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What are the guns laws like in Uruguay? Would it be possible for an american to start a martial arts /shooting school there??

I have copied the following directly from my book, "The Southron's Guide to Living in Uruguay":

Self defense and weapons you can own
         There are self defense devices and weapons you can legally own, and some you can even legally carry here in Uruguay.  Pepper spray and stun guns can be purchased by anyone and carried legally on your person and in your car.
        Shotguns, rifles up to 6.5mm, all revolvers, and  semiautomatic pistols up to 9mm, can be owned and kept in your home.  They can also be transported in the trunk (boot) of your car, so long as you have the ownership papers.  They can be used for hunting in legal hunting areas.
         To purchase a legal gun you must have a cedula.  But the process takes some time.  You will need “Certificado de Buena Conducta” (police letter) which you will take with you to the gun shop.  The gun shop will arrange a short training course for you and an examination to make sure you are not crazy as a loon.
         At some point thereafter you will get your gun.


         Uruguay is world famous for its wing hunting; dove, duck, pigeon, and perdiz (similar to quail).  Available year-round, dove hunting is considered high volume and encouraged because of the damage done by doves to local crops.  Dove hunting takes place in most of the interior and western Uruguay.  Duck hunting, a relatively new sport, is primarily done in the marshy areas in the department of Rocha.  This area is unspoiled and not hunted often.  The pastureland of western Uruguay is considered the best perdiz hunting in the world although Rocha also has decent perdiz hunting.  The limit for perdiz is 10/day. Western Uruguay also has some great pigeon hunting which is considered high volume as well.
         There are also several ‘safari’ or big game hunting options in Uruguay.  Big  game in Uruguay includes Red Deer, Fallow Deer, Axis Deer, Mouflon, Giant Wild Boar and Feral Goat.  The hunting season generally lasts all year with the exception of breeding seasons.  Most big game hunting is done on private ranches with guides.  We have been told that hunting the dangerous giant wild boar is made as easy as possible on many farms because of overpopulation.  
         It is legal to bring hunting firearms into the country, but there are forms and applications which must be completed prior to arrival.  A letter must be sent to three different places; Aduana (customs), Policía Aérea (air police) and S.M.A (Service of Weaponry and Supplies).  The letter must state: Itinerary (date of arrival, days of hunting and where, and departure information);   Names (names and passport numbers of the gun holders arriving); Guns (model and serial numbers for the guns being brought into the country); Responsible Party (designate a person responsible for the trip and the people). The letter should be sent at least two weeks before the arrival of the group. There is a Firearm License fee of US$200.  For rules and regulations regarding departure and return information to your home airport please check with your airline and local authorities.
         There is also a target shooting facility at Parque Batlle, for those who prefer to shoot at paper images of Osama and his friends."

There are several martial arts schools here--several owned by the Moonies.

I hope this helps.  


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