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QUESTION: I bought a used certified car on 01/25/14. I just received my bill of sale by mail. Finance manager added an extended warranty which I never requested or informed. My fault was to sign blank papers before leaving that day from the dealership. What can I do at this point. I am in tears!!!

Thanks for reading my email

ANSWER: Hi Karla,

Something does not add up here unless you signed a blank cheque along with bill of sale ,  you got the car ?, and now the bill of sale in the mail. In other words is the warranty still to be paid ?

I get very much mail and yours sticks out like a sore thumb, please explain you whole transaction and lets see if we can dry those tears.

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Ray Paulsen ^_^

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I took the car home on 1/24 , tgat night the finance manager told me the paper worke will be ready on monday cuz it was too late , so I signed a bunch of blank papers. He told me how much my payments will be which i agreed. However, there was never mentioned an extended warranty!!! I called the dealership last week cuz i thats when they mailed me the bill of sale and 3 more papers(a pink, yellow, and bill of sale ). Im planning to go back to the dealership but idk if they are going to help most likely they already got paid from financing company!!
Thank you!!

You signed blank papers,finance papers incl ?, did you leave a deposit, has the finance been approved I got quite a few questions if you want my help I am not going to sit here typing away going forth and back with more questions and answers.

email me at with a phone # and best times to call, the ball is in your park if you want to continue.  

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