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Mike Cook wrote at 2011-09-03 15:52:12
Zach,  far from being a medical professional, I too have suffered from the horrible itch, and still do to this day.  I have found that it could be caused from sweating, and you might even find a strange odor evident, that's caused from bacteia feeding on the sweat.  What I have done is to 1) wash the area daily with just water.  2) dry the area thoroughly.  3) apply a aloe sunburn gel with lidocaine.  In an instant the itch is gone and will last most of the day.  I repeat with after showering in the evening and no itching when I go to bed.  I did find out through a visit to the dermatologist that I am allergic to my own sweat and hyper- sensitive to it.  This being a possible reason for my itch, my washing routine has changed.  Also, I occasionally will apply a small amount of vasoline in the area from the scrotum to the inner-thigh.  This really helps when I do sweat, to repel it from the area and therefore, I have no itch at all.  A little messy, but better than itching and scratching in public, which can lead to embarassment.  Hope this helps.  I stay away from the corticosteroids, especially in that particular area.

Dave wrote at 2011-09-09 02:08:09
I too have had itchy my reading, I found one cause is a lack of folic acid...

Jon Jon wrote at 2013-02-03 18:37:26
If there is no rash or ringworm, it may be that you have very sensitive and dry skin. I had the same problem. The dermatologist explained that I was not rinsing good and using too much hot water. Soap and hot water is not good for the groin area. Any regular soap, gym soap is the worst. He recommended Eucerin soap and strongly suggested I rinse well. He also prescribed Locoid Lipocream.


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