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I am thinking to open a HSBC account here in the US. I am a US citizen and have a home here too. But I spend 6-7 months a year overseas (in Egypt) because of college.
Now I have an HSBC account opened in Egypt. I am not sure if it's a joint account. But I have the card from the Egyptian account, so does my parent.

If I open an account here in US, will I get charged less for transferring US dollars from the Egyptian to the US account and vice versa?

Also if I transfer funds from my Egyptian account in the US to my parent's(that is also Egyptian), will I get charged as well?

Now I have two more questions a bit irrelevant to the message title. I once spoke to HSBC customers service and from what I understood, as soon as I register for an account, I have to make a deposit to open it. I might not be able to recall the number since that's three years ago but how much minimum should I deposit?
And finally, if an issue related to my account in the US pops up while I'm overseas, can resolving be done on phone or through e-mailing without needing to attend physically?

I know my questions sound very basic but I never opened an account by myself and don't want to start messing things up, and the FAQ from banking sites didn't help me much.

Thank you.

Hello, unfortunately it would be hard for me to answer those questions because this would have to depend on HSBC's international account usage policy and access.

Same goes for the minimum opening deposit, this is something HSBC would have to guide you on, walk in to any local branch.

Good Luck

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