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In my Divorce Documents I agreed to Pay the Monthly Payments on My Ex-Husband's Sears Account as long as he closed the account. Because my name was not on the account they only allow me to make in-store payments on his behalf.  I have no access to any details about activity on the account and My Ex refuses to show me the statement. The only statement I get is the payment receipt.  It only shows the current payment and the last payment.  When I went in today the receipt showed the last payment then it said "Payment reversed" around a week later.  When I asked about what that meant I wasn't able to get a answer or even a hint to what that means.  I also tried to call CitiBank to ask a general question but she said they would need to look at the account and I wasn't authorized.  When I asked to talk to the Manager.  All I said I wanted was definition and a possible example.  Well pretty much she said she wasn't going to do that but she is going to put a Alert on the account to watch out for unauthorized ans suspicious  activity.  she also said she was going to call the Account Holder and Warn him that I was trying to access his Account benefits.  

I just need a Hint or a heads up that I'm going to have to save up for a lawyer
Can you please help!!! I just want to know what it means to have a payment reversed.

Thank you

Hi Ellen,

This seems very odd to me, it is impossible to reverse payment on a credit card if you paid cash.

Do you think your ex husband is coming in the same day as you are and reversing out the payment and taking the cash back that you paid from them?

You need to call Citibank and find out their policy on reversing payments manually, and give them this scenario and ask if it is a possible scenario for this to happen.

I've seen reversed payment on auto payments and fees and finance charges but never on manual payments.

If this indeed is the case and he is taking out the payments, then you need to demand to be added as an authorized user on the CC account to see the statements if he is not willing to do that then I would stop paying and once the statements are produced in court he will never win because there is obvious evidence of fraud here.

Good Luck

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