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Used Cars/Selling vehicles for side income


uncle duke wrote at 2015-11-11 16:20:07
Save all of your receipts for the new equipment, tool and parts to fix the cars with.  The tools and such will count as deductions and the tax you paid the first time around form the tools and parts you will get credit for.  Some of the high dollar equipment you buy can be deducted over a period of 2-3 years.  

Used Cars

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Understanding how your credit report is used when purchasing a vehicle. Understanding the "Simple Interest Contract". When to put money down and why. I can give you some basic questions to ask the dealer befor signing your papers. I can answer about any question you have about buying a used car from a dealer. I am in Michigan and laws do vary from state to state. I will always try to help with any question regarding used cars.


I have been a Sales Manager as well as doing Finance for dealers for 19 years, Sub Prime or Special Finance as it is referred to in the buisness. I also have sold cars at Chevy and Ford dealerships for the last 16 years

General Store Manager since 2009 and 19 total years of on the job experience.

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