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Hi George,
This is Lila Ann & i have a question & i don't know if u can answer this however my question is i am currently recieving ssi payments & i normally recieve my money on the 1st of every month through direct deposit and today is the dec. 29th SAT, the 30th will fall on a SUN, & the 31st will fall on a MON, & NEW YEARS DAY will fall on TUES january 1st i was told that when its a weekend followed by this new year holiday that i will get my ssi payment preceding the next business day. I thought my money would be in my direct deposit account on the 28th but when i called my bank it was not there so my neighbor called me today and told me that her daughters ssi payment was in her account and told me she was going to take me to the bank to get my money likewise but like i said it wasn't there when i called the automatic service line. My bank is normally open they rotate every other SAT but for some reason its closed today so is that why ssi can't deposit my money b/c its closed? or can ssa still deposit it through direct deposit even if the bank is closed?. I'm asking only b/c my neighbors daughters bank is open today & shes got her money deposited in her bank. I was told that ssi recipients will get their money on the 31st of dec. So my question is so why did my neighbors daughter recieved her ssi payment today & not me. Thank u so much and sorry to take up much of your time & hope to hear from u soon!

Much Regards,
Lila Ann

Hello Lila-Ann,

When it comes to ACH transactions they can be very tricky.  You will only receive any kind of electronic deposits on business days, meaning M-F.  ACH Deposits are irrelevent of whether your branch is closed or not on a weekend, it goes by Federal hours.

Usually if the 1st falls on a Weekend or non working day you should get your money in the last weekday morning before, if that does not happen it usually means there was some type of error with the SSI processing either from your bank or the Govt, most likely the Govt.

That being said Technically you should have received your money on the 31st, Monday...becase it was a working Fed day.

Hope this helps, good luck.

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