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QUESTION: Hi my bank we3lls fargo just placed a hard hold on mky accou t. does this mean I just can't use my DEBIT CaRD? I havea couple checks I mailed out that I needed to pay. bank will still honor these right as I have 400 bucks in there enough money to cover it? I think it is because I bought something online with target and they charged me wrong amount. I disputed it and maybe there was a problem with that transaction? so what is best thing to say to get this hard hold off my account asap? I have bills to npay and don't need this problem. I know no one has any of my cards so I want everything back to normal. please advise asap thank u

ANSWER: Hi Cari,

I am confused by "hard hold."  Do you have a debit card that isn't working or an account that is frozen?

If there is a freeze on your account you can not use the account including checks.  You need to get the account unfrozen by calling your bank and getting to the bottom line.

Good Luck Cari

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QUESTION: Yes they froze account but it is only because I reported a couple fraud charges. they should not freeze my account because of there a way they will let this go and let me reopen my account down the line? what is the best way to get it unfrozen? they said I will never be able to use any wells fargo for any bank account again? this I feel is harsh just cuz of reporting a few charges from merchants that weren't ine?

Seems like Wells does not want you as a client, I would just forego a headache ask them to close your account and start a relationship with another bank.

The issue with bank is once they shun a relationship, it is permanent and they rarely change their mind.

Good luck

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