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Urology/Can kegels during the point of orgasm cause damage?


Dave wrote at 2007-10-06 06:17:13
Thank you for your quick response!

I assure you I have no intention of trying this again. I suppose I should have realized from the outset that contravening a natural process is going to hurt in the long run.

In any case things do seem to be getting better, so I am thinking that the muscles were strained a bit but are recovering.

Unfortunately I think your assessment of few doing this may be a bit off. It is recommended in some circles on the web. I posted your assessment of the possible risks in the place I learned of it.

Thanks again.

camomac wrote at 2009-11-07 02:40:49
I thought I would input something.  I had sex 3 times in a 24 hour period.  During the 3rd time, I was having trouble reaching orgasm, so I contracted my PC muscles hard.  I ended up finishing, but my muscles seem to have strained themselves too much.  It's been over 3 years since, and I'm still dealing with issues (not only sexual) related to those muscles and who knows what else.  After that occurred, several things changed for the worse, in my body.  At the same time, I seem to have involuntary muscle spasms down there any time there's the slightest stimulation to my penis.  It has been a tough issue to deal with.  Any advice would be appreciated.

unamed wrote at 2012-04-20 01:08:08
not an answer.. but i did the same thing, kind of that is, but this is the first i have heard something like what happened to me. i got really good at controlling my pc muscles to the point i was rock hard and able to stop ejaculation. not long after that i had my first true orgasm, my only. not long after that i was in the middle sex and my pc was fully tightened i was on bottom getting crazy and wild my penis slipped out and she kind sat on it bent it to the right a little i felt a bit of discomfort then:

a. only slight ejaculation

b. The penis returned much more quickly to a flaccid state than normal- in less then a second for me.

c. Subsequent erections are less pronounced and there seems to be less bounce or movement effect from pc contractions. almost no movement, now i fall under ED/PE no control at all.

d. It is harder to stop urine flow

e. while there was no pain at the time there is slight discomfort in the lower pelvic region. same but discomfort levels high on left side.

that was 3 years ago still no improvement since...

please any info would help... i write this as i hope it will help others..  

CS wrote at 2013-06-02 15:14:42
Actually, this kind of problem is a whole lot more common than the medical community seems to realize, and it's incredibly frustrating to go through the trouble of explaining this stuff to your GP to get a referral and paying them and a urologist just to tell you you're "imagining it", or that "there's no point having any tests done because they probably can't do anything about it".

I think the medical community needs to be made aware of this issue so that they can look into it more and make sure that people know that they shouldn't do certain "techniques" for risk of damaging something.  

I experienced a similar situation when I was about 18, and things haven't worked quite right ever since.

No urologist will take it seriously.

They basically just look at it flaccid and then give me the line about how I'm probably just imagining it or how even if there is a problem there's no point having diagnostics done to find out what the problem really is because they probably can't do anything about it.

I know there are diagnostics that can be performed, and the least you all could do is humor us enough to have them done so we can at least see if there's anything shows up as a potential cause for the symptoms.

This doctor's response is actually the only urologist's response I've ever heard that discusses in detail what may have happened or speaks to the asker as an intelligent adult and not some idiot child (even if the doctor is totally off on his guess about how common this is).  

How can we get the medical community to take this seriously?

It's incredibly frustrating.

Do some Internet searches for things like "jelqing", "tantra", and "male multiple orgasm" (also try including the words "injury" and "erection") and I think you will be surprised.  Also try reading Dr. Newman K. Lin's web sites, as they seem to promote a lot of this kind of stuff.

And don't start telling people to stop reading medical advice on the Internet; they're not going to, especially when their doctors can't give them a real answer and/or it's an embarrassing issue.  The best thing the medical community can do is to BE AWARE of  specific things going around the Internet and know which ones to need to be discouraged, and, preferably, why.


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