I am so happy to have found you.  Friends of mine are planning on moving to Uraguay next year (from the USA) and they have sparked my interest in the country.  I am a senior citizen and would be interested in finding out more about Uraguay.  They told me that the weather is temperate but I just read that it's quite humid (I do not do well with hot humid weather due to my asthma and allergies).  I love that the country is highly educated and has a low crime rate.  I live on social security so I don't know if I would have enough to live on but if I sold my home I would have a bit of extra to put in.

I would like to know how one finds housing.  Also about the medical system?  I understand that medical is free but you can also pay into a system for better care.

I am an active senior, an artist and dog rescuer.  What might I expect there?  How would I get started?  This would be a big leap of faith as I don't travel...I would make a decision and move...just one time.

I have enough questions for you now but would very much like to keep the doors open for future questions.  

How can I find out more about the day to day living and how I would proceed?  Are there people who have made the leap and regreted it and if so, for what reason?

Thank you.


That's a lot of questions, but I will attempt to answer as much as possible.

The weather is temperate, but it is humid - especially near the coast, less so in the interior of the country.  Most of the populous of Uruguay lives near the coast.  The country does have a high literacy rate and the crime rate is or has been quite low.  The average cost per person, to live comfortably is $2,500 per month per person.  The lifestyle is calm, but very different than what most Americans are used to. Of course the biggest difference being the language.  While many in Uruguay know English, you would need to have Spanish down in order to live there.

The medical system is free but no where near the quality of the American medical system, so there are private systems that people pay into - the biggest one being the English hospital system.  You can find information about that here:  http://www.hospitalbritanico.com.uy/english/index.php

For housing, there are many options that you can explore and cost depends on where in Uruguay you would want to live.  Here is a website to help you get some better ideas of day to day living:  http://internationalliving.com/countries/uruguay/

I'm sure you will have further questions, feel free to post them.




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