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Hello!!! I have a used neon 2002 and it requires $2000 worth of repairs. If it rains outside the water will leak inside the steering collum is messed up, the person that fixed my brakes and realigned my wheels didn't do a good job and my car is much too low to the ground a metal piece hangs under it. Plus the windshield is cracking. I need another used car now, but I have no idea if I can get a good dependable used car for 2,500. My question is what used cars are the most dependable (can get me to point A to point B and maybe even point C) and is it possible to get a decent car with only 2,500 dollars?

Hi Amber,

First thought that came to mind reading your post was the metal piece that hangs under the car, it most likely is just the heat shield, at this stage just remove if it makes a rattle sound, your car will still perform the same.

Amber, I really want to help you buying a car in your price range, and when you find a car having done a test drive that you think fits the ticket send me a link so I can check it out for value that will outlast your investment.

In the meantime do a little homework when you find the time, go to this webpage on my website to understand what buying a car under $10,000 is all about also before going for a test drive study this page and make notes to take along for the ride

Whatever you do, do not commit to a deposit or deal before getting back to me with details,,, the ball is in your park,,, good luck  

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