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Urology/Vibrating Senastion in Penis


hummer wrote at 2007-08-12 22:39:03
I have a very similar sensation in my right testacle, your description of the phone on vibrate is exactly how I describe it. Sometimes I even reach for my phone and then realize it's not the phone.

vibrator wrote at 2010-09-24 16:00:31
I have this too.  It's intermittent and I also thought it was my phone at first.  It's getting more frequent, though.  I feel it right in the tip of my penis.  It sounds like it can be caused by a lot of different things.

buzzer wrote at 2010-10-22 03:48:58
I have had this same vibrating sensation.  I first noticed it while i was relaxing before a yoga class. I have since discussed it with several yoga instructors and they have told me it is from sensing the subtle energy of my root chakra.  What was first noticed as a vibration in my shaft, seemed to move to a vibration at the top of my scrotum where it joins my body. I told a friend about this and she eventually referred me to his answer.  I was a bit alarmed, so I went to the doctor and got a urine test.  The doctor told me I did not have prostitis and that this was not even a symptom of prostitis. The doctor said it might be related to the yoga practice and the stretching in the area, but she was not a beleiver in yoga and chakras, so she did not really support that theory. She prescribed an herbal remedy that I have not tried yet. I am not sure who to believe. I have not been sexually active, with a partner, but I had been masturbating on a daily basis for the previous 3 weeks or so- much more than has been my general practice- but just to see if I could.  I have stopped masturbating for the last several days, and the symptoms seem to have subsided.

Rick wrote at 2011-01-03 04:58:21
I am having the same problem, i hope this aswer helps me god willing and its not a bid deal. I am 24 yearl old male and its been hapening for about a week now and have been having the same cell phone feeling faint but noticeable towards the tip

George wrote at 2011-05-06 12:32:34
I had this awhile ago and it went away after a week. Not sure what it was but it's gone now!

Deans dad wrote at 2011-09-15 09:23:49
In a nut shell, dont deny your wife decent bed time getting some tonight and trsut me when i say, don not deny.(phew)

Steve wrote at 2012-04-22 15:16:12
There is a very simple stretch that will fix this - Squat like an Asian. Plant both feet flat about shoulder width and squat down putting your shoulders between your knees and pushing out on your knees, get your butt as close to the floor as you can. It helps to hold on to a table while you squat. It takes less than 30 seconds. I got this stretch from my UPS guy for lower back tension and found after reading this post yesterday that it works for this too. I have had the vibration before and was dealing with it all week - until I did this stretch. I had the vibration in the tip of my penis and am convinced it is tightness in the lower back causing pressure on this area and nerves associated with it. UPS guy said we spend so much time sitting it forces our hips together and this forces them back out - TRY IT!!!

it worked for me.

concerned man wrote at 2012-10-30 06:00:35
I am as well experiencing this vibration feeling. to be honest it has gotton me really worried thinking i have a sti. well thata what my doctor believes and has never come across this symptom before he has told me. can any one help me plz my name is Luke age 21

Ken wrote at 2014-07-25 03:24:02
I followed your advice and it worked with antibiotics (Cipro) for 6 weeks. However the cell phones stopped after the 4th day of meds. Thanks for the help.


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