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QUESTION: found a safe deposit key with the name of your company on it.  would like  to trace it back to the bank here in sacramento, california 95831 area.  the name on  the key is: H.H.M. SAFE CO. with a letter and numbers on the reverse side.

can you be of any help in locating the bank that could have using the safe deposit boxes from the above company.

ThankYou for any help you can be with this matter,
Steve @

ANSWER: Hi Steve,

Unfortunately you will not be able to locate the bank just based on that, chances are the owner already reported the key lost/stolen and got another one issued or change the lock on the box.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: The key is mine. Need to know what banks use your safe deposit boxes here in
sacramento, ca 95831 area.

ThankYou again for your help,
Stephen Ginsberg -
Cell: 916/505-5213

Hi Stephen,

You keep mentioning "your safe deposit" not sure what you mean by that.  I dont own a safe deposit box company.

If this is your key, you would need to go to every bank you have ever banked with in Sacramento and see if they have a record for you owning a box.

Hope that helps, you will not find out any other way by the name on the key.

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