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I bought a used car a few days ago from a dealer/shop owner. I had to wait over a week for him to get it inspected. He told me all the places he called had broken machines and couldn't inspect older vehicles. Finally he called me and told me he got it inspected and no work needed done. After the purchase, I found a paper in the glovebox stating the car had FAILED emissions. It was dated for the day after I put a holding deposit on the car. It is also from a different place than whoever put the stickers on the windshield. I'm guessing he got someone to put the stickers on without testing. Am I able to return the car?,I bought it "as is." It is a 1990 Mazda Miata and I live in Pennsylvania.

Hi Thomas,

When I started reading your Q several answers entered my mind how you could check if in fact vehicle had passed emissions, but then the last line you wrote that nasty word '' AS IS ''

AS IS,,,,,, Means any problem the vehicle has becomes your problem the moment you have handed over your money. You can check with your local DMV if vehicle needs the test,,, but the point here is even if you prove vehicle has failed,,, the seller will most likely say sold AS IS.

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