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Hello Pete:

Read your Q&A regarding a non-citizen importing a used car into Uruguay for personal use.  My question is, as a Uruguayan citizen living in the US, where can I find a complete list of regulations and fees to import cars for the purpose of reselling them in Uruguay?

I want to determine the total cost to import a car as a percentage of the car's value, to determine if it can be resold at a profit.  For example:  if a car has a US invoice of $25,000 it will cost an additional xx percent in duties, fees, licenses, et al to import it.

I find pieces of information but nothing that allows me to determine if it's a worthwhile avenue to pursue.

-  Sales tax is 22-23%, is that paid at time of import or after it's sold?

-  2011 WTO data says average tariff on vehicles is 13.6%, what type of cars are levied an average tariff versus a below average or above average tariff?  What is the tariff range?  Almost 3 years later, is that average still accurate?

-  Vehicles are subject to a "variable excise tax", what range is the variability?  Is the excise tax the same as thing as the tariff or are they 2 separate fees?

-  Is "clear title" required or can the car be US financed while it's being sold?

I'm sure the answers to these questions are probably not at the tip of your tongue, but would appreciate any light you can shed by way of websites or professionals in the country I can contact.  If we ever find ourselves in Uruguay at the same time I'll buy you un churrasco from La Pasiva for your efforts.

Thank you,



You are right, the answer to these questions are not on the tip of my tongue.  I think the best that I could help you with is a contact in Uruguay who has helped other move businesses to Uruguay and may be able to help.  My gut tells me that it will not be easy and most likely price your car out of the market - but it is worth a look.

My contact there is:

Mark Teuten
Teuten Abogados
Juncal 1408, Oficina 702
CP 11000 Montevideo - Uruguay
Tel: + (598 2) 9088638
Fax: + (598 2) 9088640

Hopefully that helps some, best of luck in your endeavors.  Si nos estamos en Uruguay al mismo tiempo, me gustaria disfrutar de un buen churrasco de La Pasiva.



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