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Hello -

I haven't read all of your web site, so I hope I'm not asking a useless question.  I spend time on KBB, looking at the nice cars for sale in Florida, the Carolinas, etc.  I'm thinking of a used Lexus 350 or Cadillac CTS.  Just wondering: does anyone actually do this -  go down there to buy a clean car, untouched by winter?  Or, is it all a fantasy?  Pls advise.

Thank you - Mark

Hi Mark,

Your question is by far not useless, it's a great question.
Have you been watching the news lately, all those beautiful cars floating around the streets in the Carolina's,,, yes, most will be very clean and untouched by winter,,, but think about the vast series of wires that run throughout the entire car that have been submerged in water for how long ?

But hey smart buyers will look for clean history reports and not end up with one of these lemons from the South,,,,,,,yer right, except for this little problem,,, A clean vehicle titled history report is not conclusive evidence that a vehicle has never sustained significant damage, a car dealers can "wash" salvage-titled vehicles through states that have lax titling and re-inspection requirements

The dealer will repair the salvage-titled car and then export it to a state that allows the dealer to acquire a new, clean title. That vehicle can then be sold as a "clean-titled" vehicle, although it had, at one time, a salvage title.

SUMMARY,,, For many years I escaped the cold winters going south to FL for the winter doing business for 6 months and can only comment unless you really know how to buy a used car in the south ,,, stay away.

Mark, to many people still shop price to start, some think they have found a needle in a haystack with low miles and price, don't you fall into a trap..... If you find a car that gets your emotions that shows history from the south, invest not only in a mechanical inspection but also a body shop inspection

Have a Blessed day
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Ray Paulsen ^_^

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