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Greetings James.

I have a history of chronic fatigue, which was caused by a combination of years of chronic stress, and triggered by one very high EMF exposure, and concomitant use of tranquilizers to sleep on and off for 3 months,  2 yrs ago. Looks like my HPA axis was knocked out of balance back then. I am slowly improving. I developed some small lymph nodes bilaterally around pectoral areas,  about 5 months ago, and preliminary tests look negative for cancer. I have been using amaroli for about 3 months. I drink the first catch of the day. I am slowly improving. I have developed pain at the left first distal metacarpal (base of the left thumb) as well as right shoulder (deep inner pain w movement), which is getting better. I do not take any pharma meds. I do take a few supplements. (digestive enzymes, selenium, fish oil) I am wondering if these joint pains are a healing reaction, or am I developing some form of arthritis? If so or not should I apply urine externally? Any other recommendations to hasten recovery from the fatigue?

Thank you very much for your advice.



Hi J,

I can't be sure, but I would guess the pain could be part of a healing crisis of some kind.

I had been doing amaroli, and  even two years on was still experiencing from time to time, various healing crises.

Amaroli seems to be exceptionally powerful at getting the body to repair itself over time.

I'm not  sure how helpful external application using a poultice or similar would help, but there is no harm in giving it a go if you are so inclined.

One thing you could try for a few days or a week or so, is increasing your intake.

By this I mean, consuming all the morning flow, all the lunchtime flow, and all the late afternoon flow.  You will find that this stimulates urine flow, and you will need to urinate much more frequently.

The other thing you could try on days you are not working, is to consume every flow throughout the day.  This becomes a fascinating experiment - you will end up urinating around every 5 to 15 minutes and the urine will become almost totally clear, colourless and odourless.  This process for a day or so, might kickstart or accelerate the healing of the shoulder and thumb.

Those are some ideas to get you started, let me know if you need further help.

Good luck.

Warm regards,



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