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I recently bought a Volvo for my daughter w/113k miles on it. Before I purchased the car I asked the salesman if the timing belt had been changed. He told me the car had a timing chain and did not need replaced. This is a very big dealership by the way, but not Volvo. It was late in the evening and I accepted his answer. The next day as I was reading through the handbook to learn about the car I read that it did indeed have a timing belt and should be changed every 75-95kmiles. I was told by the dealer whenI bought the car that it goes through a 100 pt inspection and they could not sell the car if it had a problem. So I called the dealer and they said that 2 belts had been replaced and called it different names other than "timing belt". I asked if this was Volvos name for timing belt and they said yes and said I was good for another 90K miles. So when I hung up I decided to call the Volvo dealer to make sure, come to find out it was NOT the timing belt and the belts they replaced are changed when the timing belt is changed. The Volvo service man told me that the engine could go if it had not been replaced any minute. I know this is long but is there any ramifications on the dealer part for this? I specifically asked and they gave me an answer that was not true.Just trying to figure out if I can take this car back only have had it 2 days. I did sign an as is form but the "as is" from what they told me was a lie. Thanks so much.

Hello Jennifer.  I wish i had better news for you but unfortunately if you signed an "as is" form than the car is As Is.  It sounds like the salesmen did in fact lie to you but thats not illegal. I wouldn't worry to much about the engine "going any minute", they recommend it be replaced at 75-95K but A-OK that is a very liberal time frame.  You should be fine to have it inspected and then possibly have it replaced at that time. Sounds to me like the salesman doesn't know if its been replaced so have it checked before you ask someone to do it. The previous owner very well could of had it done if it has 113k.  The only time an agreement or statement will hold up in court is when its written. They can "tell" you anything without being held accountable for it.  I would have the belt inspected by a mechanic and if you looks good leave it alone. Of course if it looks original you may want to replace it.  Lastly call the dealership where you bought it and ask for the general manager, tell them what happened and see if they will help you out if the belt needs replaced.  Most dealers want their customers to be happy and feel satisfied, its the "salespeople" who are most rotten.  Good luck and take care, Shane  

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