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I am new to this place and have come here for my graduate studies. I have no idea what I should expect while buying a used car and since the money involved is not small, I thought I'd consult you. :)

As a student my pay and work hours are limited and even with great effort I will be saving just 700 dollars or so by half of next month. By next year, I could possibly save around 1500 (leaving me to give money for other expenses too).

So, my question is what can I expect with 1500 dollars? Let me know if its a small amount, in that case, I could think of other options. This place (Beaumont) is quiet remote and there isn't much to do in the weekends, I really get bored. So I thought buying a car would be a good way to get out in the weekends and have some fun.


Hi Vivek,

You are right the money involved buying a car is not small and what you can expect with a $ 1500. investment is 99% not in your favour unless you really get lucky or know what your buying ,,, allow me to go one step further, where does the cost of Insurance fit into your budget ?... I wish I could wave a magic wand and make your weekends perfect,,,sorry.

Give this some thoughts ,,, look for specials renting a car some weekends by yourself or with friends to share the cost, here one may also run into problems with age being a student ?,,, if so let me know.

Now, get your nose deep into study and before you know it - you will have left remote Beaumont to join civilization once again.

Have a Blessed day
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Ray Paulsen

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