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Hi, my wife is looking to buy a preowned Mercedes ml suv in northeast. It is a 2012 with very low miles, under 30k, but a accident reported on carfax. The dealer is asking 30k. I have read that carfax accidents reduce value significantly even if it was a small fender bender. The dealer is trying to tell us that this car would retail for 38k without the accident. I disagree because this car is not certified. I'm guessing it would retail for 34k or so without certification. That being said, I feel they're asking price is too high. I believe that if I purchased the car and 2 months from now wanted to trade it in, I would get hammered on trade in bc of carfax report. In your opinion , what do you feel is a fair offer for this car? Thanks so much.

Hi David,

I cannot give you a fair market value without knowing the extend of damage.Your thoughts are valid if you wanted to trade down the road, getting hammered is putting it mildly, a dealership would launch a Bazooka attack.

If you care to send me a link I would be more than happy to check further into red flags, to keep it private email

Here is a copy/paste from my website to give you some idea of my thoughts on the matter.

Frame Damage,,, Would you feel comfortable sitting on a chair that you knew had frame damage and now patched together, never mind going down the Hwy sitting on a car frame at 70 Mph. If saving money means more to you than playing Russian roulette with your life go ahead.

Flood Damage,,, Think about the vast series of wires that run throughout the entire car that have been submerged in water for how long ?

Rebuild Engine,,, Many buyers will strike gold without any problems, from a personal viewpoint they just never seem to perform the same as original factory build.

Hailstorm Damage,,, There will only be cosmetic damage, an excellent purchase if you can live with the Bonnie and Clyde appearance.

Have a Blessed day
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