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QUESTION: Hello, this may be a silly question but is the pin number that I use for my visa debit card the same pin number I would use to log into my online banking account? It says to use the check card/atm card pin, however I thought this was a different pin number from my bank pin number. Am I right?

ANSWER: Hi Jane,

Usually those 2 pins are not the same, but than again it depends on your bank.  They might've done it for convenience reasons and you should defenitely change it.

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QUESTION: Thank you. Do you usually need to choose a pin number to set up a bank account or is a pin number only needed for a atm card? I just want to know because I am trying to get all my banking stuff situated before I go away for a long time over summer.

Hi Jane,

Usually you will set up a pin code for you ATM/Debit card, as well as telephone banking both of which you can choose your own.  The pin number you get from your bank for online banking maybe a temporary pin just to get on and register, after you do that you can switch it to your own as well.

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