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Hi, it is me again. Thank you for your help the last time.

I found several Passats. Some are around $13,000 and others a little over $15,000. There are three dealerships within a few miles (1-3 miles\same street) of each other that have the same car (make, year, and model - just different colors and mileage). All have clean CarFax reports.

The lowest being $12,995 (~34,000 miles), then $13,574 (~42,000 miles), and $15,734 (~26,000 miles). I would prefer the one that has 26,000 miles, but I do not want to go over my loan amount. Can I negotiate the dealer down, and if so, how do I do that? What should my negotiating price be for the car with 26,000 miles? I want to talk them down to $13,500 (before tax, title, reg., and other fees). Is that two little or too much?

I like the one with less miles because according to the KBB, a good used car should not exceed 15,000 miles a year (about 30,000 for a used 2012 car). Plus, I like the color of the car (not that important). Is 35,000 to 45,000 miles bad on a used car?

You are asking me how to negotiate the dealer down,,, did you read any of the info on the 2 links I send you ?,,, if you did and not understanding what I am talking about, that I accept as it can be confusing.

I am here to help you, not to get the best deal in the world but a fair deal without having been taken advantage off, buying a used car is a series of steps and I want you to follow them,,, the vehicle's you have mentioned,,, have you test driven any of them ?,,, your concentration has been price miles and cosmetics and it should be,,, test drive - mechanic and negotiate.

Here is a major reason why I will go one step further helping you, most questions I get is after the fact where somebody has made a bad deal that I will try to solve, you on the other hand is very green and looking for answers  before entering the claws of a dealership that will skin you alive.

This posting is maxed out, if you want to reply do so at

I asked you for links to vehicle's you been looking at ?

If you prefer a phone call leave a number and best times to call, and I will walk you through the process  

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