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I'm wanting to know your thoughts and what actions I can take on a pretty big dealership that I purchased a used car from two weeks ago. I purchased a 2006 Hyundai Tuscan with 90 day engine/ transmission warranty for my kids . Car had great carfax, one owner, and checked out with my mechanic. New inspection.I had the car two days and was on my way to work ,stopped at stop sign and car out of nowhere turned off. I almost got rearended. Car started back up immediately. I drove to work and again home. I called dealership who said to bring car in they would look at it. Next day car fine. Following day same thing turned off. Took back to dealer . After two days they were able to replicate problem. Nothing shows up in computer codes. They replaced a known sensor that causes this problem. I went to pick car up . I got two blocks away car turned off , turned around it turned off and again at dealership....worse than when I dropped it off.

I do not want this car! It is for my kids and there is a major issue going on that is a safety issue . They said I need to give them another chance to fix it . I just want to exchange it for another car. Its been two days since they have had it again and I have not heard from them. I live in PA.
Any thoughts on what to say or do considering I bought this used??

Hi Mike,

I fully understand your frustration and want to be on your side, but my short answer is you are at the mercy of the dealership. You done excellent steps buying this vehicle having checked history along with an independent inspection and buying from a large reputable dealership.

I say reputable because to many dealerships would leave you stranded at this point, if the dealership used car dept has supplied you with transportation during this mess then you dealing with a 100% up front dealership ?

It's fully understandable a full refund or another car on your part, but that is not how it plays out in most cases, I could at this point give you avenues to pursue but I first want to hear what further has transpired.

Option,,, You could leave a phone # at with best times to contact for further input if needed.

Have a Blessed day
From the computer of
Ray Paulsen ^_^  

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