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Hi :)
We're considering a move to Uruguay. I know that we can't import a used vehicle, but I'm wondering about a trailer. We have all our camping equipment in it which could be useful to us while we get settled. It would save a lot of hassle if we could just bring the whole trailer and contents. Do you think that's feasible?

I'll post other questions separately if I don't find answers in the database :)

You have probably already read this posted answer to the question of the car:


Uruguay is an interesting place when it comes to importation.  They are very protective of their nationalism and protecting what comes into the country, even from neighboring Argentina and Brazil.  I did some research and I haven't found a specific answer to your question.  I did find this website that my be a lead to follow for you:  http://nuevolaredo.anunico.com.mx/anuncio-de/servicios/importacion_de_remolques_.  It is in Spanish so hopefully you can read it.  Another one here:  http://lotus.aduanet.org/Bases/LeyAdu.nsf/ed56de9361361eb3862563ff005e2509/6a5b0

Both of these appear to be geared more towards commercial transportation trailers and not a small trailer that I thing you are talking about.  But it's something to go by. Also, it may matter how you enter the country with the trailer as well.

Additionally, I do have an attorney friend from the UK and licensed in Uruguay with a practice in Uruguay.  He has some experience with helping ex-pats get established in Uruguay.  If you would like to have his contact information, send me a private message with your contact information and I will do an e-mail introduction with him.

Hope that gets you started, feel free to send follow-up questions.




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