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Urology/marijuana use and urine retention


Debra wrote at 2008-07-04 07:12:45
My boyfriend is an on again/off again chronic pot smoker & has had kidney stones twice in the last 2 years. The marijuana gives him horrible acid reflux so he eats Tums to counter the acid which I believe cause calcium crystals to form. He gets very violent episodes where he literally is on the floor of the bathroom all night long moaning & writhing in pain along with violent vomiting.

richard a. weinstein wrote at 2010-02-22 15:57:30
I am 60 and dealing with a very bad episode of protatitis of 3 months duration - Ouch! Recently I have noticed that my symptoms are almost gone in the day but get very bad a night- -almost impossible to urinate even with flomax. I have now made a correlation between my daily marijuana use at night and the extreme difficulty I have urinating at. I stopped the marijuana and the symptoms have greatly improved. I have been smoking pot for 45 years without any problems but I guess one can't do at age 60 what one can do at age 30, etc... Lay off the marijauna use completely if you are experiencing difficulty urinating - maybe it will help. Nothing definate but it can't hurt to try!

BlueSky wrote at 2014-12-16 04:12:04
First to note: Cannabis has an extremely HOT and DRYING effect in the human body, as described in Chinese medicine texts, that discuss the properties of this herb. Cannabis will thus cause dehydration and overheating (in the body) quickly when used, even infrequently. One way to combat these effects of dryness and heat accumulation is to eat foods that are cooling and moist, such as coconut water, extra virgin coconut oil, fresh fruit, especially melons, bananas, avocados, etc, and drink lots and lots of water (but only after the food has completely digested, which is two hours or more after a big meal and then drink only at least one half hour before you eat again: if you don't follow these guidelines you will mix water and food and cause digestive problems). The body will quickly become overheated and dried out with cannabis use as a normal side effect, especially over long periods of use time, if precautions against dryness and heat are not taken. Certain herbs can are cooling and moisturizing can also help, such as cilantro and turmeric, coriander, etc (avoid ginger and other hot-drying spices like cumin powder, chillies, etc). Drinking a good quality aloe-vera juice will help. Also, in Jamaica, one of the cultural homes to cannabis use, where its use is used across generations, it is said to always eat a good meal before using cannabis - never use on an empty stomach - it can cause temporary hypoglycemic due to the huge amount of energy the body expends to enjoy its powerful effects. Then, after the meal is digested, drink large amounts of a good quality water. Drink as much water as is comfortable - don't restrict the water intake or you might find yourself unable to pee while high. They key is to prevent dehydration in as many ways as you can. One should also get sufficient omega 3 and 6 oils in the food that is eaten - eat one to three teaspoons of a good quality flax oil daily. Get a good quality fish oil, such as what is sold by Nordic Naturals (I have no financial relationship with this company). Eat olive oil, avocado oils, almonds and other nuts (raw cashews and macadamias are very moisturizing) to keep the body moist with healthy fats. When the munchies hit, do not eat junk or high caloric food. Eat some fresh fruit or a giant green salad with tons of veggies and olive or some other healthy oil. But if you have a good meal before using cannabis, the munchies will come much later and the effects will be milder. Good luck!

swleslie wrote at 2014-12-18 18:41:08
I can't agree with some of the suggestions made earlier.  In general, it's hard to argue with drinking lots of water, but there are other recommendations about eating lots of vegetables and nuts.  Patients with high oxalate levels should be very cautious about eating to much green leafy vegetables like spinach and collard greens as well as nuts as these foods, while otherwise healthy, contain lots of oxalate which is one of the main ingredients in kidney stones.


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