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"We have two cars, a 99 Plymouth Neon (170K) and a 2003 Toyota Camry (217K), and we have just purchased a new Camry, so we need to let go of one of our prior cars.

The choice is between the Neon and the Camry.
The Neon seems to be feeling its age, a noisier and rougher ride than the Camry. But the Neon repair expenses have averaged about $300/year while the Camry costs $800/year, for the past 3 years. Private market blue book for the Neon is $1300; for the Camry $4000.
Which car is likely to last longer? Which car would it be wiser to keep, the Neon or the Camry? Thanks."

Hi David,

There is absolutely no question in my mind, the Camry wins by a mile,surely you have experienced for a long time a more solid ride compared to the Neon.

As for the Neon having averaged only $1300. in maintenance yearly blows me away, most from that era has been put out to pasture,,,lol,,, while many Corolla's and Camry's just keep ticking.

You also made an excellent choice making your new car a Camry.

Have a Blessed day
From the computer of
Ray Paulsen ^_^

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