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We are looking at purchasing another minivan. We currently have a 2008 dodge grand caravan sxt with 89000 miles. We know it is time to look for another vehicle. One of the vans I have found at a local dealer is a 2010 chrysler town and country limited w/ almost all the available features and 60000 miles.

I am concerned with purchasing a van with those many miles and age. What are your thoughts?  Just trying to decide if it is prudent to go after that van.



ANSWER: Hi Charles,

An excellent question, there are a few questions that needs answers before I can give you an honest answer.

Have you test driven vehicle.
Have you negotiated with your trade
Can you provide a link or dealer name so I can check this vehicle for red flags.
Provide any other details or questions ,,, If you feel your answers or questions being personal then check the make private box when answering.

Not knowing the true condition of your vehicle makes it complicated for one simple reason,,, moving up 2 model years and lower the miles 30K comes down to a few factors,,, getting valid value for your switch.

There are thousands of 2008 vans in better condition on the road at this very moment with 30,000 or much more miles than many 2010 models,  so let's make sure you make the right move.

Have a Blessed day
From the computer of
Ray Paulsen ^_^

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------


We haven't driven or negotiated the price of the vehicle. From looking at Kelly Blue Book, the vehicle appears to be a couple of thousand below the book value. It also appears that it has been on the lot for a couple of months now.

Here is the link to the car:

Our van has been valued as "Fair" by two dealers due to fading of the paint on the roof and some other cosmetic issues in the vehicle. We still owe 11700 on the vehicle. It has all features except power third row, navigation and Bluetooth (Uconnect). Our vehicle is a 2008 Dodge Grand Caravan SXT w/ 89000 miles.



Let's get stage one out of the way to see if the vehicle is what you really want, after a test drive and getting your vehicle appraised, if the numbers are in the ballpark... to many times in the past giving advice how to get a better deal only to find after test drive the interest was gone.

If the vehicle after test drive is of interest, get yours appraised, under no circumstances do you commit with a deposit or paperwork till we have discussed deal further. also at this time ask for other fees that will show up on bill of sale, such as transfer fees - license and dealer handling fees.

Are you going with dealer financing rolling the negative into the deal or going through your present lender.

Let the dealer work a monthly payment for you, make detailed notes.

Here is a link on my website I want you to study  to get an idea how the process works.

Contact me anytime for further questions or after your test drive... if this transaction goes south am sure we will find another avenue.

The dealer intergity and the history report checks out with no red flags.

This link is getting long, reply to my email address if you want.

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