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I have rheumatoid arthritis since March, I take Niproxen 500mg 2x day, paracetamol500mg 2tabletsx2/ day, and as my imuun system has been attacked too, levothyroxine75mg1xday. How do I do ? Should I start Amaroli and keep on with the medications?

Hi Sabine,

The rules/guidelines I have learnt say, that you cannot do amaroli if you are taking any prescription medication.

The medication gets passed into the urine, if you consume this, then you could well be taking far too much medicine.

You might find someone who says something different, but if I was taking medication, I would not be doing amaroli.

Warm regards,

P.S. Let me know if you need more help.  


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I cannot answer questions which request internal use of urine therapy while taking any prescription medication. Urine therapy for internal use is only recommended while remaining off all prescription medication. This is a hard and fast rule - and there are no exceptions.


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