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Mr Paulsen,

I live in WV and have a friend who lives just across the OH river in Ohio.  She has a truck she wants to give to me, and we're not sure how to go about it.  Isn't there a space on the back of a title to fill out who you are transferring the title to, and is it the law that money has to change hands in that type of transaction?  I know that to get it registered and licensed in WV I have to pay taxes on the value of the truck.  But I need some advice on how to do the title.  

Thank you.

Hi Gary,

I wish I could answer your question without study, you see the problem is every state has different rules when it comes to DMV, here is a link on my website where you can get the info by phone or study of both states for rules and regulations.

My mother in law some years back passed on a car to me, it was a simple transfer at the OMV performed by a public notary at a cost of $20.  

Have a Blessed day
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