the drain also popped, so the drain had come out. And the blood had, unbononced to me, saturated the bed as the fluid that would have been draining was just going out onto the bed. The said they wanted to get me to the OR (operating room) immediately to drain some of the fluid and put in another bigger drain and put more stitches on it. Upon waking up from the OR i was still in a little pain but the improvement was remarkable. The doc said he drained 2000cc of fluid from one side and 1000cc from the other. The largest he had ever seen. He said I should be fine now and they would keep me in the hospital overnight to make sure all went well. I ended up staying in the hospital for 4 more days do to a fever of 100 and low blood pressure (they said probably resulting from the vast amount of blod I was loosing from the drain and the morphine), because the morphine may have been to blame they switched mer to toredole. I was in a lot less pain upon release from the hospital and was able to walk, almost normally, on my own to the car. Well two weeks later and the size goes down a little everyday and the pain is certainly very manageable and dosnt hurt as Im taking it easy and only walking. The incision is healing and I feel better 2 and a half weeks into this op thn I did 3 months after the last. I'll see how this op ultimately turns out but I do recommend getting this procedure. Just learn from me and remember to get a good, experienced doc. The difference between my two docs was one said he had done 200 of these hydroselectomys while the other has done close to 6,000. Another note to add is the first time he did I believe the "lord's procedure" , in inverting the hydrocele, but the second doc completely removed the hydrocele wall in order to make sure even more that it didn't come back.  

Sinatra wrote at 2014-07-21 04:47:06
I'm surprised at some if the horror stories on here. Although this did start quite a few years ago. It seems to be a fairly routine and universal operation by now, I think the docs have tightened up their process. I'm a 40 year old fella in good physical health. My "third testicle" was on the right side and was 12.4 cm! All the docs who say it said it was quite impressive. Lucky me! After a few months it began to interfere with my life so it was time to go.

Surgery was a snap, about an hour long and I remember none of it. First few days after were not the mos fun but nothing unmanageable. The Percocets took care of the pain, the ice did it's job and all I had to do was lay down. After about 5 days I was no longer in any real pain. Only time I was would be if when I did too much moving and a couple hours horizontal with a pill and some ice took care of it. After a week the swelling was shrinking considerably, pain is pretty much gone. Unless of course I tried to move too much again.

I'm two weeks in and I feel fine. Obviously I'm not 100% yet but nobody will be fully for at least two months, the body is magical it needs time to fix itself. Te swelling continues to go away as well as the bruising. I'm almost back to normal size and the incision still has some work to do. Keep in mind that how you recover and heal will be largely up to you. Simply follow docs orders, try to remain sedentary for at least three to five days. The longer the better. Sleep a lot as that will help your body repair and you pass the time. Having one return is nothing I can speak to yet but according to the surgeon it is close to a certainty that it won't happen again on the affected berry. He described the way the cut into fluid's sack would be left to ensure this, only time will tell.

Here are some quick facts that I know to be true and will help you start leaping tall buildings in a single bound....

1. Lay your butt down. Seriously just don't move.

2. Ice ice baby. It is your friend, your BFF. Go buy a couple bags.

3. Wear a jock strap. Wear it as long as you want. I waited 10 days and then went back to boxer/briefs.

4. About a week in you will think you feel good enough and are ready to win a triathlon... YOU ARE NOT! See rule #1.

5. Prepare to pee a lot. Must be the ice or your balls new freedom yanking your bladder. Either way stay by the toilet.

6. Do not let your baby makers go active for at least two week or so. Morning wood the first few days will be painful enough, don't go into overdrive.

I see the doc again tomorrow so if anything out if the ordinary happens I will update. Otherwise it's not a big deal guys. A long as your are healthy enough for a quick outpatient procedure, don't hesitate. You will enjoy life without it much more than you are if you're reading this to decide. Good luck everyone.

Michael wrote at 2014-08-05 00:53:13
I have had a large right testicle for 11 years.  I was kicked by my 3 year old son in the groin.  Never had any significant pain with it, but pressure on it was bothersome.  Decided finally to have it operated on.  Had my hydrocoelectomy this afternoon at about 2:30 pm.  Generally, I would not have elective surgery.  But I felt that would be a psychological boost to have a better body self image.  The posts here were quite helpful, especially the ones where things went well.  I did pick a good experienced urological surgeon. Pain after surgery went from 2 to about 6.  At 7 pm, I took 2 percocet and that has helped.  I have no drainage tube.  Read in a post today that my sore throat is from the tube inserted into my throat.  Can not get an antibiotic till tomorrow as my CVS was out of it. Hope I do not swell too much and avoid infection. Will post more later as my recovery continues.  

Ken wrote at 2014-10-02 21:21:02
I am 72 and have had a hydrocele as long as I can remember.  The repair was done in day surgery Sept.16/14.  Today is day 23 (Oct 2/14).  I had the repair done because the scrotum would touch china or water in some low toilets, especially in hot weather. I had the fluid withdrawn 3 times over 5 years.  Each time it returned.  When I had my medical this year, the doctor told me she thought I should get the repair done as I would be running the risk of infection, especially if I got the fluid aspirated again.

At day 23, the pain is gone.  But the right testicle is the size of a lemon or large lime, in contrast to the small prune sized left testicle.  

In regards to pain, I had enough pain to take Tylenol 3, with codeine for the first two days, but quit it to get the bowels working by day 3. Stool softeners helped in this regard...along with a glass or two of red wine after day 3.

I did go to a doctor (not the urologist) on day 7 because the scrotum was very swollen.  There was also a sharp pain below the testicles.  An ultra sound was ordered, and was done on day 14.  I will see the urologist a week today, and he will have a look at the ultra sound then.

On day 7, I started wearing athletic supporters.  I would really recommend buying some...a little on the larger size.  The pain really improved after I started wearing the supporters. And I still am.

So, the pain is mostly gone now, and the swelling is down some, but the right testicle is fairly hard.  I see in some reports here, that it may take 6 months for that to get more back to normal.

Would I do this again...yes.  Would I recommend this...yes.  Am I surprised the swelling of the right testicle has not gone down much...yes.  But the reports in this blog have really helped..and I am looking forward to improvements over the next few months.

The cost of this day surgery was $0, as we are part of the Canadian Medical system.  Wait times were minimal.  I saw the urologist August 28, and had the surgery Sept. 16.  

Ken wrote at 2014-10-03 15:37:28
My timeline had some errors.  In writing the above I was only at day 16...I see the urologist on day 23.

Brandon wrote at 2014-10-18 22:47:43
Age 20, i had my left side done, it was the size of well my fist and it lead up into my bladder. 3.5 inches thick, 6 incheslong. I had the surgery on 10/8/14, its now i think 10/18/14, and after my first week i was able to slowly walk fine, today i can walk fine. I keep a jock strap on incase

Makes me feel more secure on the kids.

It hurt for awhile, still have pain meds i slept like crazy. Still do. Rest from working 12hr shiftseveryday.

next check up is 11/4/14, should be able to go back to my labor filled job then.


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