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Dear Pete,
Could you answer a visa question for me?  I am a 61 y/o US citizen currently in Thailand on a Retirement Visa.  I'm having a hard time learning to speak Thai and I know some Spanish so I would like to relocate to Montevideo.  I no longer have a legal residence in the USA and I have good pension income.

Can I come to Uruguay on a 90 day Tourist Visa and apply for something long term while I'm in country or do I need to have a long term visa approved before entering the country?  If I can do this after arriving in Uruguay do I get a Residence Card and/or a Retirement Visa?  Any guidance would be welcome.

Regards, John

The following website from the Uruguayan Embassy in New York should answer all of your questions:  http://www.consuladouruguaynewyork.com/english/residency/  

The short answer is yes, you can go there on a tourist visa and change your residency status while in the country.  The website gives you a good summary of the requirements for residency.  If you need, I have an attorney contact there in Uruguay that helps people and businesses with this process.  He is from England and has established a law practice in Uruguay.  Should you need his assistance you can send me your email address in a private request through AllExperts and I can give an email introduction to him for you.

Let me know if the website does not answer all your questions.

Good luck,

Pete Larsen


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