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Hello, Thank you for your wonderful website. It is jam packed full of fantastic information!
I do have some questions regarding urine therapy and my current physical ailment.

For more than 9 months now I have had lymphoedema/fluid retention all over my body. It is most pronounced around my eyes (periorbital puffiness) but also my abdomen. My cervical and inguinal nodes have been up for the duration. An ultrasound showed over 160 glands are enlarged, but an ENT agreed they were not abnormally large (though they are visibly sticking out of my neck and restrict the fluid from moving down from my face and neck area). My arms completely fall asleep if I sleep on them for too long and are painful so I rarely get a good nights sleep.
I have endured many terrifying tests and innumerable blood tests. Yet the Drs are no closer to a diagnosis, thgough they all agree that there is chronic inflammation (der ;) and that it looks like some sort of auto-immune disease. They have tossed into the mix: lymphoma, Sjorgrens syndrome, lupus, you name it!
My rheumatoid factor is quite high at 19.
My ANA is very high at Titre 1:1280 though it has fluctuated & a more recent test showed Titre 1:640 (speckled pattern)
IgG 17.60g/L (above range)
Low compliments
Albumin slightly below range: 33g/l
Total protein low: 61g/L
Gamma globulin (serum electrophoresis): 19g/L

I am only 33 and certainly did not see this coming. I am fit and otherwise, I thought, quite healthy. Though I did have a severe liver infection (which was also never fully diagnosed) about 4 years ago where my liver function test was very worrying. It inexplicably improved after a few weeks.

I am willing to try amaroli as I believe it can help me. How should I go about it? I have tried 6-8 teaspoons (midstream) in half a glass of water for a few days. The taste is very bitter and the colour a very dark yellow.
Am I taking enough? Too much?

Other questions:
What about the day after intercourse?
Certain times of the month?
If alcohol has been consumed the night before?

I am very grateful for any advice you can give me.


Thanks for your question.

There is one very simple rule.  Never take amaroli if you are taking any medication - or any high doses of vitamins or herbal remedies.  Invariably the excess of these products get excreted in the urine, and you would have a very good chance of overdosing on them if you recycled them.

No reason not to, after intercourse, or during menstruation - that i know of.

After a night of alcohol is fine, it just doesn't taste very nice, nor after a day of heavy meat eating, but you will discover that for yourself.

I started with about an inch or two in a cup, and proceeded with that for a couple of weeks.  I slowly stepped it up, to include all of the first morning flow.

How you proceed though, is entirely up to you.  If the taste is very bitter, then the chances are, that you are not getting enough fluids  on a daily basis, and you need to drink more water.

The morning flow does taste much stronger, and if you have trouble with this, then i would recommend that you have a go at taking your next flow, some hours later.  It's up to you how much, but several inches in a cup should be fine.

When you have acclimated, and are comfortable with it, then use the first morning flow, and gradually increase until you can consume, all of it.

Hope this is helpful, let me know if you need more help.

Warm regards,



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