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Hi. I am looking at buying a 2006 Audi A4 that shows a turbo charger repair/replacement as well as a camshaft repair/replacement. I was wondering if I provided the VIN# if there was a way to get more detail as to what these were? I attempted to call the location the service was done, but they would not give me any information.


VIN # WAUDF78E56A110633


Let me see what I can find out from my friend over at Audi will update this answer when I get a response

The Car Guy

PS Jared, I just pulled the book sheet on this car and checked the Manheim Market Report as well as the vehicles CarFax. Based upon that information here are a few of my initial thoughts:

1. This car has a very good looks like the services and maintenances were done at the dealer and carfax reports that the owner did all of the recommended services. When a car starts its life by doing all of the right things etc. then it bodes well for having a long and happy life ...

2. The 1st owner didn't put any miles on it and traded it off after 4 yrs with only 20k on it my guess is that he was on a lease even though it doesn't say it.

3. The cam shaft replacement was likely a recall because that year other vehicles had the same issues ...i.e. Toyota Camrys and BMW's etc.

4. The car was certified in late late late 2010 which is very meaningful under Audi's certified program criteria ... so basically 4 years ago this car was almost like new.

5. The Turbo is the only question mark and alot of turbocharged car owners don't understand that the turbo needs to be given a chance to wind down while the car is running instead of just being shut down the second you park ... not doing this causes the oil to turn ino a waxy like substance and eventually fries the turbo ...

6. Every thing being equal (like the right price for instance) I would not hesitate to buy this car.

7. What is the right price... well according to the book value and the Manheim market Report (MMR) this car has the following values: NOTE I didn't know the actual miles so I used the 106,000 mile zero point for this car meaning there was neither an addition or a subtraction for the miles ...these numbers are miles neutral ...less than 106k then add a few hundred +)

Karpower wholesale Book: $7,942.00
karpower Retail Book: $9,937.00
Auction value : $7,509.00 (plus buy fees)
Manheim actual sales data for this car with these miles : $7,775.00

More later

The Car Guy

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