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Urology/Penile Shaft discomfort and painful


Mike wrote at 2010-05-10 23:14:03
Thank you very much for your description of prostatitis. I've been having similar symptoms lately. The reality is that I've been working in a remote location for quite some time and my sexual life has basically stopped.

Pains in the testicles, general groin area, pennis shaft are happening once in a while. I've done my STD tests and they all turned out negative. (Stiff have Herpes Simplex Type II left but I have no sores or ulcers).

Martyn wrote at 2012-10-28 04:09:09
I had similar issue and i mostly felt it after having coffee so I stopped it but it didn't go away and it was more like discomfort on left side near glands.

Cranberry juice helped me and I felt difference in 2 days so I would strongly recommend it and try to get one with no sugar or one with

Real juice and nothing artificial

Good luck hope it helps


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