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My husband has a car that he lets our daughter use. We are trying to get our car back from her because of personal reasons.
His son says that he has the title in his name. (My husband went through an illness and does not remember) We pay the insurance and the secretary of state sends the renewal for the plates to us. So we are confused. His son lives in California and we live in Illinois. I personally believe that it is still in our name and having problems with him a while back he took the title. If it was in his name wouldn't the sec. of state sent the renewal sticker form to him in his name. I feel we are being dooped.

Your thoughts are right, your son may have the title but it's still registered in your name.
You have options to consider,,, simply don't renew the plates and cancel the Insurance,,, inform your son you will report the car stolen, I hope it does not reach that stage

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