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I have wrote to you before concerning prostate cancer and blood clots. You told me last time you did not have any personal experience concerning urine therapy and serious diseases. You told me to follow Armstrong advice from the Water of Life book.

I have a some more questions:

1. I am getting injections once a month of a drug called Firmagon/Digarilex.  The drug stops production of testosterone which is believed to help prostate cancer grow. I wish to go on a 20 day urine/water fast. Can I do so while getting these injections?

2. While on the fast can I continue to use coffee enemas or should I just use urine enemas?

3. Can you recommend  someone who has experience treating  cancer with use of urine therapy?

Thanks for your time


Hi Miles,

You're asking questions which I have no experience to base answers on - however, it might be difficult to find someone with the experience you need to help you, so I will give you my opinion, rather than any advice.

1. The rationale behind not taking urine internally if consuming medication is the possibility of over-medicating should your current medicine become concentrated in the urine.  I think in your case your need is greater than any risk that might occur - so I would go ahead with your water/urine fast.

2. Your choice of enema is up to you, I am sure either will be fine.

3. Unfortunately not, although I do know of a practitioner in Holland who has some longstanding experience with helping aids patients.

And has written a book - THE GOLDEN FOUNTAIN by Coen van der Kroon.

And a larger page of resources I have found useful here;

Brief interview and overview from myself;


I hope this is helpful, let me know if there is anything else I can help you with.

Warm regards,



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I can answer questions about internal and external use of urine therapy for both beginners and those who have moderate experience.
I can answer questions about how to overcome our initial distaste, and fears about taking urine internally - and can offer suggestions and methods which will help with this.
I cannot answer questions which request internal use of urine therapy while taking any prescription medication. Urine therapy for internal use is only recommended while remaining off all prescription medication. This is a hard and fast rule - and there are no exceptions.


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