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I ran across a dealer with the following car for sale.....2003 one owner Toyota Camry with 29996 miles. What pros and cons do you see regarding this vehicle? That would be an average yearly mileage of less than 5,000 miles. This car had a "CarFax". Thanks for assisting others with your knowledge.

Hi Jaye,

Sorry for not being able to answer your question sooner.
Your question is a good one that ties in with with me helping a friend buying a car on a budget while I was in Florida for a holiday during the winter 2010.

Browsing through a dealers inventory suddenly there in front of me was a 2001 white Chevy 4 dr with no options not even power windows with a sticker price $5995.
With average miles and in excellent mechanical condition this unit should be worth no more than around $1500,,, and in a trade to a dealer a few hundred tops.

I was told it was an estate vehicle that had been stored in a garage and it had only 12.500 miles on the ticker.
The interior - engine - trunk area showed like new and the test drive confirmed to me that the odometer was most likely correct,,, I always check the glove box and was happy to find the manual but better still that I found service records from 2002 where service had been performed in the area.

With low miles and a a vehicle purchased new in area, this was truly a diamond find except for the asking price. I tried to low ball the dealer, even tried the old trick getting in my car to leave, but nobody chased me so I returned to the desk, my final offer $4000. their final was $5000.,,, no thank, I left and made sure they had my phone # expecting a call that never happened.

My friend buying the car was going nuts and wanted this diamond driving me crazy that the car will be sold,,, I asked my friend why do you think the dealer has had this car on sale for almost a month now with no takers ? The simple reason is you cannot finance this type vehicle going on 10 years old in this price range, and that means a cash buyer and they don't grow on trees.


Next day no call from the salesman, that tells me $4000. offer was to low,,, in the meantime my friend with the $5000. in hand tells me if this car gets sold he will never speak with me I replied it could happen but not likely,,,,,,,,,, I phoned the salesman whom spoke with the Mgr and the answer was sorry, we will sit on this car till we find a buyer for $5000.

My friend now said, lets go make the deal you cannot buy for less,,,,,,,,,,,, Having been in the game a long long time I think I know every trick in the book, the question now was how firm or smart was the Used car Manager ?
I phoned the Used car Manager with a plan in mind,,, Look,I know this vehicle is worth $5000. to a special buyer with cash whom don't care about model year or bells and whistles but we both also know they are far and few. Here is our problem, my friend has got about $4000., I can afford to lend him $500. So please lets go for the split and put this deal to bed. OK $4500. plus taxes and license.,,,,,,,,,,, we will be there within the hour. THANKS.

The used car Mgr knew about my website and told me I was a good negotiator to beat him down that extra $500. When we left the dealership I asked him how long he has been in the game, 6 years was the answer,,, I politely told him, you had us at $5000. but you still a rookie in this game.

I normally don't answer questions with long drawn out answers, but your question made me think of this past buying experience about and older car with low clicks, hope I didn't bore you.

PS,,, Spoke with my friend about a month,still loves the Chevy and no mechanical problem to date, he only wish the Chevy would have had power windows,,,lol

Have a Blessed day
From the computer of
Ray Paulsen ^_^  

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