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QUESTION: Thanks for sharing that story! Question.....a 2012 Toyota Camry For $14k versus a 2006  Camry for $6500. What are your  thoughts? Assuming 1 owner cars in equal condition. Of course the 2012 would have less miles.....other with average mileage.........what do you see as pros and cons? What would be the reasons to go one way  or the other? Thanks for your generosity!

ANSWER:  Hi Again Jaye,

I will say you come up with some interesting questions.that can branch out with many answers.

Why did or does the real rich like Walton & Buffett drive older cars,,, Well Buffett finally opened the purse strings last year and bought a brand new Cady,,,lol,,, why does someone whom lives in a shack drive a brand new luxury car ?

I sold many cars where I thought the buyer should have been shopping for a car half the price having a blemished credit rating being an idiot paying double the interest rate.

On the other hand I been beaten up many times doing a marathon 3-4 hr sale over a few hundred dollars, knowing that person could buy 8 cars and feel no pain.

Your picks really comes down to lifestyle, we all have different priorities, and I don'''t mind sharing mine as an example.

I drive an 2006 Escape Sport and I don't get impressed sitting at a stoplight beside someone in a brand new luxury car knowing that the majority of these driven vehicle's are still the property of Finance Company's or leased,,,lol
I love my vehicle still under 100K and it drives like new - on the other hand I am not super rich, but I could purchase a brand new one without feeling pain,reliable transportation to me is important along with handling and I still got that.

For me personally having to choose one of your 2 picks,,, I would pick the 2012 for the simple reason it has only been driven for 3 years by other party's compared to 9.

Have a Blessed day
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Ray Paulsen ^_^

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QUESTION: How would paying cash figure in this situation....either from private individual or lot?

Hey Jaye,

I can tell you have not done much study on my website " period " because you would not be asking this Q... your other 2 Q's were valid.

On my website under navigation which you will find posted on the left side of your screen,,, click on #12

Look if you found a car you considering buying and HAVING TEST DRIVEN VEHICLE, send me a link, I will check for valid value

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