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Denward wrote at 2006-12-28 16:12:51
This does not address males kept in nearly constant denial by mechanical means such as a CB2000/3000, a Lori's tube. or any of the other male chastity devices out there.  I have found that without nightly erections that are prevented by my own device Lori's tube), my penis has shrunk over the past 3.5 years.  I used to be 4" flaccid and 6" erect, and now I'm 1.5"-2" flaccid and just under 4" erect.  

Baby Penis Zackary wrote at 2014-08-09 07:44:30
I've been locked in chastity serving my girlfriend and her black lovers for only a year now, by month four we distinctly noticed my penis had shrunk and I got very scared. My girlfriend was hoping this would happen, so they were amused as were her lovers. Prior to locking me up my penis was 6 1/2'' erect and roughly 3 1/2'' flaccid. After locking me for those first four months, my penis had shrunk to 3 1/2'' erect and 1 1/2'' flaccid. So she had mercy on me and my lil guy and let me out for a couple weeks. Reasoning was for us to see if this change was permanent or to see if it was temporary as nothing we could find online seemed reliable. It shrunk, and it's not coming back.  


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