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Hello Shane!

I have a 2000 Mercury Sable, running OK over the 12 years that I've had the car.
It recently stalled while driving and my mechanic suggests that the fuel pump is the cause and needs replacing.
About 4 weeks earlier, the emission light appeared and continues to stay on while driving. This is the first time I've seen it lit up.

My question: Is it worth it to replace the fuel pump? My mechanic estimates a $500 job...
Or..should I sell it?



Hi Chris and thanks for the question. I would sell the car if it has more than 150-160 thousand miles. The emission light is probably due to a dirty catalytic converter. Those usually fail after 10-12 years and can be anywhere from $200-800 depending on the car. A 2000 Mercury Sable with those miles has a retail value of $2500-2800 in great condition.  Keep in mind that your car is now 16 years old and other things will start to fail. Brake lines, fuel lines, wheel bearings,power steering racks and pumps,water pumps,suspension parts (the list goes on)are all parts that will need to be replaced with time.  If you live in a climate where rust is an  issue that would be another reason to start looking for a new car. Get a couple quotes on that job. I think you should be able to get a fuel pump replaced for less than $500.  If you really like your car and you live in a dry state go ahead and fix it but if you see any rust I would start shopping.  Hope this helps,  Take care,   Shane

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