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I bought a used car from a private seller for $4500. They seller is in Georgia and I live in Tennessee. They car seemed fine when I bought it, but the check engine light came on a few hours after I bought it. I took the car for an emissions test in order to register it. The emissions people said someone tampered with the car computer module and it can't get a reading.

The seller said they were not aware of the issue because theory county does not require emissions tests. I want to return the car and get my money back. The seller is refusing to take back the car. The bill of sale doesn't say the sale is 'as-is'.

Do I have any recourse?

Hi Melanie,

Sadly you been screwed with no recourse and the seller knows it selling a car to someone that got no idea how the process works but put total trust in the scumbag seller. When you buy privately you are buying " as is " there is no comeback, whatever the problems there may be with vehicle becomes your problems the minute you have handed over your money.

You made some real mistakes buying without knowing the proper steps.  Where we go from here becomes the issue and I will help you best I can. Options look like repair and bite the bullet at what further cost ? sell or trade.

Most important right now is for you to understand the mistakes you made so this will not happen again,,, had you been able to read some of the content at this link on my website you would have known about computer module and taken precautions " bitten once but never twice "... You may also benefit from link # 15 listed under navigation on the website that will explaing about buying as is.

PS,,, with further questions feel free to post here or email me at if you want contents to be private.

Have a Blessed day
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Ray Paulsen ^_^

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