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Using Banks and Bank Accounts/Retail banking vs. private banking


Hi, I wanted to ask you one question about private banking. I was told that keeping your money in "private banking" is safer than in "retail banking" because in "private banking" banks don't use your money for their own operations. So even if a bank goes bust, his "private banking" part remains alive. Is that true?

Hi Yuri,

Private banking and retail banking are different divisions of a bank.  Retail banking has to do with traditional banking products, loans and transaction accounts etc.  Private banking is dealing with more alternative products and investments.

Private banking deals with the wealthy clients more often than none, and most products offered by the private bank are not insured by any govt agency because of the high risk/ ROI.

To answer your question, its really the opposite...having your money with the retail banking division is less risky.  

Using Banks and Bank Accounts

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