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I'm looking at a 1990 Nissan 4x4 basic pickup for my 15yo daughter. I can't afford to buy her a car, but I can use a pickup for the occasional garden job,etc. (And I'd like for her to learn on a stickshift) The asking price is 1700, and needs about $200 in air leak gasket fixing and a new battery. Recently fixed up by a mechanic who thought he was readying it for his own teenager, but the kid decided on a jeep!

$1700 is way more than anything I've read online, but I know these little trucks are famous for running forever.

Do you think it's worth driving out an hour and a half to look at it? The owner seems a decent straightforward guy.

Here's the listing:



Hi Jo,

I really like your thoughts and wish that is just the way it would turn out, I am here to put red flags in your mind before you invest, I may not be right but $1700. is still a lot of money.

Having answered thousand of questions on the Internet I don't buy the story the kid wanted a Jeep, also if it was recently fixed by a mechanic why does it still need about $200. to fix it ?,,,

Personally if I was interested,,, I would call and ask the following questions.

Has this car ever been in an accident ?,,, how long have you been the owner,,, is it certified,,, if I make the drive, can I take it to an independent mechanical inspection before we close the deal.

Jo,,, I could carry on with many more questions,,, If you still want to check out the truck or have further the questions,,, leave a phone # at and best times to call and I will make sure you will not waste your money.

Have a Blessed day
From the computer of
Ray Paulsen ^_^

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