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Since our kids are grown it is time to trade in the 02 Escape for a smaller more fuel efficient vehicle. No real preference except it must be automatic and four door. My wife likes compacts, I like full size.
What is out there,  from 2009 and up, that is roomy but good on fuel.
Also, I dont expect to get much for the Escape, but what is your ball park trade in value?

Hi Bud.

This is funny, when our kids finally moved out we down scaled to an Escape and we still got one.

I really like some of the ford models, Focus and Fusion are both excellent choices, but hey that's me, ask 10 people and you will end up with all kind of choices,  the dealer or your friends cannot tell you that a car handles the way you like, you have to find that answer on your own.

When you go shopping for a used car please read this link on my website to pick up a few pointers, and when you find one send me a link and I will check for red flags.

I can't comment on your trade's worth without knowing model - km  - 4x2 or 4x4 ?,,, I suggest you link to punch in the year 02 Escape along with your postal code and allow any distance you will find others for sale same as yours to give you some idea about value.

Bud, to get a better understanding how a trade works study this link

PS ,,, I will help you along if you follow these directions,,, Send me a link " only " to a car that you have test driven and consider,,, don't let the salesperson hook you before getting in touch with me,,, you will be asked if there is a trade, the answer is no, going to a family member,,, you will enter the trade later because your family member don't want it. If you want to reply check the make private box or e-mail

Have a Blessed day
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Ray Paulsen ^_^

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