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I saw an ad on TV for this company & visited their website.
Do you know anything about them & if it's a good company ?
I see that they are based overseas & have 83 BBB complaints !
Thanks !!

ANSWER: Hi John,
If I was offered the best warranty that Endurance has to offer for $10 a month I would pass. Allow me to explain best I can this way.

Endurance is just another useless 3th party warranty with empty promises. Google these key words - Endurance extended auto warranty,,, and add words like scams - or - rip off - dishonest. Please also go to this link on my website about warranties you then decide if a warranty is in your best interest.

I have been offered to be an affiliate to promote Endurance warranties on my website and with every lead submitted I would profit. when you read the link content I provided you will get an understanding why it's not acceptable.

I wish you would have provided type of car, year and miles for me to guide you further.

Have a Blessed day
From the computer of
Ray Paulsen ^_^

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QUESTION: Super Thanks Ray,
You have been so helpful, my autos are;
2005 Infinity FX 4dr 2-wheel drive 9446 miles,
2002 Chevy Blazer 2dr 2 wheel drive 79,336 miles.
Someone said that a credit union is a good source ?

Hi John,

A 2005 car with only 9446 miles sounds to good to be true, but they are out there, I will be interested to know some history on this Infinity,,, like did you buy this brand new and only drive it Sundays or did you get lucky buying it used ?

When you checked the link to my website you will have noted I only recommend warranties provided by the Mfg, and sorry to say your vehicle's don't qualify because of model years,,, and that leaves you with after market warranties which I am dead against,,, If you feel more secure having a warranty why not just start putting some bucks aside every month, it's 100% better investment than any 3th party warranty.

Someone said that a credit union is a good source ?>>>> I am confused with this Q,,, are you saying you can purchase a warranty from a credit union ?

PS,,, I note my good friend Roger also answered your question, Roger and I differ with answers, me being very short because my website saves me from long detailed answers,,, I really respect Roger as being one of the best in the business, but that don't mean we have to agree on subjects,,, so when Roger say's check out a credit union for purchase of a warranty then they sell them,,,,,,,,,,,,, but it's still 3th party, and you know my thoughts on that.  

To show you how much I dislike after market warranties " re- think about this " I could today choose and install from many providers their website and let the dollars roll in.  

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