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Uruguay/How are dogs treated by the people of Uruguay?


Sabine wrote at 2012-09-12 17:12:09
But not being crual has nothing to do with surviving as a human? I lived in Greece and people tend to poison strays or even pets belonging to other people. I do not think that they do it in order to survive themselves but out of sheer lack of education and barbarism. I understand the questions about whether or not animals are well treated or not. i personally would never want to live again a in a place where even your pet runs the risk of being poisonned!

Jean wrote at 2012-12-24 16:29:06
Thank you for your information. It too have the same problem with not being able to watch any animal suffer. I currently live in Mexico and at one point we left, in part, due to dead dogs, horses, cows, donkeys etc. littering the roads, but did return years later to a situation that was much improved by spay neuter groups and animal rights laws being passed.

We are considering Uruguay which is how I found this post. Thank you for your information.


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