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I am a US citizen who was born in the UK. I'm a few years off of retirement but am reviewing options. Is there any advantage to entering Uruguay on my UK passport rather than the US one?
Also, I expect the IRS is going to want their share of my Social Security benefits and 401(k)withdrawals (maybe I should toss in the US passport?)  ...would Uruguay tax that income as well?


You will love Uruguay and its people.  Great place, great culture!

Residency requirements are the same regardless, so probably no advantage of one over the other.  Basically, to get residency in Uruguay, you need to have an income (i.e. retirement income).  Here is a website with more information regarding residency.,embajada-eeuu,ampliacion-servicios-al-ci  

I won't venture any comment on the IRS - no telling who/when/where they will go after money.  I will say this however, that the low cost of living in Uruguay will keep the amount of 401(k) withdrawals very low, thus lowering your taxable income and thus the taxes you'll have to pay to the US.

The following article should get you started on learning more about how Uruguay taxes:  It is considered one of the best places to be for expats and the low taxation is one of those reasons.

Let me know if you have any more specific questions once you review these websites.




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